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Why Barking Royalty

1. Trusted Content

Canine wellbeing is the top priority for us. All articles of great importance and common problems are reviewed by our medical experts, providing a trusted source for thousands of users.

2. Brand Safety

We know that protecting your brand’s reputation is paramount. Thanks to our savvy editors and cutting edge technology, your brand will always remain protected from any unsavory content.

3. Rapid Distribution

Our rapid content distribution will scale your brand’s visibility. At Barking Royalty, we strive to deliver the right content to the right person, at the right time, and through the right platform, by leveraging our social media channels, newsletter and push notifications.

4. Content Analytics

Our content analytics go beyond standards to completely understand users behavior with the goal of gaining new insights for improved decision-making. We’re constantly performing A/B test in real time to achieve the best performance and user satisfaction.

5. Strong Community

People turn to us for their dog related issues and seek advice in our dog health and behavior articles. We communicate with our audience through all available channels - comments section, social media, email.. and make sure they always get the answers they need.

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