Most Popular Dog Breeds Of 2018

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
Dogs are getting more and more popular every day, mostly thanks to their ability to co-exist with humans and bring the best within us. Currently, there are more than a few hundreds of different dog breeds in the world, and they are all different. Different sizes, attitudes, and habits are what make them unique. Read on about top 30 most popular dog breeds in 2018 and learn if your canine friends are on it.

The popularity of dogs is constantly going up. With so many breeds in the world, this doesn’t come up as a surprise. The records show that even 60 million American Household poses around 90 million dogs as pets. If they were a country they would be like a third of the States.

In general, there are more than hundreds of dogs to choose from. They come in different sizes and shapes, and even attitudes. In addition, new breeds are welcomed every year. Simply said – some are more popular and beloved than others.

However, certain dog breeds are classics and they are forever popular. Other breeds are more or less popular thanks to pop culture and different trends. Above anything else, dogs are great companions, and that’s is the first reason for popularity.

Whatever are your preferences, lifestyle, your house or your budget there’s a dog on our list just for you.

30. Spaniels (Cocker)


2017 Rank: 29

The Cocker Spaniel is beautiful to look at. This smallest of sporting dogs comes with a huge amount of energy. Cocker’s are extremely cheerful and great to be around family.

Spaniels are great to have around, they are just perfect companions. However, they remain to be bird dogs at heart. This dog with big soulful eyes will wag its tail when snuggles on the couch with its favorite human.

29. Mastiffs


2017 Rank: 28

This courageous dignifies and the good-natured breed is above all obedient. It is often said that they are as old as humans. Developed to guard livestock against many predators, and used for entertainment in Roman arenas, they went a long way of fierce history.

Mastiffs weight up to 160 pounds. Their body is muscled, covered by a double coat, and the head is massive with a cute wrinkled forehead. They are very protective and training them is easy.

28. Pugs


2017 Rank: 31

What an enormous personality in a small package with this breed. Pugs are all about affection and attention. They are highly intuitive and sensitive toward mood swing in their owners, which makes them perfect companions. They are not aggressive, but they are strong-willed at least, so make sure to train them well. Pugs love children and love spending time indoor as well as outdoor.

27. Spaniels (English Springer)

english springer

2017 Rank: 27

These breed ‘spring’ birds during the hunt and that’s how it got its name. ‘Springing’ birds mean flushing them into the air. English Springer is not just a great hunting dog, its a rather friendly and playful dog. They are highly adaptive and easy to train and to work with humans when necessary.

26. Brittanys


2017 Rank: 26

This breed’s origins are in France province, Brittany. That’s how they got their name. Brittanys are smaller than other spaniels, and their beautiful coat comes in a combo of vivid orange color and white. They are strong, but rather fun-loving dogs, that would make a great dog-human-sport teammate. This is a great dog for outdoorsy family life.

25. Shetland Sheepdogs

shetland sheepdog

2017 Rank: 24

The initial purpose of Shetland Sheepdogs was to tend the small sheep of the Shetland Islands, northeast of Great Britain. Shetland Sheepdogs are considered one of the most intelligent dogs. Because of their intelligence, Shetland’s are quick to obey and above all to understand the command. They are affectionate as pets and highly loyal, but they tend to be reserved when it comes to strangers, which makes them a great watchdog.

24. Havanese


2017 Rank: 23

This national dog of Cuba is small and extremely sociable. Their long and silky coat gives them additional youthful and graceful look. They are known for living quite long, even up to 16 years.

During their lifetime they manage to look like a puppy, even when they are actually old. Havanese are perfect for a life in the city thank to their adaptable nature. These are really intelligent and trainable extroverts.

23. Pomeranians


2017 Rank: 22

This longtime royals favorite dog is the smallest of the Spitz breeds, weighing 3 to 7 pounds. Pomeranians are considered to be perfect companions. Their foxy face, attitude and glorious coat give them some royal appearance. They are easy to train, good around kids and good for life in the city or suburbs, as they are active indoor and outdoor.

22. Bernese Mountain Dog

bernese mountain dog

2017 Rank: 25

Originally from Swiss Alps, this breed was built for hard work in difficult conditions. Bernese Mountain Dog is considered to be one of the most beautiful dogs, and no wonder that’s the case, thanks to its sweet face and affectionate nature. They are big and powerful, but gentle giants.

They love sharing living space with their owners, which makes them perfect for families. Thanks to their gentle nature they are great to be around kids.

21. Boston Terriers

boston terriers

2017 Rank: 21

Boston Terriers are a short-tailed and compact little dog that weight no more than 25 pounds. They are known for its ‘tuxedo’ coat, square head, and big round eyes. Therefore, they are known as ‘The American Gentleman’.

They are highly people-oriented, extremely alert and always ready for a brisk walk. Boston Terriers are always ready to make your smile with their goofing around. They are also known for being great therapy dogs.

