10 Basic Commands Every Dog Must Know

Dog training may come as hard, especially for new dog owners. From variety of commands, we picked 10 basic dog commands that every dog should learn.

basic dog commands

Teaching your new puppy how to behave is never an easy task.

There is so much information about which commands you should teach your dog, but even if you’re not into advanced training, there are some basic commands every dog should know, in order to make your and your dog’s life better and easier.

Here’s the list of 10 basic commands to teach your dog:


First and most important command is the ‘Stay’ command. Although it is not one of the attractive show-off skills, the ‘Stay’ command is the foundation for more complex training tasks, and the skill you rely on to keep your dog away from harm’s way or running into traffic.


‘Sit’ is a very important command, especially for indoor pet dogs. The ‘Sit’ command provides you with much needed control over the dog`s actions, and presents the basic skill for further training tasks based on gaining your dog’s attention.


It`s pretty obvious why the ‘Silence’ command is so important. Some dogs bark for fun, some in order to scare off the intruders, but in any case, training the dog to quit making noise when being told will make your cohabitation with the dog a pleasant life experience and will provide you with control in any situation.


Along with the ‘Stay’ command, ‘Come’ is also crucial regarding the safety of your dog as well as the safety of others. ‘Come’ and ‘Stay’ training should some as first training tasks you take upon your dog and yourself. Here’s a more in-depth article on dog recall training.


The ‘Look’ command is very basic and a very useful one as well. The word ‘Look’ is supposed to be the signal for your dog to focus its attention to you. By doing that, the ‘Look’ command is the foundation for more complex training tasks.


The ‘Drop’ training is important for multiple reasons, two of those being keeping your dog from eating something that might be harmful and preventing your dog from chewing up and destroying your things that aren’t supposed to be chewing toys.


‘Wait’ and ‘Sit’ commands come hand in hand. The ‘Wait’ command is designed to teach your dog self-control, while at the same time focusing its attention to the command that will follow. Keep in mind, though, that not all breeds are equally prone to self-discipline.

With me

A much needed skill your dog should be trained to have is being summoned with ‘With me’ command. It combines focusing your dog`s attention as well as keeping the dog closely by your side. This command is especially important when it comes to outdoor activities.

Lay down

‘Lay down’ should be the skill which follows the ‘Sit’ command that your dog has already accepted. ‘Lay down’ is super-important, for both outdoor and indoor pets, providing you with control over your dog`s actions especially around other people and small children.

Leave it

‘Leave it’ is another command that is based on focusing the dog`s attention onto yourself. The ‘Leave it’ command is designed to enable your dog with the skill to stop doing whatever it was previously doing, and re-direct the attention to what you are about to do next.

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