How Much Do Pugs Cost – Price Range

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
Pugs are amazing dogs, but how much you should expect to spend to get a first-class puppy? Check this article for the full price range of adorable Pug.

When it comes to welcoming a dog into your life, there are many factors that you have to consider.

Getting a dog is a big decisions and should never be taken lightly.

Before you get a dog, do your research and know what breed is for you.

Not only that this will help you to get your dog faster, but you will get to understand the dog’s needed better.

Experienced dog owners will tell you that you need to think about the breed’s size, exercise requirements, temperament, shedding amount, and grooming requirements.

We would add that future dog owners need to think about the price of a dog and related costs.

After all, getting a dog is a years-long commitment.

You don’t have to be an experienced dog owner no know that purebred dogs are much more expensive than mixed ones.

When you compare mixed-lineage with purebred puppies, purebred puppies tend to be a bit pricey, and this is something to bear in mind when getting a puppy.

If you have been considering a popular Pug as your next furry buddy, how much can you expect to pay?

How much does a Pug cost? For a well-bred Pug, from a responsible and reputable breeder, you can expect to pay between $1,500 and $2,500.

Now, you may wonder why the price is formed in-between range, why the price isn’t strictly defined… Well, many factors will always affect the price.

Knowing these factors can help you prepare better and find the best breeder.

Pug price will differ forms state to state, but we will elaborate on why is that further in the article.

Just to get the broader picture of different Pug prices here are some of the actual prices.

  • Washington $2,500
  • Florida $2,500 – $2,800
  • Texas $1,500 – $2,000

Factors That Will Affect The Price

Pug is a small size breed.

As such paying for Pugs is much more affordable than buying a large size dog. Plus, they’re more compact, easier to move around, and they are true city strollers.

All in all, costs for owning a Pug may be lower compared to owning a large size dog, but ongoing veterinarian costs can be equal to having a larger breed, but we will discuss Pug’s health later on.

Pugs are compact, huge people-lovers, and easy-going dogs, who are continually in higher demand.

If the dog is in higher demand it usually means that the price will be higher as well.

Now, you may ask why are prices listed above are different? Well, as mentioned above there are factors there will always affect the price.

These factors are many, and we will list them below so you can prepare better for your Pug purchase.

1. The Breeder’s Reputation And Experience

When it comes to finding a healthy dog, you need to think about breeders.

No matter what people might tell you and how low the price might be, you should avoid puppy mills. The initial price may be lower, but you will pay more in the long run.

Responsible dog breeders will always show you the medical records on the puppy and be honest about the dog’s personality and temperament.

To find a reputable Pug breeder you will have to do some research, ask around, and check online reviews.

Why you should aim to find responsible Pug breeders? These breeders will be strict when it comes to the breed standard.

In other words, responsible Pug breeders will only have healthy, high-quality puppies. Those who always have high-quality puppies are responsible and are easy to be found actually – their reputation will precede them.

On the other hand, new breeders are more likely to have lower prices, due to competition.

2. Color

When it comes to Pug price, you should know that color plays a huge role. Every responsible breeder will follow the breed’s standards. In this case, every responsible breeder will make sure that every puppy looks as standards say.

When it comes to Pugs, the American Kennel Club’s standard says that show Pugs should only come in two colors: fawn or black.

What is fawn? Fawn stands for a multitude of shades and variations, ranging from light cream to deep apricot.

Colors such as white, chocolate, and white are getting more and more popular with each passing day, and they even are more expensive.

As a general rule, the rarer the color of the puppy is, the more expensive the puppy will be.

3. Pedigree Of Puppy

It is no secret that puppies with pedigree are more expensive.

If the desired Pug has parents, grandparents, and beyond with many champion titles the price will be higher.

This means that show-quality puppies always have a higher price tag than pet-quality puppies.

How much can you expect to pay for a show-quality Pug? For a show-quality Pug, you can pay up to $4,000.

4. Age

When it comes to buying a puppy, age always plays a huge role. Younger the puppy, the higher the price.

As a general rule, puppies are sold by the time they turn three months. This is the period when the price of the puppies is the highest.

If a puppy isn’t sold in the first three months of life the price is often reduced.

Some breeders will sell dogs that they have retired from the breeding program.

These dogs are usually older and in good shape, if they come from a responsible dog breeder.

Adopting a senior dog is usually less expensive and in some cases, an even more humane thing to do.

5. Infrequent Breeding

Responsible dog breeders will only breed dogs occasionally. Any forced breeding or too frequent puppy availability should be a sign that you are dealing with a puppy mill.

Best Pug breeders will only breed their dogs when they want to produce new offspring.

Puppies that are not labeled as ‘show quality puppies’ will always be offered for sale as pets.

Since these breeders aren’t focused on producing as many puppies as possible for the profit, availability is low, while the quality is high. Therefore, the price tag is also high.

Now, let’s see how to recognize a high-quality breeder.

