Dog Nutrition - Everything You Need To Know

Nutrition is the key to having a healthy and happy dog. While high-quality commercial dog food will probably contain most of the nutrients and healthy compounds your dog needs, knowing which foods can make great dog treats from time to time can be quite useful.

Some commercial dog foods are simply too dry, and adding a bit of fresh, steamed or cooked veggies might make all the difference for your pup’s digestion.

However, all foods do not benefit dogs the same way they can benefit us. Our pups break down food differently than us, which means they basically don’t need the same kind of food that we need.

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That’s why there are a lot of foods we eat that can be mildly or very toxic to dogs. Also, a lot of owners mistake when they give their dogs Thanksgiving leftovers and feeding pups with turkey or chicken bones. Always check if the food you’re intended to share with your dog is completely safe for him. Instead of harming your pup’s tummy, there are plenty of homemade dog treats you can easily make just out of basic ingredients you always have in the kitchen, such as bananas or peanut butter.

However, some human foods can highly benefit our dogs too. If they need an antioxidant booster, an immunity kick or an energy lift, they might find these benefits in certain fruits we eat. Veggies like parsnips can promote teeth health while pumpkin can have multiple benefits for your pup.

Should your dog eat raw dog food or should you add some superfoods to his diet such as coconut oil or quinoa? Before deciding to change your dog’s nutrition, inform yourself thoroughly and consult your vet. Discover which foods are safe for your dog, how they should be served and in what quantities.

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