20. Shih Tzu

shih tzu

2017 Rank: 20

This is one of the oldest breeds. Originally, they are from China. They are small in size, but their name tells the best about them, as their name in Mandarin means lion. Veterans brought them to the States after WWII.

This lion dog is surprisingly solid for dogs their size. They are extremely affectionate with children, and a small dog they are good for living in bigger and smaller areas. Their idea of fun is sitting still in your lap.

19. Miniature Schnauzers

miniature schnauzers

2017 Rank: 18

The Miniature Schnauzer is the smallest of the three Schnauzer breeds. This dog is known for its good health, longevity, and even low-shedding. This great furry companion is an ideal family dog, equally suitable for bigger and smaller families.

This Schnauzer is highly alert. Add to that great intelligence and you will have a great watchdog. They are easily recognizable for their beard and miniature eyebrows.

18. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

cavalier king charles spaniels

2017 Rank: 19

This big-hearted dog has been winning hearts ever since the days of King Charles II in the 17th century. Cavalier King goes through its puppy stage extremely slow, so you have a feeling that your Spaniels is forever young.

They have big eyes and a bigger heart. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a perfect combo of an athletic spaniel and a gentle dog. They get along nice with other dogs and kids, and they are capable of showing off even highly active owner.

17.Doberman Pinschers

doberman pinschers

2017 Rank: 16

This fearless breed was bred in the mid-1800s in Germany, when a tax collector, Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann, wanted a dog to protect him. Doberman Pinschers or simply Doberman ranks high when it comes to trainability and obedience.

That’s one of the main reasons why this dog is the first choice by police and military forces. One of the finest protection dogs is muscular, fast, with a slick body covered in a black, fawn, or red coat.

Within the canine world, Dobermans are known as dogs with elegant qualities.

16.Great Danes

great dane

2017 Rank: 14

The Great Dane or ‘Apollo of Dogs’, was developed in Germany and England as a boarhound, had a trademark in form of the shredded left ear. Luckily, today’s great Danes are firstly big and fuzzy, in-house, pets. They are highly patient, dependable and above anything else, friendly.

But, they are super huge. When standing, great Dane’s can be taller than their owners. Furthermore, they can weight up to 200 pounds.

This dog is a perfect example of balance and elegance. Their coat comes in different patterns and colors. Needless to say, but just a look at the dog can make any intruder think twice. They are superb guard dogs. This people-pleaser is great with children and immensely gentle.

15.Australian Shepherds

australian shepherds

2017 Rank: 17

This is a cowboy’s dog by choice, that went a long way from the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain too hard sheep in Australian, and continue its development in the States. The Australian Shepherd is a highly intelligent dog, with strong herding instincts and work ethics.

They have rather vivid coat colors. Their coat is usually a mottled pattern with contrasting shades of different red and blue. This is a perfect dog for anyone who is looking for a tireless and trainable partner for work or sport.

14.Siberian Huskies

siberian huskies

2017 Rank: 12

The Siberian Husky is known for its endurance in the first place. What we know is that this breed was originally bred as a sled dog. Huskies are extremely energetic dogs. They love running and spending a significant amount of time outdoors. They prefer running to walking.

Their fur is thick as its original created to tolerate bellow zero temperatures. They love winter and snow. Siberians are known to have both of their eyes in different color. One eye is usually blue. Huskies are friendly, and they love being a part of the pack, so family life is a must for them.
In addition, they get along perfectly with other dogs. They can’t resist chasing small animals. Plus, they have a little doggy odor.

13.Pembroke Welsh Corgis

welsh corgis

2017 Rank: 15

This is no.1 Queen Elizabeth II dog favorite. Ever since this dog is popular with English royalty. In addition, it’s also super-popular in the States. Maybe it doesn’t seem like that at first glance, but Corgi is a working dog, surprisingly strong and athletic above average. Don’t be fooled by its little legs, because they are no setback for this little dog to excel in many sports.

Corgi is a low maintenance dog, it doesn’t shed a lot or requires a lot of affection. They are one of the worlds most popular herding breeds. They are usually red, fawn, black and tan, without or with white markings.

They respond excellent to training, enjoys spending time outside with its owner, and as herding bred they are independent and fearless. Everyone loves their need for togetherness once with a family.



2017 Rank: 13

This famously long dog has developed in Germany centuries ago with the purpose of hunting badgers. Dachshunds’ interesting anatomy makes it perfect for below-ground work. They are intelligent and should be kept busy or they will be extremely bored in a short period of time.

Dachshunds can have a long-haired coat, wirehaired or smooth. Dachshunds come in two sizes, standard or miniature.

They are not built for strong running or swimming, but otherwise, they are up for anything. With their big-dog bark, they are fine watchdogs. Dachshunds are mostly independent because they were first bred to be an independent hunter of dangerous and bigger pray.

