Dog Names: The Only Guide You Will Need

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
Welcome to our comprehensive article on choosing the name for your dog! Choose the name for your boy or girl, or find rare or names with meaning.

Choosing the right breed is behind you, and it’s time to choose the name for your dog.

Some people have been dreaming about having a dog for a long time, and don’t have any doubts about dog names, but for most people, it’s quite difficult to pick a dog name.

And since you’re reading this article, you’re probably still not sure about your puppy’s name, right?

So let’s get to it:

To help you, we’ve created this comprehensive article that will help you choose the best name for your dog.

For easier navigation through the list of names, we’ve broken them down into sections:

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And much more! After the list of dog names, we shared some advice on how to choose the right dog name, so be sure to check that part as well.

We have a lot to cover, so let’s get busy!

Best Dog Names

If I may say so, there’s no such thing as the best dog name. Probably every dog owner thinks that his dog has the best name in the world, right? So you’ll actually read the most popular dog names with meanings.

The logic here is simple — more people gave these names to their pups, so these must be the best names.

Best Dog Names For Boys

OK, your male dog puppy is finally with you, but you still haven’t chosen a name for the boy? No worries, here are the 20 best dog names for male dogs, so you can choose one from the list.

  1. Max – Max is derived from the German and Dutch word “Maximus”, with means “greatest”.
  2. Charlie – Charlie is derived from Charles, which simply means “man” in German.
  3. Milo – Milo might stems from Latin word “miles” and it means soldier, but it also might originate from Slavic root “milu”, and in that case it means merciful. You choose!
  4. Buddy – Buddy is derives from English and means “friend”.
  5. Rocky – Rocks has English origin, and means “rocky”. It’s a popular name for Boxer as it refers to the famous movie character Rocky Balboa.
  6. Bear – Well, this in is pretty self explanatory, isn’t it?
  7. Leo – Leo is the Latin word for “lion”. Some popular variants include Leonel and Leo, with the same origin and meaning.
  8. Duke – Duke means “leader of the herd”, or high-ranking nobleman, and it is derived from Latin.
  9. Teddy – Teddy is a common name for Chow-chows and Pomeranians, and it’s Greek in origin. It means “gift from God” or “prosperous guardian”.
  10. Tucker – Tucker has English origin, and means “someone who fills cloth”. It’s also a slang for food in Australia.
  11. Beau – Beau French word for “beautiful”.
  12. Oliver – Oliver or Ollie is derived from French, and means “a symbol of peace”.
  13. Jack – Jack has English origin, with the following meaning: “God’s gracious gift”.
  14. Winston – Winston has English origin, and means “Kind Town” or “a friend’s estate”.
  15. Ollie – Ollie shares the origin and meaning with Oliver, so it has French origin and means “a symbol of peace”.

Looking for a dog name with meaning? Continue reading and find the name that will describe your male puppy.

Best Dog Names For Girls

Looking for the perfect female dog name? We’ve got you covered! Here are the 20 most popular dog names for girls in the United States, and they are most popular for the reason.

  1. Bella – Bella sources it’s origin from Italian, and means “beautiful”. Bella is also the main character in the Twilight books and movies.
  2. Luna – Luna was the goddess of the moon in Roman mythology.
  3. Lucy – Lucy is derived from Latin and means “light”.
  4. Daisy – Daisy derives from Old English and means “day’s eye”.
  5. Lola – Lola has Spanish and English origin, and means “lady of sorrows”. It’s believed that name is took from a title for the Virgin Mary.
  6. Sadie – Sadie means “princess” and is derived from Hebrew.
  7. Molly – Molly means “bitter”, but also “beloved” and “marine”. It’s a common Middle Age name for Mary.
  8. Bailey – While Bailey is gender neutral name, it’s more often used on female dogs. It has English origin an means “bailiff”.
  9. Stella – Stella is a Latin word for “star”.
  10. Maggie – Maggie is a common short form of Margaret. It derives from Greek and means “pearl”.
  11. Chloe – Chloe means “young, green bud”, and has Greek origin.
  12. Penny – Penny is short for Penelope and of Greek origin. Its meaning can be interpreted as “white shouldered”.
  13. Nala – Nala is the only dog name in 20 most popular names with African origin, and means “successful”.
  14. Zoey – Zoey or Zoe is a Greek word for “life”.
  15. Lily – Lily is derived from English, and means “from the name of the flower”, which is a symbol of purity.

