5 Small Dogs That Don’t Shed

If you’re living in an apartment that you would like to keep clean and hairless there’s no point in even thinking about getting a dog, right?

Wrong! Just because you’re not a fan of cleaning up hair after a dog doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy being a dog owner!

Read more and discover 5 small breeds that don’t shed and could be the perfect companion for you.

Being a dog owner is wonderful. However, not all aspects of it are equally nice, such as cleaning up your dog’s hair in your apartment. But who says you can’t have your cake and eat it to?

While it may be true in some other other categories, it doesn’t have to be the case when it comes to this! Check out these breeds and see for yourself.

1. Affenpinscher

5 small dogs that don't shed

The name of this breed literally means “monkey-like terrier” in German and is one of the oldest toy breeds. This cute, black dog is bold and curious and isn’t aware of its small size at all.

This is a very loving dog that cares for its family very much and is very protective of its family members. Being as fearless as he is, he won’t back down due to confrontation or if someone is being hostile to him. This can even end in an injury, either to him or the other dog. Thanks to these characteristics, the Affenpinscher is often called a “Rottweiler wannabe”.

Apart from being alert, curious and stubborn, the Affenpinscher is also known for shedding very little. Its wiry coat sheds next to nothing and on top of that has no odor. Brushing is usually enough every few weeks, with a slicker brush and comb. When it comes to its coat it’s also easy to maintain – it should be clipped every couple of months.

2. Shih Tzu

5 small dogs that don't shed

This is definitely a dog with an interesting history. Images and paintings of the “Lion Dog”, as the name says in Chinese, can even be traced back to the 7th century! It descended from the oldest and smallest Tibetan holy dogs and was the favorite court dog during the Ming Dynasty.

The Shih Tzu is a real family dog – loving, friendly, playful and loyal. He really loves people and enjoys spending time with its family. Giving and receiving love is part of being a Shih Tzu owner. He requires a lot of attention and love and is one of those dogs that hate being left alone.

Besides the love and attention, this is an easy dog to maintain. It needs minimal exercise and it sheds very little, in spite of its long coat. It only needs to be brushed from time to time and clipped every couple months.

3. Bichon Frise

5 small dogs that don't shed

This fluffy, white dog is the perfect family dog, but also the perfect pet if you live in an apartment! This is also the ideal breed for people with allergies.

This breed is very playful and affectionate and loves spending time with its family. It wants to be around people as much as possible, so being home alone isn’t something Bichons enjoy for longer periods of time. It’s not too “outdoorsy” so playing inside is perfectly fine with Bichons – as long as you’re there and he can feel your love!

Apart from being friendly and great with children, its non-existing shedding is one of the main reasons people who like it neat and tidy choose this breed for their apartment. The coat only needs to be brushed occasionally and clipped short every couple months for easy maintenance.

4. West Highland White Terrier

5 small dogs that don't shed

This breed is more known under the name “Westie” and is also one of the most popular indoor dogs. Just like the Shih Tzu and the Bichon, it makes a great family dog that loves kids, but it’s much more active than these two breeds.

The Westie is very playful, feisty and strong-willed. It seems that it’s very busy and always has something to do. However, this can also be undesirable as it will do anything it can to entertain itself if it’s alone for too long, including chewing and barking noisily.

He loves to be in the center of attention, more precisely the center of your life. But – he won’t be satisfied with just lying next to you. This is a very active breed that needs its walks regularly and would much rather play outside than resting inside.

While being high-maintenance when it comes to exercise, Westies are very low-maintenance when it comes to grooming. They shed almost nothing and their coat only has to be brushed from time to time and clipped every few months.

5. Chinese Crested

5 small dogs that don't shed

It’s believed that the Chinese Crested descended from the “African Hairless Terrier”, when Chinese explorers discovered this breed and bred it to be smaller. As the name and the photo say this is almost a hairless breed and as expected the shedding is virtually non-existing.

This interesting breed is very polite and gentle and it loves cuddling and snuggling. It needs to be around its family, but can be suspicious toward strangers even if it’s well-mannered and sensible in general.

The Chinese Crested loves children, as long as they remember it doesn’t have hair and that they have to be gentle with it. Because of its lack of hair, it will need a sweater during winter and a t-shirt during summer to avoid sunburn.

Needless to say, it doesn’t shed at all and the hair he has only has to be brushed and trimmed occasionally.

Were these 5 non-shedding breeds interesting to you? Check out the video above of more small dogs that don’t shed and read more about breeds that don’t shed.

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