Pembroke Welsh Corgi – Popular Little Herder

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
Read on to learn everything that you should know about adorable Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog. Discover how easy it is to train this breed and why Corgi is actually a big dog.
Dog Breed Group:
Herding Dogs
10 to 12 inches tall at the shoulder
Up to 30 pounds
Life Span:
12 to 14 years

Breed Characteristics:

Apartment Friendly


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Good For First-Time Owners


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Tolerates Being Alone


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Affectionate With Family


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Pembroke Welsh Corgi is one of the most welcoming house dogs. Even if you are living in a busy and crowded city area, this breed will be happy.

Overall, the popular Pembroke Welsh Corgi is an athletic, intelligent, and energetic little herder who is affectionate without being needy. They are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

Quick Facts

Real name: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Other names: Pembrokes, PWCs or Pems
Origin: Wales, United Kingdom
Breed type: Herding Dogs
Weight: Male 24–31 lb (11–14 kg), Female 24–28 lb (11–13 kg)
Height: Male 10–12 in (25–30 cm), Female 10–12 in (25–30 cm)
Lifespan: 12 – 15 years
Color: Fawn, Black & Tan, Black & White, Red, Sable
Coat: Medium length, thick, weather-resist double coat

Pembroke Welsh Corgi – History

Pembroke Welsh Corgi is considered to be one of the younger breeds in the world. Still, their origin can be traced back to 1107 AD. The direct ancestors of this famous breed were brought across the channel by the Flemish weavers, who had been induced by Henry I of England to take up their abode in Wales.

Originally, the sturdy Pembroke Welsh Corgi is from Pembrokeshire, Wales. They were so popular that even today, they are included in traditional tales.

According to folklore and various tales, this breed is a result of sprang from the lairs of fairies and elves. The legend says that one day two children were out in the field, helping their family with cattle.

At one moment they found a couple of puppies. Initially, the children believed that they are foxes, but on the second look that noticed something unusual about them and took them home.

Their parents saw that the ‘foxes’ are actually dogs, puppies to be exact, and they told their children that the pups were a gift from the fairies that lived in the fields. Moreover, they said to them that fairies used them to pull their carriages and ride into battle. That’s how the legend was born.

As the puppies grew, they spent a lot of time with children and learned how to take care of the family’s cattle. Another tale claims that they are associated with Vikings and their folklore.

Either way, this breed has a mythical historical pedigree. One thing is for sure – they are working dogs. Apparently, they were great working dogs from day one; otherwise, they wouldn’t last for so long.

Moreover, AKC recognized Corgis as purebred dogs. In 1925 they were exhibited for the first time, and back then, they were known as Welsh Corgis.

The year 1934 was a huge milestone for this breed because the Kennel Club recognized the Pembroke and the Cardigan as two separate breeds, a move that AKC followed with a suit.

When it comes to official shows and Corgies, Pembrokes were first shown in the States in 1936. With each passing year their popularity grew, and today they are one of the most popular dog breeds in the States. They are also extremely popular with Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of England.

Queen received her first Corgi from her father, King George VI, in 1933.

The puppy was named Rozavel Golden Eagle and was a playmate for Elizabeth and her sister, Margaret. Ever since, the royal family is crazy about this breed, and now they have a pack of Corgies within their residence.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi – Physical Appearance

Pembroke Welsh Corgis are compact dogs in terms of size. They are between 10 and 12 inches tall at the shoulders, and they usually don’t weigh more than 30 pounds.

For a small dog breed, Corgis are rather strong, fast, and sturdily built. They are also heavy-boned, and their appearance is fox-like.

They are also known for their pointy ears and reasonably long necks. Overall, this is a physically well-balanced breed with a deep chest, and a short tail.

According to the breed standards, the tail can be a maximum of inches in length. Their legs are always short, and the coat is medium-length, short, and weather-resistant.

Do not their short legs fool you, because these small size herders are among the best agility dogs – it’s common for this breed to first choice for agility training.

Their coat is always straight, while some waves are allowed. Their coat comes in a few colors, including black, tan, fawn, red, and sable.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi – Personality

Pembrokes are known for being real people-pleasers. They are also hilarious because they have such a playful spirit.

