9 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog Entertained Indoors

Keeping your dog mentally and physically stimulated while stuck indoors is crucial. Here are practical tips on how you can keep your dog busy and happy indoors.

You are stuck in your home, and you don’t know what to do or how to keep your dog entertained? Fear not because this is not as difficult as it may sounds.

If you must stay indoors, you should know that there are many ways to keep your dog or dogs entertained, active, and happy.

Staying indoors isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it might be challenging. This is more difficult when you have a dog who still need exercise and fresh air.

Similar to humans, no? So, if you want to keep your puppy or senior dog indoors, you must know how to keep them busy.

That said, here are the top nine useful tips on how to keep your dog happy, physically healthy, and active indoors.

9. Play Hide and Seek

It’s important to keep your door active and mentally stimulated. This may sound impossible, but the truth is that a simple game such as play and seek can do wonders for your dog’s energy, entertainment, and happiness.

This is also a straightforward indoor game that doesn’t require any equipment, just free space. Make sure that you include your entire family into this adventure, especially if you want to connect your children with your dog.

8. Train Your Dog

Your dog might be all grown up and comprehend with basic commands, but the truth is that dogs – just like humans – never stop learning.

So, think about awesome dog tricks that you have always wanted to try with your dog, but you never had enough time, and do them now.

Your dog will love to spend extra time with you, to please you, and to learn something new. You can boost his motivation extra if you include some top-notch snack, or maybe some homemade dog biscuits?

Practice ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ command, test recall training, and teach your dog how to do wave through your legs. If you have a puppy, these training moments are more than necessary.

7. Teach Scent Work

Dogs were bred to help humans with some type of work.

Many of them are initially great at finding things. After all, their scent is so strong that they possess up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses.

Just for comparison, we – humans have only six million olfactory receptors in noses. Further, the capability to analyze that smell is 40 times stronger than in humans. Their noses also function differently than ours.

With that on the mind, scent work is something that any dog can do. However, only those who are well-trained can be able to sniff out the smallest scents, including scenes as essential oils. Or others can as well?

So, why wouldn’t you enhance that capability and keep your dog entertained indoors? Use cotton swabs and place essential oils on it, place them in a well-hidden area, but before that let your dog sniff them, and afterward hide them well, and let your dog find them.

For more interactive sessions, you can use boxes. One box should be filled with dog treats, and other should be empty.

You can place one box on another or even flip box, so your dog must figure out how to where threats are and how to get them.

With time, you can progress to more boxes. This is a real handful and great indoor activity because your dog will actually reward himself once he finds the box with treats.

6. Make A Toy

No better time than now to recycle an old thing and turn it into a toy. While you are dusting off your closet or organizing a wardrobe, put aside an old t-shirt. This old shirt can become a new thing in your dog’s life, and he will love it.

You might be surprised just how fun an old t-shirt might be. Cut the shirt into strips and braid it, tie it, or knot it any way you would like.

If your dog shows zero interest in his new toy, tick him by placing a few treats inside and let the fun begin.

5. Stuff a Kong

You can never go wrong with Kong. Kong-alike toys might help as well. It’s just important to have a similar-shaped toy lying around. Kong is excellent because of its structure and durability.

Still, if you don’t have Kong find something similar that will last, that’s safe for your dog, and won’t break easily.

Once your have your Kong stuff it with various treats and make it difficult for you to get them out, by placing smaller treats on the bottom and using bigger ones to block the smaller one from getting out. This will keep your dog busy for hours, especially if he suffers from anxiety.

4. Jump Into Agility

Dogs love being active. Actually, they are happiest when they have something to work. After all, they were bred to assist people in most demanding tasks and in most extreme areas, and temperatures, on Planet.

Agility is always a great way to let your dog spare a few hours. But how to provide agility classes when you are indoors? Just like outdoors, for indoor agility, you need obstacles. The most common barriers include jumps, tunnels, and A-frame, seesaw, and weave poles.

The great thing about these obstacles is that you can set them for smaller dogs such as Pomeranian up to large dog breeds, such as Saint Bernard, if you have a space large enough, of course.

Just make sure that you set obstacles based on your dog’s discipline, physical need and activity level, willingness to participate and physical capabilities.

For some, an empty bottle is enough to have fun.

3. Teach Your Dog to Help With Chores

As mentioned earlier, dogs love being busy. They just like it when they have work to do.

Giving them a task will make them so happy, even if it’s only fetching your slippers.

You can use your home time to teach your dog how to help around the house. This way, you have an extra buddy helping you wth the moat boring home chores. Everything is more enjoyable when you have a dog around to help you.

Next to this, you can teach your dog how to put toys away. It’s still working! Once the playing session is over, you can show your dog how to place his toys into the doggy-toys basket and keep the area tight and clean. You can use ‘drop it’ command.

2. Master The Art of Doggie Massage

This may sound unusual, but the truth us that dogs love massages. You know how, when you do something, your dog insists on getting back rubs? That’s the same thing.

Learning how to give a dog massage can be beneficial both for you and your dog because it can boost your connection. Also, next to grooming and brushing, touching your dog’s skin may be a great way to notice any changes in the dog’s skin.

A great thing about massage is that it helps relax and soother any dog. This physical practice is even better for dogs who suffer from arthritis because it can help soother achy and sore joints.

1. Groom Your Dog

Grooming may not be your favorite activity, but your dog will it. If it were up to dogs to organize their entire day, it would go as follows: food – play – food – petting – water – petting – food – petting and so on.

They love long petting and grooming sessions a lot.

Grooming is something that should be done from time and includes cleaning a dog’s ears, checking the dog’s eyes, brushing or cleaning teeth, and checking skin for fleas.

Further, brushing is something that should be done at least twice a week and may vary from breed to breed.

So, once you start providing more and more brushing sessions, your dog will love you more and more. Use time indoors to enhance your grooming skills.

The Bottom Line

Being indoors doesn’t have to be dull if you organize. Play some fun games, think ahead, and see what your dog needs.

Your dog will love that you are home 24/7, and if you provide some new games and extra cuddling… well, his joy would be hard to describe, as you may guess.

Keep your dog busy and entertained by bringing new games, extra treats for good behavior, and have an extra petting session.

All in, your dog will be happy as long as he is next to you. Use that indoors time wisely.