Their intelligence, braveness and a pinch of stubbornness will win your heart in a no time.



2017 Rank: 12

This dog is a whole package. It comes with intelligence, affection, loyalty, good looks, and works ethic. They are sometimes silly, but above all, they are always courageous. Boxers are an awesome sight in peak condition. Males are high as 25 inches.

Their muscular and tall body is covered with a short, tight-fitting coat. Their eyes with dark circles are their trademark, next to the wrinkled forehead. The coat is usually with white marking among brindle or fawn coat.

Boxers are playful and protective dogs, which makes them perfect for children.

10.Yorkshire Terriers

yorkshire terriers

2017 Rank: 9

This little dog comes with great confidence that makes it perfect for a life in busy cities. Yorkshire Terrier is also known as ‘the tomboy toy’. This breed is known for its specific coat.

They are hypoallergenic – their coat is more like human, long-lived and they make just fine little watchdogs. As they expect a lot of attention and care they will offer you years of love, laughs and close companionship.

9.Pointers (German Shorthaired)

german pointer

2017 Rank: 10

The German shorthaired pointer is a great pet and awesome gundog. This dog demands a lot of exercises on the ground or in the water, as they are often great swimmers. Their coat is reddish brown, white, or liver in different patterns. Their eyes just scream friendliness.

Thanks to their posture they are often seen as aristocrat dogs, next to their speed, endurance, and agility.

They are always ready for physical activity, even organized dog sports. The German shorthaired pointer is easy to train and requires training seasons. They usually bond with the family fast and towards them, they will have a protective role.



2017 Rank: 8

This is one of the oldest working breeds. Rottweilers are a combo of strength, endurance, and intelligence. They are closely attached to their owners and sometimes overprotective, that’s why an early training and socialization with other humans and dogs is crucial.

Thanks to bad media reporting this breed were shown as aggressive, but that’s entirely opposite when it comes to these gently and strong giants. Rottweilers are more of a hard-calm, courageous and above all confident dog.



2017 Rank: 7

There is no poodle that’s identical. They come in three different sizes – the standard one, miniature poodle and toy. They are also known for a variety of solid colors. These dogs are eager to please their owners. Poodles are known for their intelligence and energetic nature.

When it comes to their outdoor side they are good runners and excellent swimmers. Their coat is hypoallergenic and requires regular grooming and clipping.



2017 Rank: 6

Beagles are sociable dogs that like the company of their human families, next to other dogs. They are bred to work and live in packs. Therefore the feeling of unity and acceptance is important to them.

Their uniqueness is built on their power of scent, so they are truly scent dogs. This super-power is the thing that usually gets them into trouble as soon as they are off-leash. Beagles are described as ‘merry’ by its fanciers.



2017 Rank: 5

It seems that Bulldogs are forever linked with British culture, mostly thanks to loving that Winston Churchill showed toward this breed. Bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds in the States. People mostly loved them because if their personality and gentle side. This is the dog that can never be mistaken with any other.

Furrowed brow, pushed-in nose, small ears, and hanging chops on either side is what makes them unique and recognizable. They can weight up to 50 pounds, but don’t think that their weight will stop them from jumping into your lap.

4.French Bulldogs

french bulldog

2017 Rank: 4

This dog is originally from England, regardless of its name. These dogs with bat-like ears are great with kids, as they are extremely playful. They are also really good with the elderly.

French Bulldogs are firm little dogs always ready for exercise and dog park. They are very rewarding when it comes to maintenance, but they shouldn’t be left alone for too long alone. Every minute with them will be full of joy and happiness, as they are indeed little four-legged clowns.

3.Retrievers (Golden)

retriever golden

2017 Rank: 3

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dogs ever. And they will probably continue to be. Golden retrievers are extremely social, playful, and intelligent. In addition, they are hard workers so with them you can always expect a willingness for some activity.

They are often used as therapy dogs, guide dogs and as great support in search and rescue. Their easy-going nature and playful characters make them great pets. Thanks to their patients they are great for kids and adults.

2.German Shepherd Dogs

german shepherd dog

2017 Rank: 2

This is the second most popular dog in the States. German Shepherd is often the first choice for many different roles because of its intelligence, obedience, and trainability. This dog is easy to train as they really enjoy it. No wonder that they are often part of a search and rescue crew. They often serve as police dogs.

They will be gentle with house pets and obedient with its guardians.
German Shepherd is active dogs that enjoy being outdoors with their owner. They are also extremely good watchdogs that are great with children.


labrador retriever

2017 Rank: 1

This dog is ultimate No.1 ever since 1991 when it comes to the States favorite dog. Labradors are so lovable dogs thanks to their outgoing and friendly nature. They are also so eager to please. They are known for its intelligence especially in life-risking situations.

