15 Dog Breeds That Hate Being Alone

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
We all know that dogs like company, but these 15 dog breeds really hate being left alone. If you are busy, better skip these dog breeds.

We all know that dogs like company and need a lot of attention, but these 15 dog breeds really hate being left alone.

If you are busy, better skip these dog breeds and check out our list of dog breeds that tolerate being left alone.

Check out dogs that hate being left alone:



Although they are among the favorite pet breeds due to their size and an affectionate character, Affenpischers are not the best choice when it comes to people with long working hours.

Affenpinschers hate being left alone, partially due to their huge affection towards the owner, and partially for the feeling of insecurity that may even develop into a separation anxiety so strong to cause unveiling defecation and urination while home alone.

People also love Affenpinschers because they are small and don’t shed a lot.

Border Collie


Border Collies are known for being intelligent, energetic and active dogs, so having them left alone for long hours is not the best idea. With too much energy accumulated, Border Collies may become (self-)destructive in order to spend that energy and amuse themselves.

A properly trained Border Collie is not a rule breaker and probably will not ruin your apartment, but the stress he will feel while being alone, bored with nothing to do is not something you should expose your dog to.

American Pit Bull Terrier


Being affectionate family pet dogs and exceptionally good guard dogs, American Pit Bull Terriers may become anxious if regularly deprived of human attention and left alone for a long time.

Affection combined with the urge to watch over the beloved humans makes Pit Bulls great pets, but too much time alone may turn them anxious, noisy and destructive.

Bichon Frise


The Bichon Frise is no less than a perfect companion and a lap dog. That fluffy package of love and affection for all that lives and breathes, on the other hand cannot stand being left alone for longer periods of time, and tends to develop separation anxiety issues that may even result in long term frustration issues.

Italian Greyhound


Although these beautiful and elegant small-package-Greyhounds are indeed fit to be the perfect indoor pets, you must never forget what they were originally bred to do – to run and to hunt.

They may seem fragile, but they are hugely energetic and if that energy keeps accumulating over the time that dog spends all alone, becoming destructive, noisy or even aggressive is something to expect.



Although among the most beloved pets, Chihuahuas are commonly mistreated for exactly the reasons of love and affection. Often perceived more as toys than as dogs, Chihuahuas are brought to the point of being incapable of standing the idea of being deprived of human attention and presence.

Leaving the dog that has already developed such a strong dependence to the human presence all alone, may cause anxiety, unwilling stress-triggered defecation and urination or even anxiety-triggered aggression.

Chinese Crested


The Chinese Crested is among the most psychologically sensitive as well as the highest maintenance-needed when it comes to keeping–it-healthy breeds.

The Chinese Crested is by all means a dog that would rather stay at home and cuddle than go mountain hiking, but staying at home alone for a long time while you are absent is not the best option for this breed.



As well as the Chihuahua, the Maltese are often considered to be living toys rather than the real dogs with actual dogs` needs.

Experience of being left alone for the Maltese that is used to spending all of it`s time in the spotlight of your attention may be overwhelming to the level of developing jealousy and aggression issues.

Yorkshire Terrier


Yorkies may be the nature`s best disguised wild animals! Although they are undisputedly super cute, cuddly and fit-to-a-purse size, they are first and foremost terriers, which means that despite the cuteness overload, Yorkshire Terrier is more than just touched with hunters` instinct and huge energy.

If left alone and bored, a Yorkie may easily turn your flat into his digging and hunting ground.

French Bulldog


Although French Bulldogs aren`t too fond of the outdoor activities and exercises, they absolutely hate being alone.

Frenchies are complete human company addicts, and too much time on their own causes them to become anxious and unstable, showing signs of jealousy towards anybody who interacts with you in order to assure your attention and affection for themselves. Even they are considered as the healthiest bulldogs, you should be aware of their health issues.

Fox Terrier


Fox Terriers can be the greatest pets as long as you keep in mind their terrierish background. Eager to learn, energetic, intelligent, but not much of a people pleaser, Foxy likes to learn in order to have fun and please his ever-awake intellect while having a good time by your side.

But, those often left home alone may channel the feeling of being deprived of your attention into very creative house wrecking parties.

English Cocker Spaniel


English Cocker Spaniel is yet another breed designed to help in the process of a hunt that made its way to the top of the favorite pets list.

Cockers are indeed great loving and loyal family pets, yet too much time spending on their own causes them to channel the accumulated energy into an agenda of their own, often including wrecking the house and barking for hours.



These short-legged cartoon-like dogs` character is commonly misinterpreted due to that charming and funny appearance. Dachshunds are originally bred for hunting, and they were indeed good at what they did. They are still being used in certain forms of hunting, therefore their hunter`s instinct is very far from gone.

These strong, instinctive dogs with a huge need of exercise are often mistaken for couch potatoes that they indeed may become after the energy they produce is channeled through the exercise. If not – prepare yourself to see your flat become a digging and chewing playground.



The Pomeranian Spitz also known as the Pom dog is one of the favorite pet dog breeds due to the attractive appearance, small size and loving character. The Pomeranian is the descendant of big sled dog breeds and although their power is very limited, Pomeranians have very little idea of how small they are.

The happiest when half of the day is spent in your lap with the other half of playing and exercising, if left alone, bored, with nothing to focus on, the Pomeranian may easily become a tiny squealing flat-wrecking machine. Pomeranians are also on our “15 Dog Breeds That Have The Cutest Puppies” list.



Although it depends on the particular dog`s character preferences, many poodles have trouble handling separation anxiety. Affectionate and energetic as they are, they hate being left alone, and although they are less prone to house-wrecking, many will spend their time alone squealing.

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