Raising A Puppy With A Full Time Job

You would like to get a puppy but you're not sure whether you can fit a dog into your busy career? This article will help you see things a bit clearer.

raising a puppy

Being a dog owner is very rewarding, but it’s also a big responsibility.

How time-consuming is it really? How long can dogs be left home alone?

Most importantly – will you be able to be a good dog owner if you work full time?

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How Do I Stop My Dog From Begging For Food?

This is a common problem many dog owners deal with and we want to help you solve it. So, how do you stop your dog from begging for food?

dog begging for food

You’ve sat down to have dinner after a long day and you’re just about to start when you see your dog staring at you, hoping to get a bite of whatever you’re having.

And every dog owner knows how hard it is to ignore those big eyes!

So, how can you put an end to this behavior?

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How Do You Get Your Pug To Stop Snoring?

Is your pug keeping you up at night because of its snoring? Is there a way to stop this? Read on and get your answers in this article.

pug stop snoring

Dogs too can snore! And pugs are definitely one of those breeds that can keep you up at night because of their snoring.

Is this the case with your pug or another breed you have?

If so, you’re probably wondering the following: Why do dogs snore and can it be stopped?

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Dog Pawing: Why Dogs Paw And How To Stop It

Does your dog also have the annoying habit of pawing you and other things around it? If so, how can it be stopped?

dog pawing

It’s not at all unusual that dogs like to be in the center of attention.

However, some like it a little too much and will do whatever it takes to get your attention.

One of the easiest ways of achieving that is by pawing.

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How To Stop Your Dog From Raiding The Bin

Is your dog going through the trash regularly - leaving you both angry and worried about its health? This article will give you some tips on how to stop this kind of behavior.

dog raiding bin

We all have bad habits, right? And guess what – dogs do too!

Unfortunately, dogs going through the trash is a very common bad habit dogs have.

So – how can you prevent this from happening?

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When Is The Right Time To Start Dog Training?

Is there an optimal time for puppy training? If so, when should you start? This article focuses on this frequently asked question.

when to start dog training

Dogs start learning new things from the second they’re born.

In fact, learning and training can be both formal and informal.

While the formal training can’t start immediately, the informal should start right away.

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My Dog Is Waking Up Too Early: What Do I Do?

Is your dog making you into a morning person, even on days you don't have to be? Is there anything you can do that will make your pet sleep in a bit? This article will give you some tips.

dog waking up early

The weekend is here at last! You will finally get some well-deserved sleep, right?

Judging by the look of your dog standing next to your dog, maybe you won’t after all…

So, how can you get your dog to sleep in at least a bit more?

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How To Train A Dog To Sit

Teaching your dog to sit is a basic command and usually the first one you teach your puppy. So how do you do that? This article will give you an answer.

how to train dog to sit

“Sit!” So simple, and yet so useful.

This is a basic command that’s pretty easy to teach, which is why it’s usually the first command you teach your dog.

So – what’s the best way to do it?

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How To Socialize A New Puppy

Socializing your dog is an inevitable part of being a dog owner. So, when should you get started? And how do you introduce your puppy to the society?

how to socialize new puppy

Socializing a puppy means introducing him or her to the world and teaching the puppy how to be a part of the world.

You want your dog to feel comfortable around people and other animals, right?

So, the question is – how do you achieve that?

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7 Reasons Why You Should Adopt An Adult Dog

If you're thinking about adopting an adult dog you're in the right place! This article focuses on the advantages of adopting an older dog and reveals why this a great choice.

adopting adult dog

Adopting a dog is a very noble things and something many people choose to do.

Unfortunately, many adult dogs are waiting for someone to take them in much longer than what puppies do, due to many misconceptions when it comes to adopting an adult dog.

This is a shame as adopting an older dog can have many perks. We’ll list them here!

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