Herding Group

Herding dogs are packed with agility, speed, and physical endurance. They are above all highly intelligent, energetic, and athletic dogs that must be active to thrive.

Herding dogs are best known for being exceptional working dogs.

As such, they need a large amount of physycal activity and mental stimulation. They are the right choice for active singles or active families.

All herding breeds share an excellent ability to control other animlas, to control their movement. These breeds were carefully bred to herd, protect, and gather livestock.

Today, the most common representatives of the breed are Australian Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, and Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Some of these dogs, such as German Shepherd, are used for police, search and rescue, and protection work.

Herding dogs were primarily used to make sure that no farm animal gets lost, which is why herding instincts are so strong in them even today.

Their herding instincts are so present that herding dogs have been known for herding their owners from time to time, in a gentle manner. This is best seen in their relationship with children.

Herding dogs were raised to be active on farms. As such, they are used to be active all day long. Today, they are mostly house pets, but that doesn’t mean they have lost any of their athletic needs.

For herding dogs, a 20 minutes daily walk and indoor games just won’t do. Herding dogs require active time. Therefore, think carefully if this breed is for you.

Every herding dog will require a free run, and longer walks, no matter the weather. To keep this breed happy, you should have a dog park nearby, or a really large yard to keep this breed happy.

The ideal owner of a herding dog is someone who is active and loves spending time outside, even in the rain.

Herding dogs are prone to boredom, so be sure to provide enough fun, exercise, and training so he doesn’t get bored.

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