How Much Do Rottweilers Cost – Price Range

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
Rottweilers are great dogs, but how much you should expect to spend to get a first-class puppy? Discover in this article the full price range of this breed.

How much is a Rottweiler puppy? Rottweiler owners would probably say that no price is too high when it comes to owning a Rottweiler.

This famous German breed is known for its fearless appearance, strong posture, amazing physical stamina, and extremely high levels of loyalty.

Among families and breeders, Rottweilers are often the top choice.

They are not only great family dogs, but they are also excellent working dogs, which is why they are often busy guarding.

If you want a breed that will both keep you safe and provide cuddles this is the breed to consider having.

At the moment, Rottweilers are also one of the most expensive dogs not only to get but also to maintain.

Let’s be honest, getting a dog is easy but providing the best care possible in years to come is a serious and years-long commitment.

How much is a Rottweiler? Currently, Rottweiler’s price range is between $600-$1,500 while puppies with a ‘Champion’ bloodline can cost from $2,000 to $4,000.

Many factors will directly influence the price of the puppies – some may surprise you and while some are more than reasonable.

Let’s break down why Rottweilers cost as much as they do, and if this breed is for you and your home.

How Much Is A Rottweiler?

If you are serious about getting a Rottweiler, you should know that it will cost you.

As the very first step, you need to think about investing in a great puppy, and later on care.

To get yourself a powerful Rottweiler you will invest between $800 and $4,000.

How much are Rottweiler puppies? The average price of a Rottweiler puppy is around $1,450 (this is the case if the puppy isn’t from the ‘Champion’ bloodline).

Do large-size dogs cost more? As a general rule, yes.

Large-size dogs tend to be more expensive opposite to smaller-size dogs, but that will vary on the breed.

You may get a toy breed that will be twice more expensive as a Great Dane puppy.

All in all, the fee for a large Rottweiler is similar to other large purebred dogs such as the Cane Corse and Doberman.

Can you find them at your local animal shelter or any other? Yes.

Although this option is cheaper, it’s something that only highly experienced owners of the breed should step into.

Adopting a dog is such a humane thing to do, but abandoned animals often have trust issues, strong separation anxiety, and a hard time adjusting, which is why this decision should never be taken lightly.

You don’t want to realize after a few days that adopting a dog is too much work.

On the other hand, if you have experience with both large-size dogs and living with adopted dogs, do ahead – you will save a dog’s life.

To understand better what you can expect in terms of a price from this breed, let’s present a brief history of the breed.

Price By State

Did you know that globally Rottweiler is the most popular breed in France?

Some corners of the world prefer certain breeds due to many traits. This is why you can expect Rottweilers to be more popular in one state than in the other.

As for the States, Rottweilers are the most popular dog breed in Detroit.

Price will always be affected by the popularity of the breed within a state. The number of breeders in a specific area will also affect the price.

If there is a high demand for Rottweiler puppies it’s normal to expect breeders to charge more.

On the other hand, if the demand is little or almost non-existing, but there are a lot of breeders in the area, you can expect the price to be lower.

Below you will find comparison to Rottweiler price based on the state:

  • Texas $750 – $3,000
  • Virginia $800 – $1,000
  • California $1,750 – $2,500

Bear in mind that in some states, such as California and North Carolina prices on dogs are higher than those in Texas.

This price difference can go up to $1,000.

Commonly, if your Rottweiler puppy has to be shipped from another state it can (and usually will) increase the price by $120 to $300.

In a similar area, you can expect breeders to charge similarly, so the key here is to find a responsible dog breeder.

Always do your best to find the best Rottweiler breeders with rich experience and expertise.

Once you decide that you want a dog, and you decide on a powerful Rottweiler, you should do your best to find not only a reputable but also a responsible dog breeder.

Responsible dog breeders are easy to spot, as they will be highly professional and caring for their puppies.

They will not only show you medical documentation on the puppy but they will also show you the facilities, let you meet the bitch, ask you a lot of questions, and provide straightforward inputs on proper care.

Breeders who truly care about their puppies, aren’t fast to hand you the puppy over in the first two minutes.

They will ask you a lot of questions to make sure that you are the best fit possible for their puppy. Otherwise, they will usually refuse to sell you the dog.

Some breeders will go to such an extent that they will tell you to in case of hardship you return the dog to them.

Color Will Always Affect The Price

It’s common for Rottweilers to have a dark coat. Coat color is a factor that will always affect puppy price.

For example, no matter how rare red-coated Rottweilers might be they are not recognized as a breed standard.