Unique Dog Names

Tired of Maxs, Bellas, Charlies, Lucys, Baileys, and Mollys?

Although these names are beautiful, there are so many dogs with these names, and not only these but all listed above as the most popular ones.

If you are looking for the same unique dog names, you’re in the right place! Here are some rare dog names that might inspire you.

Unique Dog Names For Boys

When it comes to uncommon dog names, the options are countless. You can pick some foreign name or word, combine more words, or simply choose some uncommon name. The following unusual dog names list consist of 10 uncommon dog names, just to inspire you.

If you don’t find the right name in the list below, you can start brainstorming the perfect unique name for a boy or continue reading to get more ideas and we’re absolutely sure you’ll end with a perfect rare dog name for your male puppy.

  1. Bambam
  2. Chino
  3. Deebo
  4. Edgar
  5. Gibson
  6. Klaus
  7. Preston
  8. Seymour
  9. Tinker
  10. Vincent

Unique Dog Names For Girls

Speaking of unique dog names for female dogs, you can really let your creativity do the magic. Long or short names, real or abstract, domestic or foreign, there are just so many options!

We’ve picked some rare dog names for girls that resonate well with us, just to give you an idea, but if it’s not your cup of tea, just continue reading this article, there are so many options.

  1. Cardi
  2. Dorothy
  3. Gina
  4. Hana
  5. Keira
  6. Leela
  7. Meg
  8. Pippi
  9. Rita
  10. Zia

Dog Names With Meaning

Picking a name for your puppy is one of the first major decisions you will make as a new pet parent. And honestly, the number of dog names is endless.

However, once you know the meaning behind the names, you will easily narrow down your list.

We are bringing you 20 male dog names with powerful meanings, and 20 female dog names with meaning to choose from.

Male Dog Names With Meaning

The meaning behind a name might be the gamechanger when you’re choosing the name for your male dog.

For example, did you know that Hugo means savvy and intelligent?

  1. Charlie – Free man
  2. Dante – Everlasting
  3. Dynamo – Somebody with incredible vitality and power
  4. Emerson – Fortitude and force
  5. Fergus – Man of power, presence
  6. Hugo – Savvy, intelligent
  7. Iggy – Blazing one
  8. Jetta – Latin meaning is black gem
  9. Melvin – Irish name meaning “chief”
  10. Pharaoh – Ruler of Ancient Egypt
  11. Ranger – Outdoor explorer
  12. Rascal – Trouble maker
  13. Royce – Royal
  14. Ryder – Mounted delivery person or warrior
  15. Sage – Type of herb; person who knows a lot
  16. Samson – Like the sun
  17. Wanderer – Explorer looking around
  18. Woodsy – Outdoor driven, or characteristics that relate outdoors
  19. Xander – Safe guarder of men
  20. Zazu – Movement

Female Dog Names With Meaning

Not only do these dogs’ names for girls sound great, but they also have a powerful meaning behind them.

Once you know the meaning, you’ll look at some names from a completely different perspective.

  1. Abby – “Joy” or “rejoice”
  2. Agatha – From a Greek word signifying “great”
  3. Ally – “Pure heart”
  4. Amy – “Well-loved”
  5. Bianca – White
  6. Bonnie – From the Latin word signifying “great”
  7. Coco – Chocolate or Brown
  8. Dodie, Dot, Dotty, or Dorothy – Adored woman
  9. Gracie – Full of elegance
  10. Greta – Pearl in Swedish
  11. Jill – Child of the God’s
  12. Jinx, Jinxy – Magic appeal or charm
  13. Kori – God’s peace
  14. Margaret – Pearl
  15. Melina – Honey
  16. Nadia – Hope
  17. Rosie – Cheerful and delicate (rose-like)
  18. Sandy (short for Alexandria) – Defender
  19. Sophie – Very gorgeous
  20. Ulani – Cheerful

Disney Dog Names

Believe it or not, the first Disney short film is a century-old! Walt Disney created a short animated film, Alice’s Wonderland in early 1923.

