Famous Cartoon Dogs – Listed

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
Discover who are the most famous cartoon dogs ever. Let this article take you down the memory lane and to your favorite dog character ever. Read on.

Are you a cartoon dog lover? You wouldn’t be here if it were otherwise.

Do you have a favorite cartoon dog character? Or you are just thinking about naming your new dog after a favorite dog character?

No matter what the reason might be, one is for sure – you are a dog lover. Dogs are great! They are always ready for a good run, nothing makes them happier than a nice meal and a juicy treat afterward, and a nice cuddling session is what they expect on a daily level.

Add to that sleeping curled on your feet and they are in heaven. After all, every dog wants to be part of the family.

Dogs might be adorable, but they’re also very mischievous when the occasion occurs. This means that they will chew on shoes, pee on the furniture, bark no matter the time of the day or the night, and they may even choose to passionately dig holes and redecorate your backyard.

If you watch carefully this is something that you can see in cartoon dogs, they tend to present real-life dogs perfectly.

The biggest difference between cartoon dogs and those in real life? You don’t have to clean after cartoon dogs.

Luckily, different behaviors can be ‘fixed’ through proper training and early socialization, but we will discuss that later on.

For now, let’s focus on cartoon dogs that we all love so much. Cartoon dogs are awesome!

Not only that they have great features that dogs have, but they are upgraded with a bit of human touch. They can talk, solve puzzles, walk on their hind legs, be loyal, and eat whenever an occasion arises they are ready for a nice treat.

Do you have a favorite dog cartoon? Is it Scooby, the famous detective? Or forever loved Pluto?

If you want to name your dog after a Disney character, check this complete guide on Disney dog names – it will be hard to choose just one name!

Now, let’s see who are famous cartoon dogs that people love and if your favorite dog cartoon made this list.

Famous Cartoon Dogs

Cartoon dogs are often man’s best friend, like in real life. They are there to assist their humans, help them in various situations, be heroes, and villains, solve puzzles part, and everything else in between.

You can also see them paired with cartoon cats or cartoon mice, just to make life more exciting.

Aren’t they just great together? Now, let’s see who are the most popular and favorite dog characters.


Scooby-Doo! Franchise
Breed: Great Dane

Scooby-Doo may seem like a goofy character, but at the end of the day, he gets every case solved.

Every case that the Gang takes on must be solved, and Scooby does his best to deliver.

Not only that he is loyal, and great to be around, but he is also a great nutrition-wise… All that he needs is a Scooby Snack…

No one knows what those snacks are really, but this is a great way for children to learn that snacks actually treat after a nicely done job.

Training is a big part of dog ownership, and children should know how to behave around four-legged friends.

If you’re an experienced dog owner, think about training dogs for kids – this is a great way to make the bond between dogs and kids stronger and to have everyone on the same page regarding dog duties.


Family Guy
Breed: White Labrador

Brian is very human. Among other dogs on the list, it’s okay to say that Brian is the least a dog.

This anthropomorphic dog walks as humans do (he uses his hind legs), he can talk, and he even has opposable thumbs.

Plus, Brian is the only one who can understand a baby that no one else can understand, or easily communicate with.

He is a passionate writer and has a best-selling self-help book. All in all, Brian is a very opinionated dog with a strong opinion on several things.


Breed: Beagle Dog Breed Profile And HistoryBeagle

Snoopy is probably the most popular dog cartoon character ever. Snoopy is a gentle, reliable, and official mascot of Aerospace safety.

His presence is so wide in a range that even comic book lovers remember when this character first appeared.

From comic books to TV series, Snoopy was a truly global phenomenon, and he still is.

He is highly imaginative and shows the children that anything is possible as long as you dare to dream.


Breed: Mixed-breed dog

Officially, Pluto is a mixed-breed dog, and one of the most loved Disney characters.

Pluto cannot talk, he has no superpowers but is the best of the dogs alive (in the cartoon world).

He is super friendly and one of the most polite cartoon dogs ever. His owner is a mouse that is larger than him, but that doesn’t seem to stress him much.

He simply never complains. Pluto is also present in many animated shorts.

Droopy McPoodle

Tom and Jerry and Other MGM Cartoons
Breed: Basset Hound

For most of the time, Droopy seems like an easy-going dog of child nature – this is how Basset Hounds are in general.

They love being around people, sniffing around all the time, and having calm nature.

Droopy may be polite, calm, and nice, but he will always win. He will outsmart people in time, using only his wit.

Opposite the animated dogs, Droopy seems a bit serious, but that won’t stop his intelligence impress you. In fact, his sense of humor is what makes him so impressive.

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Clifford the Big Red Dog Book Series
Breed: Vizsla

You may not be familiar with Clifford if you are part of older generations, but your children or grandchildren will definitely know about this famous red dog.

