Cavapoo – Full Breed Profile

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
Do you want to know why Cavapoo is one of a kind dog? Read on and discover what makes this breed so superb.
Dog Breed Group:
Mixed Breed Dogs
9 to 14 inches
9 to 25 pounds
Life Span:
12 to 15 years

Breed Characteristics:

Apartment Friendly


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Good For First-Time Owners


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Tolerates Being Alone


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Affectionate With Family


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Overall Health


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Are you familiar with Cavapoo, a mixed breed dog — a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle dog breeds?

If not, that doesn’t come as a big surprise, because this is relatively a new breed.

This is an outgoing, playful and curious dog that inherited some amazing traits from both of his parents.

This breed is known by many names, but they are mostly known as the Cavapoo. Let’s see fast facts on this small breed.

Quick Facts

Real name: Cavapoo
Other names: Cavadoodle, Cavoodle
Breed type: Mixed Breed Dogs
Weight: 9 to 25 pounds
Height: 9 to 14 inches
Lifespan: 12 to 15 years
Litter Size: 2 – 8 puppies
Color: Variety of colors, including cream, fawn, chocolate, gold, chestnut, and white
Coat: Short, soft, and wavy or curly coats

Cavapoo History

History on this breed is kind of known. This breed may have existed naturally over the years, but people started noticing these dogs when designer breeders stepped in.

In fact, designed breeders in Australia started mixing Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Poodles in the late 1990s.

Their goal was clear – they wanted to mix the intelligent Poodle with the outgoing nature of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

They deliberately choose breeds that don’t shed much, so they could introduce a mixed breed suitable for those who suffer from allergies.

From day one, Cavapoo became a popular breed – especially since they resemble teddy bear dogs, and their numbers only grew.

If you’re just thinking about getting a dog, and the adorable Cavapoo caught your eye, make sure that you check local animal shelter – although this is a designed breed, you can still find them in the rescue groups because life happens and sometimes people are forced to leave their pets no matter how hard it may be for them.

If you decide that this breed is for you, consider adopting a dog.

Cavapoo Physical Appearance

Every Cavapoo is different. They are not completely different, but they may appear slightly different in appearance when it comes to color, size, shape, and coat texture.

It all depends on their parent dogs and whether or not they are first-generation Cavapoos.

Cavapoo is often promoted as a hypoallergenic breed, mostly because partly they have Poodle genes.

As you may know already, Poodle is a breed that doesn’t shed a lot and is even suitable for those who are allergic to dog hair. Did you know that due to its qualities, Poodle is used to create over fifty different dog breeds?

Still, if your allegories are really intense, maybe you should rethink your decisions about getting a pet – health comes first.

All in, the Cavapoo is considered to be a low-shedding little dog that is a popular choice among people who suffer from allergies. This breed has a round and cute face, with floppy ears soft on the touch.

A small size dog, They have large eyes that just add to their adorable looks and soft personality. Interestingly, when it comes to physical traits, the Cavapoo has more of a Poodle-like appearance compared to the Cavalier.

Again, appearance may vary from dog to dog in terms of colors, texture, and length of a Cavapoos hair.

They usually do have a silky coat no matter the texture and length, next to having a wavier coat. They also come in various colors, including gold, black, white, chestnut, and tricolor.

Cavapoo Personality

The Cavapoo will always inherent traits of his parents – who are known for being affectionate, loyal, and friendly.

Cavappos’ parents have been among the most loved ones for decades and it doesn’t come as a big surprise that Cavapoo is among the most popular breeds today.

The Cavapoo is a real family dog, highly devoted and clingy in a way. They love nothing more but spending time next to their humans.

They will follow you around all the time, be your shadow. They are great to homes with other dogs and pets as well, especially if they are raised together.

This small dog will fit into every lifestyle with no trouble. If you have a number of obligations during the day, rethink your decision to get Cavapoo because they hate being alone.

Therefore, you can expect separation anxiety in your Cavapoo, overall sadness, and even destructive behavior.

To keep them happy, make sure that there is always at least one person to stay at home with them when everyone else is out. If done otherwise, you can expect:

  • Excessive barking
  • Destructive behavior
  • Anxiety

By nature, these dogs are sensitive and will never respond well to harsh training methods. Make sure that when it comes to training you only use positive reinforcement training methods.

Are They A Good Choice For First Time Owners?

Simply said, yes. Cavapoos are a great choice when it comes to first time dog owners.

Since they are sweet-natured and sensitive non-experienced people can handle the breed, as long as they spend enough time learning about the dog’s psychology, behavior, and so on.

This breed will be easy to train as long as there are enough training sessions and proper instructions.

Do Cavapoos Like Water?

Some dogs are natural swimmers and Cavapoo is one of them.

In general, they like water and will happily spend time with you on the beach or next to the lake, especially when the weather is hot.

These dogs are usually born swimmers. However, some may not be found in water too much and don’t like to get their paws wet. If that’s the case with your Cavapoo don’t force him to take a swim.

Cavapoo Training

Since Cavapoos are a cross between a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, it means that this breed is highly intelligent. As such, training a Cavapoo him will be a true enjoyment.

They are highly trainable and teaching them many tricks should be an enjoyable experience. Training requires positive reinforcement methods since this is a highly sensitive breed.

Training sessions should be well-organized, fun, short, consistent, and fun. They should never be too intensive but should be started as soon as possible.

