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We welcome you to Barking Royalty, a website created by dog lovers for dog lovers!

We are a group of professionals and enthusiasts gathered about the idea of helping other dog owners with their problems. Barking Royalty is making the journey with your fluffy friends as stress-free as possible since 2015.

We know that besides lots of love that you give to your dog, professional advice is necessary in order to keep your dog happy, healthy and carefree. That’s why we always listen to your needs and interests and talk about topics and stories that may be of interest to any dog owner.

Barking Royalty knows that good care is the key to having a long, happy friendship with your dog. You can count on us for all your dog-related doubts, as we always try to provide the best evidence-based solutions to any canine issue.

Your dog’s health is in safe hands with us, as our joint years of experience and knowledge of veterinary specialists always provide trustworthy information that you can rely on.

Barking Royalty Experts

Dog’s health and well-being is the top priority for us. Our medical experts are providing a medical review for each article of great importance for your dog’s health and behavior.

Dr Margarita Boyd


Margarita grew up on a farm in Northern Ireland, which ignited her passion for animals - big and small. Starting from when she could walk through to her teenage years she kept herself busy competing in horse riding competitions, and still has a great passion for all things horse related today. Margarita graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2011, earning a Bachelor in Veterinary Science with distinction. She worked in small animal and equine practice for a few years, before choosing to focus solely on companion animals. She has developed a special interest in internal medicine and ophthalmology. Her interests outside of work include travelling, writing and volunteering.

Dr Joanna De Klerk

BVetMed (hons) MScTAH

Joanna graduated from the prestigious Royal Veterinary College in London and works as a veterinarian for dogs, cats and horses. She has a particular interest in nutrition, pain management, neurological disorders and welfare. She has written two books 'Tales from a Young Vet' and 'Tales from a Wild Vet', and enjoys volunteering as a vet for various charities, from which tales are recounted in the books. She has two dogs, a nutty Springer Spaniel, and a shy little Yorkshire Terrier, and in her spare time enjoys walking, horseback riding and music.