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Mixed Breed Group

Purebred dogs are usually part of a specific dog breed that is officially recognized.

Opposite to them are mixed-breed dogs also named mongrel or mutt dogs.

These dogs are not officially recognized and usually include those that are the result of intentional breeding.

Mixed-breed dogs have no known purebred ancestors. The most interesting fact about these dogs is that are less prone to genetic health problems that are linked with inbreeding.

With these dogs, you are getting a dog who is one-of-a-kind and health-wise sturdier opposite to purebred dogs.

Science supports these claims claiming that mixed breed is seen as sturdier than purebreds because they are naturally exposed to more infectious illnesses.

Plus, mutts come with mixed genetics which often increases their immune systems’ effectiveness, which finally makes them stronger in terms of health.

Although it’s hard to know more abotu mixed-breed dogs’ ancestry, thanks to DNK tests for dogs, owners can learn more about their mixed pooch.

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