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Pets That Get Along With Dogs Easily

Amber LaRock
Written by: Amber LaRock, Vet Tech
Are you thinking about having a multi-pet home? If so, check this ultimate guide on how to choose your next pet and how to introduce pets to each other.

If you’re an animal lover, you are probably interested in having a multi-pet home. Though the love and entertainment you get from your dog are endless, you still may want to bring another pet into the mix.

While you can always give your dog another canine companion, there are other pets that are known to live quite well together.

In this article, we’ll discuss the common pets that get along easily with dogs, and ways you can introduce new pets into your home.

Pets That Live Well With Dogs

If you are looking to expand your love and welcome another critter into you and your canines home, you may wonder which pets are known to adjust well in a home with a dog.

Some pets that are known to mesh well with dogs are:

Other Dogs

If you want a canine only home, you’ll be happy to find that some of the strongest friendships around are those between two pups.

Giving your dog another canine friend can help relieve their boredom, give them a similar friend to play with, and offer them a bond like no other. Having two dogs can be equally as fulfilling for you as well, as you can have double the amount of canine love!


Though the phrase “fighting like cats and dogs” is well known, you may be surprised to learn that some dogs and cats get along quite well.

When dogs and cats are raised together, they can actually be the very best of furry friends.

As long as you follow proper introduction steps and make sure to supervise their first interactions closely, a cat can be a wonderful friend for your dog. They will even share food. Moreover, they will even comfort each other during the holiday season and intense firework.

Guinea Pigs

With proper introduction, dogs and guinea pigs can live quite well together. If you happen to google the topic of dogs and guinea pigs living together, you will find pages and pages of dogs lounging in the yard with their guinea pig friends, and even cuddling together on the couch.

Since dogs are generally friendly and social creatures, they are already made to be welcoming of critters of all kinds. Since guinea pigs are significantly smaller than most dogs, the most important thing to keep in mind is safety.

As long as you monitor their interactions closely, these two creatures can be a wonderful duo. Since guinea pigs are so small, this may not be the best addition to a home with a large dog.


Similar to guinea pigs, rabbits and dogs can easily live in the same home when monitored closely. When properly introduced and monitored for safety, these two are known to engage in play and even relax together. Again, this may not be the best furry friend for a large dog.


According to this article by SmallPetJournal, ferrets are known for their playful energy, meaning they can be a wonderful play companion for a canine friend. Just as you would with any other introduction, make sure that each interaction is monitored closely, and this can be a match made in heaven.

One thing to keep in mind though is the high energy level of a ferret.

Ferrets are known to continue to climb on dogs and pester them once they become tired of playing, so always make sure to supervise their playtimes so you can separate the two if your pup ever gets tired of their new ferret friend.


This interaction is a bit different from the playmates listed above, as birds are meant to simply live among dogs, and not necessarily up close and personal.

Birds can be easily injured by dogs due to their fragile frame, so it’s best to either keep them in their cage or at least out of reach if your dog is out and about. Though they may not be able to play together, you can easily have both companions in your home.

Farm Animals (Sheep, Goats, Horses)

Dogs and farm animals have been known to roam together for years. With dogs being a common family member for those with farms, they can easily live together and even enjoy each other’s company.

Make sure to supervise your dog to ensure their safety from being kicked or stepped on, and the two can live peacefully amongst each other.


Similar to the bird, hamsters, and dogs can leave peacefully in the same home when the hamster is kept safe inside their cage.

Just make sure to keep your hamsters cage out of reach from your pup, and you can enjoy the presence of each of these creatures in your home.

These pets are listed due to their ability to play well with dogs, their ability to adjust to new surroundings, or the fact that they can be kept in confined areas that are out of a dog’s reach.

No matter the type of animal that you bring into you and your dog’s home, you should be prepared to go through a step by step introduction process in order to limit the possibility of complications or injury to either animal.

Why Don’t Some Dogs Get Along With Other Pets?

Many people are truly shocked when they see their sweet and innocent pup suddenly chase after a rabbit or any other small creature. When they are so lovable in our home, it can be hard to imagine what could make them suddenly chase after or even harm another animal.

The truth is, it doesn’t always come down to our dog’s sweet nature. Sometimes their need to chase comes down to their instincts.

Some dogs have a higher prey drive than others. A prey drive is a survival instinct that comes naturally to some dogs and results in them chasing after other creatures.

When a breed has been historically bred to herd, chase, or hunt other small animals, it can be difficult to break this habit.

Modern dog breeding has weakened some of our dog’s primal instincts, so that may be why some dogs get along with other pets better than others.

If you are wanting to have a variety of animals in your home, it’s always best to consider which breeds have a higher prey drive.

Pet Friendly Dogs

No matter how well a pet can get along with dogs and other animals, half of the relationship will rely completely on how your dog handles the interaction.

If you know you would like a multi-pet home at some point in your life, there are breeds of dogs that are known to be friendly and tolerate other animals in their life. Some of these breeds include:

While these breeds are known for being pet-friendly and having less of a chase drive, that does not mean that any other dog cannot coexist with other pets. Each dog has a unique personality, meaning breed stereotypes may not matter in some cases.

Dogs With High Prey Drives

Though every dog will come with their own unique personality, there are some breeds that are known to have a higher prey drive than others. Some of these breeds include:

We’ll mention again that breed stereotypes don’t always matter, and some of the above breeds may live peacefully among other animals in your home.

If your dog’s breed is listed above and you would still like to introduce them to another pet, just make sure to follow the recommended steps for a slow introduction.

Introducing A New Pet In Your Home

The way in which you introduce a new pet to your dog can set the tone for their relationship to come. It’s important to bring them into your home in a way that’s respectful of your pup and gives them the ability to participate in the introduction at their own pace.

Some tips for pet introduction include:

  • Make sure that each pet in the introduction has access to an area free of each other. By this we mean to never put the two animals in a room together with no option of getting away from each other. Each pet needs to feel like they can escape the introduction if they want to.
  • Keep your pets separate in the first few days of the new animals’ arrival. Animals can pick up on the idea that a new creature is present in the house. The scent of a new animal is stressful enough, so giving them time alone to accept this new change is key.
  • If your new pet is an animal that eats outside of their cage, try feeding them each on opposite sides of the door. This can allow them to smell each other and be close to each other without actually being able to touch one another. Do this until they can eat calmly with each other being present.
  • Slowly introduce face to face meetings. Make sure to keep your dog on a leash at all times during this introduction, so you can always pull your pup back if things get too heated. Repeat a few short sessions of this interaction each day until you are confident that your dog and your new pet are accustomed to each other.

Animals That Live In A Cage

These rules are not necessary if you are bringing a pet into your home that will spend their life in a cage or other confined area (rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc).

If this is the case, just make sure to always keep their cage or living area out of reach from your dog when you are not present to supervise their interactions. Dogs have been known to knock over cages and seriously injure small animals when owners are away.

If your caged pet seems stressed out by the presence of your dog when they are near, consider putting them in a room that your dog cannot have access to. This can significantly limit their exposure to your dog and allow them to live peacefully in your multi-pet home.


When it comes to pets that get along with dog easily, it’s import to choose the pet wisely. Your dog can benefit from a relationship with an array of furry creatures. Make sure to carefully introduce your pup to new animal friends, and you can be on your way to a peaceful multi-pet home!