From Alice’s Wonderland, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Mickey Mouse, to the latest blockbusters, Disney movies are evergreens. When we add theme parks, it’s not unusual that Disney is one of the most powerful and inspiring entertainment brands in history.

That being said, it’s not strange that Disney names are very popular choices for dog names, so we decided to compile the list of best Disney dog names — actually two lists, Disney dog names for boys, and Disney dog names for girls.

If you would like to get more Disney dog name ideas, please check our article that contains 509 Disney dog names. It contains names for male and female dogs, as well as gender neutral dog names from Disney movies and cartoons.

Dog Names Disney For Boys

Looking for a perfect Disney inspired male dog name? We’ve put together a list of the 20 best Disney dog names for male pups, so you can easily choose the one that resonates with you.

From Flynn to Simba, there must be some Disney names that will be a great fit for your boy.

  1. Alpha – Doberman Pinscher from Up
  2. Bolt – German Shepherd from Bolt
  3. Bruno – Bloodhound from Cinderella
  4. Colonel – Old English Sheepdog from 101 Dalmatians
  5. Copper – Bloodhound from The Fox And The Hound
  6. Goofy – anthropomorphic dog from Mickey & Friends
  7. Lafayette – Basset Hound from The Aristocats
  8. Max – Old English Sheepdog from The Little Mermaid
  9. Percy – Pug from Pocahontas
  10. Pongo – Dalmatian from 101 Dalmatians
  11. Rusty – Mutt from Home On The Range
  12. Scud – Bull Terrier from Toy Story
  13. Tito – Chihuahua from Oliver And Company
  14. Toby – Basset Hound from The Great Mouse Detective
  15. Tramp – Mutt from Lady And The Tramp

Dog Names Disney For Girls

Alice? Thalia? Wendy? Or some Disney princess name like Tiana? Here are a whole bunch of Disney female dog names to choose from.

  1. Angel – Pomeranian from Lady and the Tramp
  2. Annette – Cocker Spaniel from Lady and the Tramp II
  3. Arabella – Lhasa Apso from 101 Dalmatian Street
  4. Chloe – Chihuahua from Beverly Hills Chihuahua
  5. Clarissa – Pembroke Welsh Corgi from 101 Dalmatian Street
  6. Collette – Cocker Spaniel from Lady and the Tramp II
  7. Delilah – Kuvasz from Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco
  8. Dixie – Saluki from The Fox And The Hound 2
  9. Georgette – Poodle from Oliver And Company
  10. Lady – Cocker Spaniel from Lady And The Tramp
  11. Nana – St. Bernard from Peter Pan
  12. Peg – Tibetan Spaniel from Lady And The Tramp
  13. Perdita – Dalmatian from 101 Dalmatians
  14. Rita – Saluki from Oliver And Company
  15. Stella – Bloodhound from The Princess And The Frog

Dog Names From Movies

In this section, we’ve focused on dog characters from movies and their names, not actors or human characters. So, you’ll find the name “Buddy” from ‘Air Bud’, but won’t find Neo from Matrix.

Surprisingly enough, after thorough research, we realized that the vast majority of dog characters are males, and it’s very challenging to find female dog characters.

Dog Names From Movies For Boys

Here are 15 famous dog movie character names, including the iconic Buddy, Rin Tin Tin, and others.

  1. Beethoven – St. Bernard in ‘Beethoven’
  2. Benji – Mixed breed in ‘Benji’
  3. Bruiser – Chihuahua in ‘Legally Blonde’
  4. Buddy – Golden Retriever in ‘Air Bud’
  5. Chico – Australian Cattle Dog in ‘Secret Window’
  6. Clifford – Labrador Retriever in ‘Clifford’s Really Big Movie’
  7. Comet – Golden Retriever in ‘Full House’
  8. Eddie – Parson Russell Terrier in ‘Frasier’
  9. Einstein – The Catalan Sheepdog in ‘Back To The Future’
  10. Frank – Pug in ‘Men In Black’
  11. Hooch – French Mastiff in ‘Turner & Hooch’
  12. Petey – American Staffordshire Terrier in ‘The Little Rascals’
  13. Rin Tin Tin – German Shepherd dog in ‘The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin’
  14. Slinky – Dachshund in ‘Toy Story’
  15. Winn-Dixie – Berger Picard in ‘Because of Winn-Dixie’

Dog Names From Movies For Girls

While we easily found 15 (and much more) male dogs from movies, it was impossible to find even 15 female dogs from movies.

