Companion Group

Companion dogs are crazy about one thing – their humans. As their name says it, companion dogs were specially bred to accompany humans.

These dogs are easy to recognize since they are mostly smaller in size being around 4 to 40 pounds.

Some of them were specifically bred to be lap dogs and these dogs are often seen on paintings from previous centuries when they were considered to be a mandatory part of nobles’ life.

Some companion dogs are so tiny that they aren’t well-aware of their size.

As such they may often get in trouble or injured by encountering other dogs (bigger ones) or pushy people.

Companions dogs need regular exercise and training, while the rest of their time they prefer spending time with their humans.

They thrive on human interaction. This is the main reason why companion dogs may often develop separation anxiety when neglected or left alone for too long and frequently.

Some of the most well-known companion dogs include Affenpinscher, Dalmatian, and Havanese.

These breeds are many others that are companion dogs are really the happiest when they are with their humans.

Being a part of the human pack is everything to them. Some of them were originally bred to work, to participate in livestock herding or guarding property, such as Golden Retriever, but their roles evolved.

Today, companion dogs are mostly known for following their humans around, always being next to their feet, and performing every task perfectly.

They are eager to please, fun to be around, and are extremely loving. It’s important to note that the majority of companion dogs are part of the AKC toy group.

Still, companion dogs are all about diversity. Some of them are tiny like Papillon, while some are larger like Boston Terrier.

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