What To Look For In A High-Quality Pug Breeder

Responsible breeders are commonly described as high-quality breeders who will always put a dog’s well-being first.

These professionals are doing their best to follow the AKC’s standards and criteria. On top of that, they really care about puppies and put their best interest before the profit.

Not sure if your breeder is a responsible one?

Here is what you need to look for in a high-quality Pug breeder whom you can actually trust:

  • They will show you medical records on the puppies
  • All dogs are well cared for
  • They are not afraid to show you the facilities
  • Puppies are usually accommodated inside the breeder’s home
  • Facilities are super-clean, odor-free and packed with dog accessories
  • A contract with your responsibilities is required
  • They will ask you a lot of questions to see if you are a good fit
  • They will provide information on how to care of puppy properly
  • They are members of different breed clubs
  • They often participate in breed events
  • Early socialization is already on

What Are The Red Flags?

Knowing how to recognize a responsible dog breeder is important as much as it is important to recognize a poor breeding practice.

If you notice any of the listed symptoms below, you might be facing a breeder of poor breeding ethics. This is your sign to look elsewhere.

  • Refusing or avoiding to show you the facilities
  • A large number of dogs kept on the premises
  • Dogs that are unfriendly, fearful, and unhealthy
  • No paperwork
  • No medical records
  • No genetic tests
  • Refusing to share medical test results with you

If you have any doubt about your breeder, it is your sign to walk away.

Responsible breeders will always do their best to show you how well-taken care of their Pugs are.

This gives them space to ask you a lot of questions, and see if you are the right fit for their dogs. They will not run to hand you ever the puppy in the first five minutes.

No, they really care about their puppies and want to make sure that you are the right fit.

Can I Adopt A Rescued Pug?

Of course! Adoption is such a humane thing to do. Not only that you get to offer a dog a forever home, but you also get to save a life.

Check your local shelter if you are thinking about adoption. You will be surprised to learn just how many purebred dogs are there, next to lovely mixed breeds.

When you adopt a dog you will need to invest extra of your time and energy in helping the dog enter the society once again.

Adopted dogs usually have strong separation anxiety and they may need a longer adjustment period.

You can also expect adoption fees to be lower compared to buying. The fee is usually between $150 and $400, and although this fee may sound like a lot, it doesn’t cover the costs of an average rescue.

Now, let’s discuss the costs that you will have once you get your Pug home.

Pug Price: One-Time Costs

Pugs are among the most popular dog breeds alive. In other words, getting this breed will be costly.

If you want to cut your expenses initially think about adoption. However, think about the adoption period and if you can handle that kind of commitment.

Dog experts will usually advise people who have experience with adoption to actually adopt.

If you decide to deal with a breeder, make sure that you find the right one and be ready to invest a significant amount. After all, Pugs are popular and can reach high prices.

Pug Price: Initial Setup and Supplies

Once you get a dog you will have to keep on investing.

Providing the very best for your dog is possible only if you have enough to invest in high-quality food, proper grooming, and medical expenses.

Before you bring your Puig home you should have all dog accessories ready and set. This means that the dog’s bed is ready, that training toys are well-prepared, and that your home is puppy-proof.

Here is how much you can expect to spend on specific items and services:

  • Microchip $40
  • Bed $50 – $250
  • Nail clipper $10
  • Brush $10
  • Leash $10
  • Poop bags
  • Food and Water Bowls $20

How Much Does a Pug Cost Per Month?

Once you welcome the popular Pug into your home, you should be ready to plan your finances.

You will have weekly, monthly, and yearly dog-related expenses. Plus, there is always an unplanned situation so it will be smart to have emergency money.

Another option that will keep your mind at ease at night, is to invest in pet insurance. This is especially handy if a large emergency kicks in.

You need to think about food expenses and treats. To save some money buy food in bulk, and mix dry dog food with human foods that are safe for dogs.

This is a great way to enhance a dog’s food a bit and bring in that extra flavor.

If you are into cooking and food storage, you can think about freezing dog food.

Pug Health Care Costs

When it comes to grooming and food Pugs are not considered to be expensive dogs. However, when it comes to health costs are high.

Pugs are known for having many issues including allergies, skin issues, breathing difficulties, and many eye problems.

Your best chance to fight off these and many other issues is to provide regular veterinarian care.

Prevention is the key when it comes to having a healthy and strong dog.

The Bottom Line

If you are serious about getting a Pug, you should know that owning this breed will cost you.

Not only that you should count on investing around $2,000 as the initial cost, but you should have a budget ready for food, grooming, and health.

Think also about neutering/spaying and what are the benefits of getting a pet insurance plan. The monthly cost of owning a Pug will usually be between $40 and $100 unless an unplanned moment occurs. I

n that case, it can be handy to have a Pug-only budget.

Be 101% sure that you can afford to own this breed. After all, you don’t want to miss any moment with your Puf because you are worrying about finances.