Can You Freeze Dog Food – Is It Ok To Freeze

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
How safe is it to freeze dog food? Is it safe to serve it to your Fido? Read on and discover how to store dog food properly.

Dog owners know how stressful it is when they run out of dog food.

It may happen due to several reasons: the holiday season, lack of time, too long walk that led to closed pet stores, and so on and so on… Responsible dog owners knows that this lack of food may happen occasionally, and should never be an everyday occurrence.

To avoid similar situations people should be 100% sure that they can afford to own a dog.

Getting a dog is the easiest thing in the world, but caring about living being as you should is a completely different level of responsibility and investment.

Proper nutrition is what keeps dogs healthy, strong, and happy. Just feeding your dog any food, anytime, isn’t enough.

To provide your dog with the best nutrition, you should know:

  • When to feed your dog
  • How much food to serve to your dog
  • How to read pet food labels
  • What a bloat is
  • Which human foods are safe for your Fido, and which should be out of reach

When it comes to creating the best dog food routine, approaches are different.

Small size dogs eat less, and dog owners choose to buy food for them in smaller bulk so they don’t run out of food. But… When your dog is a large size dog such as a Great Dane who eats frequently and a large amount of food, can you bulk enough food?

Well, in most cases this will depend on your living space and if you have enough space to store food anyway.

This is why many dog owners choose to test new storage ideas and do their best to not run out of food. This is why many dog owners want to know – can you freeze dog food?

Freezing Dog Food – Can You Freeze It?

Simply answer is, yes. You can freeze dog food to make it last longer as long as you store it the right way.

Food should be placed in an airtight container or freezer bag.

It’s always useful to put a label on the container before you place it in the fridge – this will keep the storage place much better organized.

Just knowing that you can freeze the dog food isn’t enough to store it. There are other factors to consider before you place the food in the freezer.

Keep on reading to get the right tips on how to store dog food in a safe and organized matter.

Let’s see if you should freeze moist dog food and if you should freeze dog treats, such as dog biscuits.

Can You Freeze Dry Dog Food

The short answer is, yes. Dry dog food is not only great to feed your dog on daily basis but it’s also great to store in your freezer.

Once you freeze dry dog food you can keep it fresh for longer. Once you store it properly in an airtight container, the dog dry food may remain fresh for a long period, of six to nine months.

How to serve it to your dog? All you have to do to serve it to your Fido is to take it out in small portion and defrost it, and voila! It’s ready to be served.

For extra flavor, you can also mix it with a tablespoon of olive oil or freshly cooked carrots.

If you are still not sure if you can freeze dog kibble or not, be rest assured that you can. Any dog food can be frozen, from dry, over the wet, to raw dog food.

Freezing them in the best way possible will keep dog food fresh and safe to consume after a while.

For how long can you freeze dog kibble? You can keep it frozen and stored for months. Just make sure that you serve it within six to nine months.

What Is The Best Way To Store Dry Dog Food?

The most efficient way to store dry dog food is to store it in an airtight container in temperate conditions. This way you will keep the pests, mold, and lengthens away.

Many decide to store dog food in food bins and jars, or just to keep them in their original packaging.

If the original bag comes switch a ziplock you shouldn’t waste your time on additional re-packaging and packaging.

If your home is a multi-dog place, storage bins should do the work. Are you a small size dog owner? If so, airtight jars should be enough to store the food and keep it fresh for long period.

All in all, dog dry food should be kept in an area of optimal temperature, where it’s not too cold or too hot.

Any area that can easily become infected with bacteria, moisture, or pests shouldn’t be used as storage space.

Can You Freeze Wet Dog Food

Yes, you can freeze wet dog food.

Wet food will do well in the freezer for a longer time as long as it is set to the right temperature.

Once you open the can of wet dog food you can store it in the fridge until the next meal.

Just make sure that the fridge temperature is between 40-45°F.

For how long can you keep a can open and serve a meal? You can serve it open for a maximum of 5-7 days.

If you keep it after that period, make sure that you place it in the garbage.

Make sure that you close it well before you toss it away because you don’t want any other animal to get it out and eventually get ill.

Can You Freeze Canned Dog Food

Simply said, yes. Once you store it can last for a long time.

You can freeze canned food by storing it in conventional freezing – just like with human food.

Just make sure that you don’t keep it frozen for too long and once you freeze it entirely make sure that you use it.