So, the following list will consist of 12 dog names for girls only, and if you know any other names please let us know, so we can complete the list.

Either way, we hope that even a little bit shorter list of female dog names from movies will be helpful for you.

  1. Benjean – Mixed breed in ‘Oh! Heavenly Dog
  2. Daisy – Beagle in ‘John Wick’
  3. Daphne – Poodle in ‘Look Who’s Talking Now!’
  4. Dolores – Pomeranian in ‘Double Take’
  5. Fly – Border Collie in ‘Babe’
  6. Genevieve – Mixed breed in ‘Madeline and the Forty Thieves’
  7. Gidget – Pomeranian in ‘The Secret Life of Pets’
  8. Katie – Dalmatian in ‘What Dreams May Come’
  9. Lady – Basenji in ‘My Lady of the Congo’
  10. Lassie – Rough Collie in ‘Lassie Come Home’
  11. Samantha – German Shepherd in ‘I Am Legend’
  12. Sandy – Otterhound in ‘Annie’

Dog Names Harry Potter

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter novels and movies? Many of us read and watched Hogwarts adventure countless times, and no doubt, there are so many iconic characters in and around School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

For true Harry Potter fans, we’ve made this compilation of Harry Potter dog names you might have forgotten, and which could be a great fit for your four-legged friend.

Dog Names Harry Potter For Boys

We know everyone remembers Hurry and Ron, so we hand-picked 10 other Harry Potter dog male names that will inspire you.

  1. Dobby – Heroically loyal house elf
  2. Fang – Hagrid’s boarhound who accompanied him in the Second Wizarding War
  3. Fawkes – Dumbledore’s highly-intelligent phoenix
  4. Fluffy – Hagrid’s three-headed dog
  5. Hagrid – Gamekeeper at Hogwarts, and a loyal friend
  6. Lupin – Remus Lupin is Harry’s former teacher, Harry’s dad’s friend, and a werewolf
  7. Nimbus – Manufacturer of Harry’s first broomstick
  8. Norbert – Hagrid’s pet dragon
  9. Sirius – Harry’s godfather who can turn into a dog
  10. Snape – Surname of Harry’s first Potions professor, and a protagonist of later works

Dog Names Harry Potter For Girls

There are so many loveable female characters in the Harry Potter series! We chose 10 female Harry Potter names that will remind you of some of these magical characters.

  1. Angelina – Angelina Johnson was the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team in her seventh year. She is also married to George Weasley
  2. Bellatrix – A witch and death eater loyal to Lord Voldemort
  3. Fleur – A French witch who was a champion in the Triwizard Tournament
  4. Helga – One of the four founders of Hogwarts, Helga Hufflepuff played a key part in the development of Hogwarts and the magical world we all adore
  5. Hermione – The brighter of Harry’s two best friends, and the series’ main heroine
  6. Lavender – Lavender Brown is a Gryffindor student in Harry’s year and briefly was Ron Weasley’s girlfriend
  7. Minerva – First name of Professor McGonagall, portrayed in the films by Dame Maggie Smith
  8. Pomfrey – The Hogwarts school nurse is a no-nonsense woman who suffers no fool — least of all sniveling Slytherin fools
  9. Poppy – Perhaps a lesser-known character, Poppy, better known as Madam Pomfrey is the school nurse at Hogwarts
  10. Sybill – Professor Trelawney is considered to be a kook by many of her friends and colleagues. But the later films show her to be more connected to the spirit world than maybe she even thought

Dog Names Puns

Punny dog names, or humorous use of a name that has more meanings or sounds similar to another word is gaining popularity lately.

You can easily generate your own pun-based dog name – for example, replace the part of a common name with dog-related words like bark, pup, chew, paw, pooch, woof, lick, fur…

Variants are endless, and we’ll just give you some ideas on how to make your own pun dog name.

We recommend you to choose a theme that resonates with you (for example, Matrix characters or athletes).

Dog Names Puns For Boys

Male punny dog names? Sure thing! These 10 made us laugh.

