How To Choose The Best Dog Leash

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
Did you know that choosing the wrong leash for your dog can cause a severe disturbance in your canine's health? To avoid any complications, learn how to buy the best leash for your dog.

One size fits them all; doesn’t apply when you have to choose dogs’ gear. Actually, choosing the right kind of dog leash is crucial for your dog’s safety, posture, and overall health.

How To Choose The Best Dog Leash

Dogs are social beings who love being outdoors. Being outside and exploring is probably their most favorite activity, after having a bit of everything, anytime.

If you are a dog owner, or interesting in becoming a first-time dog owner, then you know that you will spend the majority of your time outside walking your canine. Moreover, you will have a walking routine, dog crew, unique places, and bonding moments.

This all comes with such a unique and natural activity – walk. Also, you probably know that dogs can’t be walked without the leash.

Moreover, make sure that you know the law and never disrespect it by letting your dog run free, especially if you are an owner of ‘officially aggressive or dangerous breed’ – therefore, always follow regulations. Otherwise, you may experience a hefty fine, judgment, and you also risk losing your dog.

Dogs are fast and be sure that you – as a human, you won’t be able ever to catch your dog is he is on the loose. Having a walk without a leash is extremely dangerous if its the holiday season, or firework day.

Dogs can be scared easily,especially if they had trauma or they are still in their training process. So, in no time your canine can get scared easily and runaways. However, this listed above shouldn’t worry you if you follow the rules and keep your fluffy on the leash.

You are buying a first leash, or you believe that the current leash is not comfortable to your dog’s neck? Let’s see what you should mind while buying dog leash.

1. Think About The Material First

Selecting a material is a very first step when it comes to finding the perfect dog leash. You can choose between a few options, but in general, it would be best to choose from:


This is the most common material for the dog’s leash. Comes in a variety of colors, sizes, length, and styles. In general, nylon leash is the best for puppies.

Chain Leashes

These leashes are durable, and that’s their main trait. Also, they are an affordable option and significantly cheaper than nylon leashes. However, they can create a mess when knotted or tangled.

Leather Leashes

These leashes are comfortable and durable. Lately, they are not as popular as the first two options, but they are durable. They soften with time, and if you have a large breed, it will be more comfortable to hold your dog is he has a strong pull. The great thing about leather leashes is that they won’t tangle.

Cotton Leashes

This is a great option if your dog is spending a lot of time in the water. Interestingly, they are the most difficult to be found. Cotton will behave great if your dog is wet, and it won’t burn him if he is pulling.

2. Selecting a Style

The market is full of different leashes. The final choice may easily depend on your lifestyle and preferences. For example, if you jog a lot, you might think about the hands-free leash.

This is also handy if you have to push a stroller or carry groceries. However, you should be careful about this one and never use it if your dog is not 100% obedient, especially if you are caring for a baby.

So, the most common styles are:

  • Standard style leash: this is the most common leash that can be bought in any bigger supermarket and any pet store. If you are training your dog or his has an agressive temperament or shows destructive behavior while in the walk, you should think about other options.
  • Retractable leashes: If your dog is well-trained and listens to various commands, that you should give him some freedom to move. In this case, retractable leashes will give you less control and more freedom for the dog.
  • Head collars: These collars are used to leash-train your dog. It slips over your dog’s nose. He will be able to breathe normally, eat, and drink. Make sure to use this collar right; otherwise, you might harm your dog.
  • Harness collars: this is a good option if your dog is leash-trained. These collars will provide extra support for your dog. Bear in mind that if you have a large dog that pulls, you should use another collar.

Once you become familiar with available leashed on the market, you are ready to buy one. So, think about everything about the dog:

  • size
  • weight
  • playfulness
  • need to pull
  • how obedient he is

If you are not sure how to choose, talk with a professional, and speak with the seller in the pet store. They will know how to answer your needs and how to guide you for the perfect leash.

Moreover, it would be the most comfortable option, and the best one, to take your dog with you so you can test it immediately. Make sure that you are only the one putting the leash on your dog, just in case.

Purchasing Your Leash

Again, it would be best to take your dog with your while searching for the perfect collar. This is a win-win situation because you will have the final consumer (the dog) and professional (the seller) in one place, and they will work together with you to find the best fit. Still, there are some extra things that you can do when purchasing a leash.

1. Consult Your Vet

If you ever have any doubts about anything pet-related, the best thing that you can do is to talk with your vet first. Feel free to consult your vet for the best options. Moreover, this should be an imperative if your dog suffers from any type of health or medication issues. Double-check if your dog is allergic to something.

2. Visit Local Pet Store

Consult the seller on the most popular and most durable leashes. In general, employees will recommend the leashes based on your dog size, breed, energy level, and age.

3. Shop Online

Most pet stores and various vendors will offer leashes online. Shopping online will enable you to see reviews and sincere comments about the product. You will read everything about its longevity, overall quality, and effectiveness. Some online vendors even offer great leashes.