Clifford is a character from the children’s books of the same name. Did you know that the first book of this series was published back in 1963?

This giant dog is Vizsla, but a really big one. Vizslas are known to be larger size dogs, but Clifford is larger than a typical Vizsla (Clifford is eight meters tall).

This famous red dog is extremely loyal, loves people, and usually gets in trouble due to his size.


Breed: Wire-haired dachshund/terrier mix

If you are a Garfield lover, you must love Odie. Although Garfield may not be the most polite toward this yellowish dog, this dog is still amazing.

He never talks, and he prefers his business away from the public eye. What he doesn’t show, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

For example, one episode from the comic book showed this adorable dog listening to classical music and reading War and Peace.

Just another poorly educated cartoon dog? Don’t think so.


Rocko’s Modern Life
Breed: Miniature Bull Terrier

Spunky is a really goofy dog, who doesn’t love to stress about things in general.

He is easygoing and prefers to be cute, over being the smartest dog in the room. All in all, this dog is all about… Well, being a full-time dog.

This is why you will see him drooling the majority of the time and dragging his butt instead of walking on four legs. These entries may be unusual for a cartoon dog, but it doesn’t make him any less loyal.

No matter what the episode might be about, this dog is often the star of the show.

In fact, Spunky is a central role, and that is more than some dogs do. That being said, is he more of a lazy dog, or a really smart one?


Blue’s Clues
Breed: Bull TerrierBull Terrier – Full Breed Profile

You may think that Blue is a boy. After all, Blue is a very common name among dogs.

Discover here more great name ideas for dogs, because you will learn just how perfectly some names can fit your dog in no time.

Back to Blue! Yes, you may believe that Blue is a boy, but in fact, Blue is a girl! She may not be able to talk, but that doesn’t stop her from being some of the most brilliant dog detectives ever!

She is the one who gets things done when her not-so-capable owner messes up. Not only that she will do things amazingly, but she will solve the case using only three clues.

On top of that, she is that one dog who can jump through magical drawings into another dimension. How magical Blue really is?


Breed: Fictional Siberian Tiger Hound

Spike is one of the most loyal and protective cartoon dogs. He is always on the lookout, and ready to protect Tommy and the crew.

One is for sure – this dog is someone that the crew can always count on. Not only that Spike delivers when it comes to the crew’s safety, but he monitors closely Mr. and Mrs. Pickles, as well.

Officially, he is a Siberian Tiger Hound, and this is a fictional breed. If you want to explore breeds in general and compare breeds overall, use this compare tool to learn about different breeds, study various dog traits, and get the breed that can fit your lifestyle the best.


Breed: Bull Terrier/Dalmatian

Within the modern world of cartoon dogs, popular Porkchop is something like Snoopy for older generations.

He is always there to assist in the most challenging and various situations. While being of much-needed help he is always perfect support and never the one who steals the spotlight.

In fact, he is a perfect furry friend and one of the best sides kicks ever.

He is so helpful, that he is even the sidekick of Doug’s alter-egos—most notably as Quail Dog.

Santa’s Little Helper

The Simpsons
Breed: Greyhound Dog

A Greyhound is an elegant and sensitive dog who can run really fast. These qualities are best shown in the character of Santa’s Little Helper, who has a story of his own.

This racing dog was abandoned by his owner and found his forever home within the famous Simpsons family.

Still, he saw finding new owners and being treated in various ways, but no one can dispute the love this unusual family has for this dog.

Not only that but this active dog has a very special love for his Simpson family and always finds a way to return to them.

Lady And Tramp

Duo from Walt Disney Movie
Breed: Lady (American Cocker Spaniel), Tramp (Mixed breed dog)

Lady and Tramp are probably the most famous dog duo ever. Is there a person that isn’t familiar with that famous spaghetti scene?

They maybe appeared a few decades ago, but they will remain one of the best dog characters ever.

Some scenes from this movie are forever, but what people really love about this movie is the plot story of ‘rich girl meets poor boy, which is one of my favorite plots ever.

Next to this, movie lovers and critics still promote this movie as one of the best movies ever. There cannot be a list of great movies without ‘Lady and Tramp’ on it.

Training, Training, And Training

No matter which cartoon dog is your favorite, one is common to all of them – they all go through the training process.

Not only that some of them really trained, but creators are continually rewarding them with treats.

This is how children can learn how to treat dogs and how to use a reward system to train dogs.

Training dogs for kids is easy when you know what you need to do. Education is also very important when it comes to children and dogs.

To keep everyone safe around dogs, make sure that your children know the following:

  • How to approach a dog
  • How to train a dog
  • What are house dog rules
  • To respect dog’s space
  • To understand that dogs are territorial beings
  • Not to pull dog’s ears, tail, or make sudden moves toward him

No matter how great a bond between the dog and your kid might be it is important to always supervise them.