  1. Andy Warhowl
  2. Chewbarka
  3. Dumbledog
  4. Furcules
  5. Indiana Bones
  6. Jude Paw
  7. Kanye Westie
  8. Lick Jagger
  9. Sherlock Bones
  10. Winston Furchill

Dog Names Puns For Girls

Here are some female punny dog names that can inspire you to come up with your own funny names.

  1. Britney Ears
  2. Catherine Zeta-Bones
  3. Christina Waguilera
  4. Drool Barrymore
  5. Helga Hufflepup
  6. Jennifer Pawrence
  7. Mary Puppins
  8. Rosa Barks
  9. Sarah Jessica Barker
  10. Tankerbell

Hawaiian Dog Names

Whether you are Hawaiian, or just want to capture the Hawaii island vibe, Hawaiian dog names are the perfect choice for your pet and they’ll bring a special aloha spirit to your dog.

Hawaiian Dog Names For Boys

Here are some of the interesting, tropical, Hawaiian male dog names along with their meanings.

  1. Akamu – Red earth
  2. Amoka – Strong
  3. Hae – to growl
  4. Kahoku – Star
  5. Kaipo – Sweetheart
  6. Kanuha – The sullen
  7. Kapena – Captain
  8. Kei – Dignified
  9. Kekoa – The brave one
  10. Lupo – Wolf
  11. Nahoa – bold and defiant
  12. Palani – Free man
  13. Polo – Large and plump
  14. Polupolu – Flabby
  15. Weuweu – Fluffy

Hawaiian Dog Names For Girls

No doubt, Hawaiian female dog names have a unique energy. Here are 15 names with their powerful meanings.

  1. Akela – Wisdom
  2. Alika – Truthful
  3. Haimi – The seeker
  4. Hanai – Lucky
  5. Hula – Dance
  6. Ipo – Sweetheart
  7. Kaila – Stylish
  8. Kalei – Beloved
  9. Kapua – Flower
  10. Kona – Lady
  11. Leilani – Royal child
  12. Luana – Happy
  13. Meli – Honey
  14. Nohea – Lovely
  15. Ululani – Inspiration

Japanese Dog Names

Whether you are of Japanese ancestry, your dog is a Japanese breed, or you’re just a fan of everything Japan, we’ve rounded up 30 Japanese dog names for you to choose from.

To help you choose the right name easier, we have included the meaning of every name.

Japanese Dog Names For Boys

From anime to manga, video games to music, rich heritage, and culture, Japan offers so many interesting dog names. Here are some ideas for your male dog.

  1. Akio – hero
  2. Benjiro – enjoys peace
  3. Eiji – prosperity or peace
  4. Hiroshi – generous
  5. Ichiro – first son
  6. Katoro – small boy
  7. Kento – happiness
  8. Kimi – noble
  9. Shohei – respect
  10. Tadaaki – faithful light
  11. Taeko – brave
  12. Toshiro – talented
  13. Yumi – beautiful
  14. Yuri – lily
  15. Yuuma – truthful, gentle

Japanese Dog Names For Girls

From Eiji (cheerful) to Yumi (beautiful), Japan offers many honorable choices perfect for your lovely female dog.

  1. Aika – love song
  2. Bashira – joyful
  3. Danuja – a ruler
  4. Eiji – cheerful
  5. Haia – nimble
  6. Hana – flower
  7. Himari – light and love
  8. Kiyo – pure
  9. Makoto – true
  10. Momo – peach
  11. Nana – seven
  12. Shinju – pearl
  13. Yamato – great harmony
  14. Yumi – beautiful
  15. Yuri – lily

Korean Dog Names

K-pop, Squid Game, Psy and Gangnam Style, Kimchi, K-Dramas, Parasite, Hyundai, Samsung…

You’ve got it – we’re talking about Korean culture!

With the growing popularity of Korean culture, it’s natural people are looking for Korean names for their dogs as well.

To help you choose the right name, we’ve handpicked the best Korean dog names with meaning, for your boy or girl.

Korean Dog Names For Boys

Here’s the collection of some popular Korean male dog names for your puppy, along with their meanings.

