Should I Get A Rhodesian Ridgeback?

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
Since we get a lot of questions from readers, we thought it would be a good idea to share some of them here from time to time. Today's question is from a reader who's wondering if the Rhodesian Ridgeback would fit in his life.

Is a Rhodesian Ridgeback a good idea if you’re living in an apartment, working during the day and you’re active?

This question came from a responsible reader who wants to know if this breed will fit into his life.

Considering we get many similar questions from future dog owners, we thought it would be a good idea to post it here.

This is an e-mail from our reader Joe, who’s thinking about getting a Rhodesian Ridgeback. He is considering his activity level, his working hours and living situation in order to be sure that this is the right breed for him.

This is a good example of some of the most important aspects you should consider before getting a dog, so we though it would be useful to all future dog owners. As many of you are having the same doubts, we decided to share his e-mail here. Let’s take a look!



I’m 27 years old and considering getting a Rhodesian Ridgeback. I would get a puppy and the sex of which will be determined largely by which would suit my situation.

I live in a two bedroom flat on my own. I work 9-5:15 Monday to Friday but am close enough to return home on my dinner hour each day.

I’m a very active person and would be looking to walk my dog each morning before work and again after work, as I’m surrounded by fields, parks and huge marshlands as well as a 20 minute drive from the beach.

I have plenty of room to exercise the dog, as well as have him/her accompany me on runs etc. I have previously had whippets and a Doberman Pinscher through my childhood. The Doberman is still going strong but lives with my parents.

I have been researching breeds that suit my routine, environment, needs and whose needs I can fulfill as I’d hate to be an irresponsible owner and put my needs before my dog’s. I believe Ridgebacks suit my needs as a hardy, athletic, friendly and active dog. I’ve got two young nieces who I would be introducing to the dog from a young age to socialize him/her, as well as several friends with dogs who I will also be introducing the dog too.

Would you agree, in your opinion, that a Ridgeback would be a good choice for me based on the above?

Thanks for your time,



Dear Joe,

Thank you for writing.

It’s great that you want to be a responsible dog owner and get all the information before you make a decision. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a beautiful and intelligent dog, so we understand why you’re thinking about this particular breed.

Based on all the things you’ve mentioned, we do believe that this breed would fit in well in your life. It adapts to flats easily and is great with children. This is also a dog friendly breed, so there shouldn’t be any problems when introducing him/her to other dogs. On top of that, it’s a plus that you’re not a first-time dog owner, as this breed can be stubborn and will need a firm and consistent owner.

However, this is an active dog who doesn’t like being alone that much. It’s great that you’re active as well and that you have various places nearby to take your dog to, but on the other hand you being away approximately 9 hours during the day could be a problem. Of course, this depends on the dog and some dogs don’t mind being alone at all.

So, if you were to get a Rhodesian Ridgeback, would you maybe consider hiring a dog walker (or ask someone to walk your dog) or taking your dog to a day-care boarding facility if it were necessary? Again, this may not be necessary, but it’s a good idea to know that you have that option just in case.

To sum it up – this breed will fit in well in your life, just consider the fact that you will maybe need someone to walk your dog IF you notice that your dog doesn’t like being alone that much or needs more exercise. Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine what’s necessary and we’ll sure that you’ll be a great dog owner!

Good luck, we hope this e-mail was helpful!

Best wishes,

Barking Royalty

For more information about the Rhodesian Ridgeback check out the video below!