Did you know that dogs can learn basic commands when they are only eight weeks old? This is why you should focus on training as soon as you get your puppy home.

Arm yourself with patience, understanding, and extra towels for potty training, because you will need them.

Cavapoos With Children and Other Pets

If your home is blessed with additional pets and children, but you still want Cavapoo in your home, you have nothing to worry about. They will act perfectly next to older children who know how to behave around small dogs.

Younger children tend to be too noisy and pushy, which can be too much for Cavapoo to deal with. Simply said, they do much better with older children than with younger ones.

By nature, they are friendly and tend to get along nicely with other dogs. If they grow up with other pets in the house, they will tolerate them, including a family cat.

Cavapoo Grooming

When it comes to grooming your Cavapoo you can expect a fair amount of grooming. After all, this is a mix of a Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, both breeds with lavishing coats.

Their coat comes in a variety of colors, including fawn, cream, gold, white, chestnut, and chocolate. Sometimes they may come in solid colors, but they are often white and chestnut.

In some rare cases, Cavapoo may be tri-colores. As a general rule, Cavapoo will have short, soft, curly, or wavy coats. They are true fluffballs and require regular grooming.

Thanks to their Poodle parent side, they are less prone to shedding – this is the main reason why people with allergies tend to tolerate Cavapoos.

How often should you brush your Cavapoo? Once a week should be more than enough to keep Cavapoo’s coat in healthy condition.

Thanks to their curly coat they can handle fine cold and heat. This doesn’t mean that they could survive an entire winter outside in the cold.

Just like all dogs, they shouldn’t be left outside in extreme cold or warm (due to heatstroke) temperatures.

Cavapoo Health

The popular Cavapoo is prone to certain health conditions that Poodle and King Charles have to deal with. Overall, this is a healthy breed, especially if you are dealing with responsible breeders.

Responsible breeders will always screen parents, and puppies afterward, for certain conditions and do their best to deliver healthy puppies.

Still, due to genetics, they could be prone to certain health conditions, which is why you should always provide proper care and regular veterinary checkups.

Some of the health problems that this breed can deal with include:

  • Congenital heart attacks
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Slipping kneecaps

Does this mean that Cavapoo will definitely develop these conditions during his lifetime?

It doesn’t, it just means that there is a chance for that. However, they are extremely sensitive to heat and if they become overheated, they could die.

This is why you should never leave any dog locked in care, in sun for too long, and without water for too long in hot weather.

You should also be careful not to over-exercise them during their puppyhood because they have sensitive joints.

Dogs with sensitive joints and bones should be allowed to jump up or off the furniture, now run up and down the stairs, or have any exercises like these.

Once you get a Cavapoo you might understand how it feels like having a shadow, because just like Poodles, Cavapoos can become hyper and clingy, following you around all day long.

The Cavapoo is not recognized by the American Kennel Club because it is considered a hybrid breed.

Cavapoo Nutrition

There are certain standards that a dog needs to fulfill to be considered an ideal dog. An ideal Cavapoo should be a small- to medium-sized breed with high energy levels.

To achieve this you need to provide the proper nutrition. This breed is prone to obesity if overfed, so make sure that you never offered.

Learn how much you should feed your Cavapoo, and how much food should they get in different phases of life.

Also, make sure that you feed puppies with puppy food, seniors with food adjusted to them, and so on.

Puppies cannot benefit from senior food and vice versa. Dog’s dietary needs change from puppyhood to adulthood and will continue to change into their senior years.

If you need any help regarding dog nutrition, talk to your veterinarian on how to keep his weigh-in normal and still provide enough nutrients.

Caring For A Cavapoo Puppy

Puppies are super cute.

Have you ever seen a puppy that was anything but ultra-cute? Of course, you didn’t. They are cute, adorable, and easy to spoil once you welcome them into your home.

People tend to pass puppies a lot since they are small and unprotected, which eventually catches upon them.

Early socialization and training are mandatory when it comes to having a properly behaved dog, and treating Cavapoo anyhow different can only lead to destructive behavior that may be tricky to correct, if not impossible.

Make sure that you set the ground rules for your puppy to keep him safe and well-behaved. Your Cavapoo needs to know home boundaries, what is allowed and which areas, and what behavior is restricted.

Puppy-proof your home in advance and set a calm and safe place for him to nap and spend time.

Have the right bowls and a sleeping bed, next to the right toys. The house rules bot for your puppy and your visitors.

Learn which human foods should be served and which one is safe. To avoid any unwanted situation, feed your Cavapoo only with specially designed dog food.

Add a vegetable and fruit as an occasional treat or a food addition to spice up meals a bit – this is why you should know that onion might kill your dog, while cucumber is more than welcome to serve to you Cavapoo.

Learn which human food is safe for your Cavapoo. Constantly think about safety and be ahead of unwanted situations.

Put away all electric cables and wires because puppies love to chew and gnaw on things. They might even attack garden tools and try to rearrange your garden, as well. With that in mind make sure that you never leave your puppy alone to wander around the garden and your backyard.

The Bottom Line

Cavapoos are known for their calm nature, and adorable appearance,

These are gentle and surprisingly energetic dogs due to their size. They are affectionate and sensitive which makes them perfect for therapy.

This hybrid dog is sociable, loving, and curious, so expect to have some memorable moments with this breed.

They are great with other people and other pets, especially if they are raised with other animals from puppyhood.

As highly intelligent and trainable dogs, you will have a lot of time enjoying many tricks and goofy movements.

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