In fact, red-coated Rotties are the result of inbreeding.

What about Rottie with the blue coat? Blue coats are caused by a genetic mutation. This mutation causes a dilution in the black coat that eventually leads to blue color.

These puppies are extremely rare and their price may be around $1,000.

Luckily, the coat color has nothing to do with how great protectors these dogs are or not.

Commonly, you will see Rotties of the black coat being part of American families.

Quick List Of Factors That Will Always Affect The Price

  • Purebred dogs are always more expensive than mixed
  • Female dogs are usually more expensive
  • If a puppy is registered the price will be higher
  • Puppies that went through a full veterinarian check-up, who are dewormed or vaccinated are more expensive
  • If you want a trained puppy, it will cost more
  • Buyer’s and breeder’s location matter
  • Younger the dog, the higher the price
  • Coat color and markings will always affect the price

Initial Rottweiler Supplies

Once you get your Rottie, it doesn’t mean that your expenses are done as well.

No, expenses will start building up once you get your Rottie (or any dog breed in fact).

The initial cost of getting a dog is nothing compared to how much you have to invest to keep your Rottie healthy, strong, and well-maintained.

This is why it’s always advised that you do the math and make sure that you can afford to own a dog, especially a larger size dog that eats more and comes with higher veterinarian costs.

Once you get your Rottie, you should expect to invest anywhere from $250 and $500 on supplies.

Here is how much you can expect to spend on specific items and services:

Before your Rottie arrives you should have prepared toys and treats.

If you want to get out the maximum of your Rottie, learn about the best foods for Rottwailers, and always thrive to serve high-quality food.

Not sure how to choose the best food for your Rottie? Compare the best food available on the market and then make the final decision.

Think also about vaccination, tick and flea prevention, and regular veterinarian check-ups.

If you want to avoid common Rottweiler health issues next to great nutrition, regular exercise, and proper grooming you should provide regular veterinarian check-ups.

Prevention is the key when it comes to having a strong and healthy dog.

Here is a short overview of one-time costs that you have to go through once you get a Rottweiler:

  • Adoption fee if you are adopting
  • Breeder’s price of the dog if you are buying a dog
  • Initial home setup
  • Initial supplies

Next to initial and one-time costs, you need to think about monthly costs that are fixed, like food and professional grooming (if you opt for that service).

Rottweiler Food Costs

Rottweilers are big dogs. As it goes naturally, larger dogs need more food.

For example, feeding a Pomeranian and a Rottweiler isn’t the same.

After all, Pomeranians are much smaller compared to powerful Rottweilers.

Since adults Rotties, purebred ones, are usually between 75 and 130 pounds, which means that they in general need over 5.5 cups of food a day.

You don’t want to feed your Rottie any food, but food specially designed for them or at least food of high quality.

All in all, investing in great food will take out a decent amount of money right from your wallet.

Add to that a few treats to spoil your Rottie a bit from time to time, and there you have it – a significant monthly amount of food.

Rottweiler Grooming Costs

Do you enjoy the grooming session? Is this something that excites you, or do you see it as a time waste?

Before you answer know that dog ownership comes with certain responsibilities that no one should avoid… at least not completely.

For example, brushing is a big part of dogs’ grooming practice. Not only that regular brushing keeps a dog’s coat clean, shiny, and healthy, but it also helps you bond with your dog.

Plus, it gives you the perfect opportunity to check your dog’s skin for fleas and any sign of skin infection.

Even if you don’t like grooming sessions, you will love grooming your Rottweilers, because these dogs are kind of wash-and-go dogs, and brushing them is short and easy.

Rottweilers do not need long grooming sessions, because they have a very short coats. Still, brushing them weekly is a must.

The rest is basic care:

  • Trim or grind nails monthly
  • Clean ears when needed
  • Check gums weekly
  • Clean teeth if your vet recommends it
  • Bathe only when needed

Make sure that you serve treats that are great for dog’s teeth and when you have to use a shampoo or a toothbrush, make sure that you use strictly dog-friendly products.

Rottweiler Medication Costs

As mentioned earlier, prevention is the key when it comes to having a healthy and strong dog.

Not only that you should provide regular veterinarian check-ups, but also follow through if some treatment is needed.

As for monthly medication expenses, you should plan a monthly flea and tick prevention education.

For a Rottweiler, you can expect to spend monthly around $15 a month.

If you want to try chemical-free products think about homemade flea products, but this is something that you should discuss with your veterinarian.

Whenever you are in doubt about anything health-related about your dog you should always talk with your veterinarian first.

