Sporting Group

Sporting dog group is a place for dogs that are highly active and alert.

No matter how their routine may look, they are alwasy ready for a long walk, calm jogging, or a fetch game in teh dog park.

These dogs are outgoing, likable, and true outdoor companions. Originally, members of this group were developed to be useful in hunting. Their main job was to locate and/or retrieve.

A sporting group is a big group, and as such is divided into four basic groups or types of sporting dogs, including spaniels, pointers, retrievers, and setters.

These dogs are known for being highly athletic and for mastering some of the most difficult commands and tricks.

They enjoy being active, and many still enjoy being part of the pack and hunting all day long.

Many of the sporting dogs are water-retrieving breeds, having water-repellent coats that keep them warm and dry.

Owning a sporting group dog comes with massive responsibility. They are demanding in terms of exercise, outdoor time, and they overall need to be next to their humans. Sporting dogs come in different sizes.

They can be of medium sizes such as Lagotto Romagnolo, or larger in appearance such as Irish Setter.

The smallest representative of this breed is the popular American Cocker Spaniel.

The largest representatives of this group are the English, Irish, and Gordon Setters.

The ultimate representative of this breed is America’s favorite dog breed – the famous Labrador Retriever.

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