Do Puggles And Cats Get Along?

Written by: Milica Brzakovic
Dogs and cats hate each other - just a myth or the truth? In this text we're focusing on puggles and their relationship with cats, but we'll take a look at other dogs as well.

Cats and dogs are frequently portrayed as archenemies.

So, is this really true or not? Or is it only some dogs that don’t get along well with cats?

If so, are puggles among those breeds?

Puggles, as the name says, are a cross breed of the Pug and Beagle. As such, it can be difficult to say how their personality will turn out to be. One of the possibilities is a chase instinct. Namely, Beagles have a high prey drive, which can mean that Puggles too can have this.

We mention this because it’s highly relevant to this subject, as dogs with high prey drive usually don’t get along well with cats. Let’s explain this a bit more!

What Is The Prey Drive?

Simply put – the prey drive is an inherited impulse to chase, injure and sometimes kill small animals. It’s usually genetic and some dog breeds really have high prey drives. Some of them are:

These were some of the breeds with high pray drive and they usually don’t get along well with cats. However, it’s not impossible to raise a dog to respect cats, especially if they grow up together, but don’t forget that they still have these primal instincts, especially if they’re alone.

Dogs That Are Tolerant Of Cats

On the other hand, the following are the breeds that usually get along with cats, or at least don’t have a problem with them.

  • Boxer
  • Dalmatian
  • Golden Retriever
  • Labrador
  • Poodle
  • Maltese
  • Pug
  • Papillon

In general, these breeds are usually tolerant of cats. However, this is not the ultimate rule as every dog has its own personality and temperament.

As you can see, beagles are usually not that keen on cats, while pugs can be cat-friendly. So, what about Puggles, considering they’re a mix of Beagles and Pugs? Do they get along with cats?

Can Puggles And Cats Function Together?

First of all, let’s learn a bit more about this interesting breed!

As the name says, this is a crossbreed between Pugs and Beagles. The interesting, but risky thing, with crossbreeds is that you never know which side of the mix is going to dominate and you don’t know which characteristics from each breed the Puggle is going to show.

In addition, this is such an unusual mix, as the two breeds in question are really different. Even though they’re both small and cute, there’s not much else they have in common. On the one hand, there’s the Pug that’s a real companion dog that love spending time at home with their family. And on the other hand, there’s the independent and energetic Beagle.

Ideally, the Puggle should be the best of the two – playful, healthy, with a sense of humor and loyal. However, it doesn’t always turn out that way, as it’s not uncommon that irresponsible breeders only care about the money they get from selling Puggles. Unfortunately, some Puggles can turn out to be stubborn, uncooperative and not that loving, toward you or other beings, cats included.

So, to answer the original question – it all depends on the temperament and personality of the Puggle! Let’s take a closer look.

Puggle Temperament And Personality

It’s impossible to describe the personality and temperament of Puggles in general, as it depends on what traits it will get from each breed. Many Puggles are outgoing, friendly and caring, but that’s not always the case.

If the Beagle personality is dominant, the Puggle can bark a lot and have a high prey drive. If that’s the case, cats aren’t Puggles’ favorite companion. As mentioned, dogs with chase drive tend have a natural instinct to chase and injure smaller animals, cats included.

However, this isn’t the ultimate rule. It’s not impossible for Puggles and cats to get along, especially if they grow up together. If that’s the case, chances are big the Puggle and cat will end up getting along, and even become friends in some cases.

For tips on how to get your dog and cat to function together, check out the video below!

Why Do Some Dogs Hate Cats?

So, is it just a myth that dogs hate cats, or is there some truth in that? As we can see, some dogs actually don’t get along with cats well, while others do. But do they really hate cats?

As HNGN reports, a new study explains why some dogs actually hate cats. According to researchers from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, the University of São Paulo in Brazil and the University of Lausanne in Switzerland, dogs actually have a good reason to hate cats from a historical point of view.

The simple explanation is – cats are better than dogs! Namely, cat families have actually been much better at surviving through history than the dog family. By using 2000 ancient fossils for their research, the researchers of this study established that around 40 species from the dog family was extinct due to members of the cat family.

So, could it be that the entire problem is based on history and that the reason why some dogs don’t like dog is because they feel inferior? It’s certainly a new and interesting point of view!


Some dogs get along great with cats, while other can’t stand them. This is especially the case with dogs that have high prey drive, such as Greyhounds, Australian cattle dogs and Samoyeds.

The Puggle is interesting when it comes to this, as it’s a cross breed of Pugs and Beagles. While Pugs are usually tolerant of cats, Beagles are characterized by their high prey drive and normally don’t enjoy the company of cats that much. So, this is why it’s so difficult to tell whether Puggles will get along with cats or not. Some dogs of this breed, usually if the Pug characteristics are dominant, can function well with cats while others, with a strong prey drive, do not.

The bottom line is – there are no rules with cross breeds and you can’t be sure of what you’re getting. However, it’s usually possible for dogs and cats to get along, even with a high prey drive, under the assumption you train your dog well and that the two animals grow up together.