Rottweiler Pet Insurance Costs

Before you get a dog you should know that unplanned things will happen.

A rough play in the dog park, a fast run inside the home, tricky stairs… Any factor can lead to a disturbance in a dog’s health which will always result in sure veterinarian visit.

Larger the dog, the higher the vet’s bills? Sadly, that is the case.

Medications are usually given to dogs based on their weight, and more pounds will require bigger doses, which will result in higher expenses.

Unexpected medical expenses can be overwhelming for any budget, which is why it’s helpful to have pet insurance. This insurance will help you keep your dog well-protected and your budget safe.

If you ensure your dog as early as possible you will probably have the best insurance offer as well.

As a general rule, some basic pet insurance coverage may cost you monthly about $25.

If you want to ensure a senior dog, the rates are usually higher, going up to $100 monthly.

Additional Costs To Think About

Owning a dog means that you have to upgrade your organizational skills.

In practice, this means that you need to plan your every trip and see where your Rott fits in when it comes to car rides and airline fees.

That being said, additional costs may include:

  • Dog sitting fees
  • Dog walking fees
  • Pet deposits
  • Airline fees

Additional costs will always be related to certain situations. It helps if you have family members who are also dog lovers who know their way around large dogs, especially Rottweilers.

Never leave your Rottweiler with someone who cannot physically handle walking this breed, and who has no experience with dog sitting in general.

Being cautious is how you can keep everyone around your Rottweiler safe.

Can You Own A Rottweiler On A Budget?

When it comes to your budget and owning a dog you should always be honest.

Understandably, not everyone has a ton of money to keep and breed, to spoil their puppies, but it’s crucial to acknowledge that if you cannot afford a dog yet, it’s far better to wait for some better times.

In the meantime, you can learn about things that you can implement to keep costs low.

Check these tips to learn how to handle your budget once you get a Rottweiler:

  • Buy food in bulk
  • Start with basic pet insurance package
  • Do grooming on your own
  • Ask friends and family members who have experience with large dogs to do dog sitting

Rottweiler Mix Price

Now that you know how much owning a Rottweiler might cost you, let’s see what Rott mixes.

So far it’s obvious that purebred dogs are more expensive than mixes are.

Rottweiler mixes are also great dogs, and they often have traits of the Rottweilers that many love.

Rottweiler mixes are usually great dogs and they are fairly cheaper compared to purebred Rottweilers.

Should get a Rottweiler mix? As long as you find a responsible breeder who can prove that puppies are healthy there are no reasons why you shouldn’t get mixed breed in general.

The most common Rottweiler mixes are:

Now that we know how much is a Rottweiler puppy, and the overall Rottweiler price, let’s learn about the breed’s history and the difference between American Rottweiler and German Rottweiler.

Rottweiler History

Rottweilers were originally used to herd cattle.

Their popularity was at its peak during the 19th century when the need for guarding livestock in Germany was an everyday need.

Like it was the case with the majority of dog breeds in the 19th century, Rottweilers almost went extinct.

The main reason for this threat was linked to infrastructure. In the mid-19th century, railroads begin appearing and the need for these powerful dogs was put to its minimum.

Luckily lovers and fanciers of the breed decided to keep them as family dogs and guard dogs, which lead to the preservation of the breed.

This was also the turning point for the breed, which made a huge jump from being a working dog to becoming a family guard dog.

These dogs are naturally protective and this trait is something that was preserved up to modern-day.

Today, they are not only family guard dogs with strong territorial instincts, but they are also very goofy and calm.

All in all, Rottweilers are among the most popular family dogs, and for a good reason. When trained properly they are great with children of all ages.

Make sure that your children know how to behave around dogs and what is allowed around dogs and what is forbidden.

On the other hand, dogs should know what are the house dog rules and how to move around children, especially toddlers.

No matter how great the interaction between dogs and children might be, you should always supervise them.

The popularity of the breed changed over time. At one point in 1997, Rottweilers were America’s second most popular dog breed.

At the time, getting a Rottweiler puppy for a good price would still cost you around $800. Over the decades their price increased reaching $1,500.

Over the last 25 years, the price of this breed evolved with females being more expensive than males.

Compared to males, females are smaller in size and slimmer.

Females are also more obedient which makes them easier to train and more suitable for a family. They will be equally protective as males naturally are, although they tend to be less aggressive.

At the moment, you can expect a fee for a male between $850 and $1,500 or $1,000 and $2,500 for a female.

Like with other purebred dogs you can expect the price to vary by bloodline, state, and breeder’s reputation.