  1. Baek – brother
  2. Gojo – inspired by the first-ever kingdom of Korea
  3. Hyun – intelligent and bright
  4. Jae-Hee – shining
  5. Ki – rising
  6. Kwan – powerful
  7. Sun – goodness
  8. Su-Won – to defend or protect
  9. Wook – sunrise
  10. Yeong – brave

Korean Dog Names For Girls

You decided to give a Korean name to your female puppy, but can’t pick the best one? Here are some popular female Korean dog names with meanings for you.

  1. Bada – sea or ocean
  2. Baekdu – the highest mountain in Korea
  3. Chin – precious
  4. Goo – to complete someone
  5. Hayan – pale or white
  6. Hei- Ran – a graceful orchid
  7. Hye – wisdom and intelligence
  8. Iseul – dew
  9. Kyung – respected
  10. Min – clever, quick-minded, and responding

Native American Dog Names

There are a ton of beautiful Native American dog names. Native American tribes used to give names with a strong meaning, so we decided to share the meaning with every name as well.

Native American Dog Names For Boys

Choosing a Native American dog name can be a great way to connect with your ancestry if you have Native American roots. Others choose it because they love history or some famous Native American figure.

Whatever your reason is, here are some mystical Native American male dog names.

  1. Ahunu – he laughs
  2. Aranck – stars
  3. Chatan – hawk
  4. Elsu – flying falcon
  5. Etu – sun
  6. Kilchii – red boy
  7. Lusio – light
  8. Menewa – great warrior
  9. Odakota – friends
  10. Skah – white

Native American Dog Names For Girls

There are so many different meanings behind Native American dog names… We collected 10 female Native American dog names for you.

  1. Aylen – joy
  2. Enola – the solitary one
  3. Halona – happy fortune
  4. Halyn – unique or uncommon
  5. Kimama – butterfly girl
  6. Pawtucket: mean tidal stream
  7. Pipaluk – little one
  8. Sayen – loveable
  9. Tadita – the running one
  10. Wichita – barking water

Unisex Dog Names

According to NetCredit, which looked back at 100 years of baby names, there was an 88% increase in the use of unisex names between 1985 and 2015. And this trend is also noticeable when it comes to choosing a dog name.

That said, we collected 30 popular unisex, gender neutral dog names, that will be a great fit for both male and female puppies.

  1. Alex
  2. Ash
  3. Bailey
  4. Bingo
  5. Blaine
  6. Chevy
  7. Coco
  8. Domino
  9. Dot
  10. Elf
  11. Fluffy
  12. Furball
  13. Gizmo
  14. Gray
  15. Harper
  16. Hayden
  17. Ivory
  18. Jazz
  19. Kai
  20. Laika
  21. Oakley
  22. Onyx
  23. Peewee
  24. Pooch
  25. Quinn
  26. Rebel
  27. Robin
  28. Sage
  29. Spot
  30. Zen

Tiny Dog Names

If you decided to buy or rescue a small dog breed, but still aren’t sure about the name, we’ve got you covered.

These names are perfect for small dog breeds like Pug, Maltese, Chihuahua, Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier, Toy Poodle, and other small or even teacup breeds.

Tiny Dog Names For Boys

These 15 dog names for small male dogs are perfect for your tiny four legged puppy.

  1. Archie
  2. Atom
  3. Bingo
  4. Buster
  5. Fabio
  6. Gus
  7. Harley
  8. Kai
  9. Lou
  10. Moe
  11. Otto
  12. Roy
  13. Tim
  14. Twig
  15. Wolfie

Looking for more ideas for wolf-looking dog names? Check our article with more than 1000 wolf names.

Tiny Dog Names For Girls

If you have a small breed girl, you’ll need some cute names as well, for sure. Here are 15 cute dog names for small girls that might be a perfect fit for your girl.

  1. Barbie
  2. Cherry
  3. Chica
  4. Demi
  5. Dora
  6. Flo
  7. Ivy
  8. Kiwi
  9. Lottie
  10. Mimi
  11. Peggy
  12. Pippa
  13. Ria
  14. Tessa
  15. Tia

Dog Names – Conclusion

As we already mentioned, we understand that choosing a perfect dog name is never an easy thing to do. If nothing else, you’ll have to use it for 12 to 15 years, or even longer!

In this article, we tried to help you find the right name for your pet, or at least to inspire. Please use the feedback option on our site to help us improve this article if you think we’ve missed something important (a group of dog names that would be helpful for you).