Labradors are even open for challenging work, whether as a local guide dog or the dog for search and rescue. This is the dog that you want to be next to you in you are going to challenging, difficult and dangerous adventures.

These sweet-faced dogs are famously friendly. Forever. And. With. Everyone.

Check out the top 150 popular dog breeds for the last 6 years! It looks like the top three breeds are not giving their throne away to anyone!

Breed2018 Rank2017 Rank2016 Rank2015 Rank2014 Rank2013 Rank
Retrievers (Labrador)111111
German Shepherd Dogs222222
Retrievers (Golden)333333
French Bulldogs4466911
Pointers (German Shorthaired)91011111213
Yorkshire Terriers1099766
Pembroke Welsh Corgis131518202224
Siberian Huskies141212121314
Australian Shepherds151716171820
Great Danes161414151516
Doberman Pinschers171615141412
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels181919181918
Miniature Schnauzers191817161617
Shih Tzu202020191715
Boston Terriers212121222323
Bernese Mountain Dogs222527293232
Shetland Sheepdogs252424232121
Spaniels (English Springer)272726272828
Spaniels (Cocker)302929303029
Cane Corso323740354850
Miniature American Shepherds343436N/AN/AN/A
Border Collies353838384044
Basset Hounds393939394242
Rhodesian Ridgebacks414142403939
West Highland White Terriers424241413836
Belgian Malinois434447516060
Shiba Inu444544454746
Retrievers (Chesapeake Bay)454343424143
Bichons Frises464645444440
St. Bernards484849505147
Portuguese Water Dogs505451525249
Spaniels (English Cocker)525256606262
Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers534950474951
Australian Cattle Dogs555654565558
Scottish Terriers575858585955
Alaskan Malamutes585959545457
Airedale Terriers605555535756
Bull Terriers626057555352
Pointers (German Wirehaired)636264687171
Chinese Shar-Pei646461595854
Wirehaired Pointing Griffons656566667680
Great Pyrenees666667677569
Dogues de Bordeaux676763636365
Cardigan Welsh Corgis686869767875
Cairn Terriers696970706961
Miniature Pinschers707168646153
Lhasa Apsos717771656763
Old English Sheepdogs727075747778
Italian Greyhounds737472717466
Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs747578788074
Chow Chows757674737070
Irish Wolfhounds767373697273
Setters (Irish)777276727372
Giant Schnauzers788079818383
Chinese Crested797977756568
Staffordshire Bull Terriers808282797979
Coton de Tulear8181808531N/A
Russell Terriers827890104105102
Retrievers (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)838987999997
Bouviers des Flandres848583838182
American Staffordshire Terriers858381778476
Rat Terriers869796101111N/A
Border Terriers889286828581
Standard Schnauzers899085919090
Anatolian Shepherd Dogs908684929493
Retrievers (Flat-Coated)919689869294
Setters (English)9495102968991
Tibetan Terriers9610191908888
Norwegian Elkhounds97919488103103
Brussels Griffons989497959184
Lagotti Romagnoli99117114N/AN/AN/A
Spaniels (Boykin)10098110107108121
Fox Terriers (Wire)10199101949596
Neapolitan Mastiffs10210799106114111
Japanese Chin104108108979387
Belgian Tervuren10610310798110108
Welsh Terriers107109111108106104
Norwich Terriers1081051031039789
Spinoni Italiani109111105112118117
Miniature Bull Terriers110115120121129125
Toy Fox Terriers111112116110115107
Silky Terriers11210610010210192
Afghan Hounds113931131009895
Setters (Gordon)115104104105100105
Irish Terriers116114115113125123
Parson Russell Terriers117119109111116100
Black Russian Terriers118116119116127118
Tibetan Spaniels119121118115122106
American Eskimo Dogs122118122118120110
Fox Terriers (Smooth)123122124122124116
Belgian Sheepdogs125120129120123119
Norfolk Terriers126128134131131129
Bearded Collies127125126119121112
Spaniels (Welsh Springer)128133123128133124
Kerry Blue Terriers129129127124128126
Bluetick Coonhounds130132121123130128
Tibetan Mastiffs131153135133135132
Manchester Terriers133135133137136120
German Pinschers134136146138141130
English Toy Spaniels135134130129138135
American Hairless Terriers136126106N/AN/AN/A
Treeing Walker Coonhounds137131137117112101
Black and Tan Coonhounds138130128127126113
Australian Terriers139137136125139122
Bedlington Terriers141151138146140137
Redbone Coonhounds142139143139148133
Spaniels (Clumber)143140144134143131
Berger Picards144146141N/AN/AN/A
Setters (Irish Red and White)146154142148155145
Lakeland Terriers147138145141149134
Spaniels (Field)149145147145137140
Nederlandse Kooikerhondjes150n/an/an/an/an/a