Let’s elaborate on this one further on.

American vs German Rottweiler

You may hear people talking about German and American Rottweilers, which may lead to some confusion.

Do not let these two separate types trick you into believing that there are two different Rottweiler breeds.

The truth is that both American and German Rottweilers are the same breed.

There are some differences between these two appearance-vise and that is where any similarities and differences end.

Germany-type Rottweilers are called ‘block-heads’ which is due to their distinct head shape which is different from the head shape of American Rottweilers.

Plus, the German type has a more powerful body, a broader and more muscular shape, and a higher set of ears.

The tail in German Rottweiler is commonly not docked. German type is even today seen primarily as working dogs, opposite to Americans that are more of family pets.

All over Germany, you can see Rottweilers working for the police or therapy work.

That being said, seeing Rottweilers as search and rescue dogs may not be too common like seeing Saint Bernards, but they are still included.

This may surprise you, but German Rottweilers registered with the ADRK (German Rottweiler Club) are more expensive than American bloodlines registered with the American Kennel Club.

Why is this the case? This difference is related to the working pedigree and the care the puppy receives before it is sold.

ADRK comes with a firm and rock-solid standard and registering a puppy here isn’t that easy. This puppy may cost somewhere between $2,700 to $3,000.

If you are thinking about getting this type, add to this sum at least $400 for shipping start.

So far, these dogs are mostly imported to be working dogs. The main reason for this lies in the fact that American Rottweilers are already suitable family pets.

If you don’t want a puppy with a ‘Champion’ bloodline you can expect to pay for AKC registered puppy from $1,000 to $1,500.

Important: Know that puppies without papers cannot be sold as purebred.

Rottweiler Name Ideas

If you know for sure that owning a Rottweiler won’t compromise your budget, and you have experience as a dog owner, you are ready to welcome a powerful Rottweiler into your home.

Make sure that you are 100% sure that you know your way around large dog breeds.

Once you find the breeder and organize transport to your home, you will need a name.

Luckily, we have got you covered. To start, check our guide on dog names.

If you need more inspiration for finding the perfect name, check this list of the most popular Disney names for dogs.

How Much Do Rottweilers Cost – Conclusion

Getting a Rottweiler puppy is expensive, but it is worth it. Not only that you will get a perfect guarding dog, but you will have a fluffy buddy who will enjoy human company.

Owning Rottweiler is much more than having initial costs, it’s about providing the best care possible in years to come.

Owning a larger size dog will demand extra time, effort, care, money, and overall effort.

Again, the love and the joy that you will get once you get a Rottweiler is something that money can’t buy.

Before you get the first Rottweiler that crosses your path, make sure that that specific dog is for you. This means that you want a dog that is compatible with your energy, lifestyle, and your family.

The whole family should participate and make the experience of owning a dog great.

Now that you know how much owning a Rottweiler might cost you, we highly recommend that you check your face once again.

Be 100% sure that you can afford to own this breed because it’s the only way to enjoy sharing your home with this magnificent animal stress-free.

Before you go, check ten traits that make Rottweilers so great dogs:

  • They are great watchdogs
  • They are only for experienced dog owners who know how to deal with a great deal of responsibility and commitment
  • They are great family members
  • They are great playmates
  • They are goofy as puppies
  • As adults they will love to cuddle
  • They are highly protective of their territory and their people
  • They are loyal
  • They are smart and great to train
  • They are low maintenance breed
  • They are calm, confident, and assertive

Frequently Asked Questions On Rottweiler Puppy Price

1. How Much Is Rottweiler Puppy?

For a Rottweiler puppy, you can expect to invest between $800 and $4,000. Know that a puppy with a high pedigree will always cost more.

2. Why Are Rottweilers Expensive?

Rottweilers are powerful, protective, and strong dogs. They ask for strong training needs and regular exercise.

As one of the finest protection dogs in the world, it should not come as a big surprise that Rotties are so expensive.

3. Is A Rottweiler A Good Family Dog?

Yes, Rottweilers are among the best family dogs. They are not recommended for families with no dog experience, but only for experienced dog owners.

Rottweilers are loyal and tend to create a strong bond with every family member.

4. Are Rottweilers Aggressive?

Rottweilers are very protective dogs and they may take a specific stand toward strangers.

As long as they are properly trained they should not be any different than any other dog breed temperament-wise.

5. Are Rottweilers High Maintenance?

In terms of grooming, Rottweilers are low-maintenance dogs. They need weekly brushing and regular brushing to look their best.