Of course, if you notice any stomach disturbances in your dog and extended grass-eating monitor him closely and contact your veterinarian if needed.

How Do You Store Leftover Canned Dog Food?

Canned dog food is a great choice when it comes to dog feeding.

It’s simple to serve, great to store, and very budget-friendly. This type of food is especially practical when you have puppies.

Puppies eat a lot and in more than one serving. As they are growing, puppies need more food than adult dogs do, and keeping them provided is something that requires planning, time investment, and some food tips.

Since puppies eat more than once, you cannot force them to eat an entire can in one meal, so leftover canned dog food is a very often scenario in homes with puppies, or with homes with very picked dogs when it comes to food.

This is why knowing how to store canned dog food is a must. Not that it will save you money, but it will keep your dog healthy.

Opened cans of dog food should be airtightly covered and left in the fridge.

In that manner, they may remain in the fridge for three to five days. To prevent food from altering its taste, store opened cans of dog food in a sealable container, and serve them for a timeframe of three to five days.

If you know for sure that you won’t use opened can for a period of three to five days, freeze it in portions.

Once you decide to serve it to Fido, take it out the night before and serve it in the morning. If it is too warm, do not leave it all day in the fridge.

If you have a large size dog, serve the frozen food when planned, just balance it well. You can also mix it with dry food to spice up the flavor a bit.

Now, that we understand a lot when it comes to freezing dry and wet food, where do bones come… Can you freeze dog bones?

Do dog owners choose to freeze bones and if the answer is yes, how do they prepare them for the process?

First of all, learn as much as possible about feeding your dog with bones, both cooked and raw to understand why experienced dog owners avoid feeding dogs with them.

The biggest issue with bones is that they can put your dog under a lot of stress as they can split and cause internal injury that may lead to many complications.

If your Fido loves that bone-like structure stick to bones that you can shop in the store.

These bones are carefully processed for dogs to be chewed, eaten, and easily digested.

Bones that are prepared in such a manner are a great treat to serve to your dog if he suffers from separation anxiety, as they can keep dogs entertained for hours.

Still, we have to answer the question – Can you freeze dog bones? You can easily freeze them like any other human food.

Make sure that you put it out before you serve at least one day.

Before you decide to still freeze them and test your luck with them, know that dogs can easily crack their teeth on them, and some may even have bacteria on them which can lead from mild to severe infection.

Can You Freeze Dog Treats

If you want to go the extra mile and save as much food as possible by freezing it, you can freeze some of the dog’s treats.

This is done more frequently than you believe especially in homes where dogs suffer from separation anxiety, as mentioned earlier.

For example, you can stuff the Kong chew toy with delicious frozen treats and let your dog get them out.

Just be careful – use this toy and treats in moderation. Extra treats can easily lead to extra weight.

Obesity in pets is on the rise across the States and you don’t want your dog to be part of this negative trans.

It is well-known that extra weight can lead to countless health-related issues and many joint issues.

Freezing treats is a no-brainer. Place them in a bag, lock them properly and place them in the refrigerator.

Inside they can start fresh for up to six months. As a general rule, as long as they stay frozen they will remain fresh.

If you notice anything unusual don’t ignore it, if you notice any color change or similar, toss them away.

Making fresh homemade dog treats is much easier than you might believe it is, especially during the summertime.

If you love spending hours making fresh dog biscuits you should know that you should just store them properly to keep them fresh as long as possible.

Can you freeze dog biscuits? Biscuits are treats, and like any other type of treat, they can be frozen and stored easily.

If it happens that your homemade biscuits are baked in enormous amounts, you can place extra in a bag and freeze them.

They will remain fresh for months, and all you have to do to serve them is to take them out of the freezer night before and your Fido will enjoy a fresh biscuit the following morning.

Quick summer treat:You don’t have to make biscuits to keep them in the freezer. All you need is water and fresh cucumber to make delicious summer treats. Blend water and fresh cucumber and place it ice tray and freeze overnight. Serve to your Fido one to two pieces per day, as a summer refreshment, not a full meal.

The Bottom Line

Freezing dog food is a great way to store extra food, and overall deal better with dogs’ feeding needs.

All that you can store, you should store, by simply freezing it. Are you into making homemade dog treats, but you don’t know what to do with extra pieces? Just freeze the rest and store it safely for months.

The best thing about freezing dog food, both dry and wet, is that it can last for months.

All you have to do is to get it out of the fridge one night before and all frozen food will be more than great to bite the following day.