Did you know that they are even today active as working dogs? Although they are busy herding, the majority of Pembrokes are just pets nowadays.

According to their owners, Pembrokes are active, intelligent, loving, and overall happy dogs. They are also easy to train, although they know to be stubborn occasionally.

This comes as no surprise, considering the fact that they used to herd; therefore, they were independent dogs. One thing about Pembrokes is sure – they would never skip on any action.

Pembrokes are like super active large dogs in small bodies, so always expect an action.

They are not like Chihuahua or Pomeranian to be satisfied with a minimum of exercise. No, they will expect a lot of the time running, playing, and being outdoors.

Again, they used to herd and to herd animals that are significantly larger than they are – so, they are not scared to go over any obstacle.

They are also excellent watchdogs. In general, they love people, but they tend to be suspicious of strangers, and they will bark easily if they feel that any family member might be in danger, or they are.

Living With Pembroke Welsh Corgi

This hardy little dogs, demand time, care, and higher energy level. Living with them will be rewarding and fun. However, although Corgis are considered to be small dogs, they require a lot of energy and time.

They are easy to keep and train, but you will have to observe the Corgi’s diet. This breed is prone to obesity. So, if you are training your Corgi using treats, make sure that you don’t overdo it.

Otherwise, you can expect some serious weight loss plan, and more time outdoor with your Corgi. That being said, keep Corgis weight under control.

This breed is people-oriented, and they will love spending time with his family members.

They are quick to learn tricks, to demonstrate their sense of humor, but they also love to snooze all day long or spend hours sleeping.

They can be manipulative, so make sure to study dogs’ minds philosophy. Since they are great as watchdogs, you can expect excessive barking here and there.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi – Grooming

Since Pembrokes are double-coated, you will have to invest some time in grooming. With a thick undercoat and a longer topcoat, regular brushing is a must. You can expect heavier shedding at least twice a year, and regular shedding weekly.

Also, the length of the coat may vary on the body, from dog to dog. Some Corgis have fluffy coats, while others have straight and long hair. Many have what’s called a “fairy saddle” over their back.

Luckily, they are easy to groom, but if you don’t provide regular brushing, you can expect excessive shedding.

If you notice that your Corgi sheds more than usual, you should brush his coat every day, with no exceptions. Bath them only when needed, but brush their teeth regularly to avoid pale gums. Don’t forget to trim nails regularly, to prevent other problems.

If you are not sure how to cut dogs nails, let the professional do it – dogs nails have blood vessels, so if you cut too far you can cause bleeding. Check teeth and ears regularly.

Always make a positive experience from grooming.

Eyes should always be clean and clear, with no discharge or redness. It can help to look at dogs eyes frequently, so you can avoid any eye-related problems.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi – Training

Just like with all breeds, to have appropriately raised Pembrokes, you must provide early socialization and proper puppy training.

Since they are active dogs, make sure to introduce your dog to obedience training and teach him how to behave while on the leash.

Also, if you have children, make sure that you educate them on how to behave around the dogs.

Early socialization is the best way to train your dog. Since Pembrokes are active dogs, make training fun, engaging, and reward-based. Never apply any fear in the training process.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi – Health

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a relatively healthy and robust breed.

Responsible breeders will always screen their stock for any health issue, including hip and elbow dysplasia, cardiac problems, eye disorders, a bleeding disorder, and degenerative myelopathy.

As with all breeds, eyes, ears, and teeth should be regularly checked.

Recommended Health Tests from the National Breed Club:

  • Hip Evaluation
  • Ophthalmologist Evaluation

Pembroke Welsh Corgi – The Bottom Line

The famous Pembrokes are known for their forceful will and quick intelligence. Overall, these dogs are active, hardy, and they want to be part of the family at any time.

Although they are small, they have a high level of fro exercise. Originally bred to herd cattle, this breed went a long way from herding to being the ultimate pet.

If you are ready to invest your time and energy into raising a well-behaved Pembroke Welsh Corgi, than this dog might be just for you.

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