Terrier Group

Terrier Group is unique within the canine world.

People who already had some experience with these dogs, such as Airedale Terrier or Australian Terrier, know how vivid and playful these dogs are. And how much they love being busy or just digging.

Terriers are highly energetic dogs, usually packed in smaller size bodies.

Still, their size shouldn’t fool anyone, because they have large dogs’ energy. They are alwasy ready for an argument, and they will step into it expecting to win.

These energetic dogs were bred to hunt and kill vermin. Their second job was to guard their families, their homes, and even their barn.

Terriers may vary in size, from being really small like Norfolk to being really large like the famous Airedale Terrier.

They tend to be stubborn and try to outsmart their owners. This is why these dogs are recommended to experienced dog owners, while first time dog owners should focus more on companion dogs.

They have high energy and will demand exercise time next to regular walks.

Walking them without a leash is dangerous because they have a strong prey drive and will easily run to anything small that moves.

Walk on a leash and a well-secured backyard are a must. Terriers also demand special grooming, which is known as ‘stripping’ to help them nurture that characteristic terrier appearance.

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