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Dapple Dachshund – Facts On Why People Love Them So Much

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
Dapple Dachshunds are adorable dogs who are a great fit for the first time dog owners. Read on to discover what makes them so unique, and if this breed is for you.

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Dapple Dachshund is a small size dog best known for a spotted coat that looks like a creative splashing pattern.

Their dappling pattern may be just one spot, or numerous spots freely covering the entire body.

They are huge people-lovers and true champions when it comes to begin friendly, courageous, and independent.

Do not let their size fool you, because these small size dogs have strong independent spirits.

Dapple Dachshunds are short-legged dogs of small size that easily fit in every city area.

Thanks to their size, Dapple Dachshunds are compact and easy to move. This is the main reason why they are often seen strolling the most active city streets, instead of roaming freely in hard-to-reach rural areas.

Dapple Dachshunds are interesting dogs of one-of-a-kind spirit that will make you love them instantly.

You don’t know much about this breed, but you would love to hear more?

Keep on reading, because we have got you covered.

Check the quick facts on the breed and discover little-known (and better known) facts on this spotted breed.

Quick Facts

Real name: Dapple Dachshund
Origin: Germany
Breed type: Hound Dogs
Weight: 11 to 32 pounds
Height: Commonly 8-9 inches
Lifespan: 12 – 16 years
Litter Size: 1 – 6 puppies
Color: Dapple pattern
Coat: Short, medium-lenght, or long, depending on the coat type

Dapple Dachshund Have An Interesting Appearance

Dapple Dachshunds are best-known for their spotting pattern on top of solid base coat colors. Their base color may vary just like their spots.

At their core, Dapple Dachshunds are Dachshund-like dogs who come with short and stubby legs.

They may not be much of a runner, but they won’t be scared to follow you on every walk.

Floppy ears only add to their overall goofy appearance. However, their goofy ears help them pick up scents, and they can even flip them inside out all the time which only makes them extra goofy appearance-wise.

Dapple Dachshunds come in two sizes weighing between 13-32 Ibs, and miniature versions weighing only between 8-11 Ibs.

As for the height, both versions are usually between 8-9 inches tall, making them one of the smallest dog breeds alive.

People Often Mistake Their Color

People often believe that the color of these small dogs is dapple. However, this is a common misconception, because dapple is a pattern, not a color.

As a pattern, dapple is characterized by a dark-colored base and usually lighter-colored sports on top. Although they may be seen in various color patterns, the most common color patterns are black and tan, or chocolate and tan.

The rarest among them will have red in their coat. Some of the possible coat colors in Dapple Dachshund are blue, cream, and silver.

Their Coat Comes In Three Varieties

These adorable dogs can have one of three coat varieties:

  • Smooth
  • Wire haired
  • Long haired

Good to know: All three varieties are considered to be smell-free breeds

Smooth-haired dogs will always have a silky coat that is very short. The wire-haired type will always have rough fur of medium length and will have that electric look.

The long-haired type is the most glamorous sort of speaking. Their coat looks lavishing and their coat will always belong and flow in the breeze.

If you are not a big lover of dog hair inside your home, but you love dogs and your eye caught the adorable Dapple Dachshund you are in luck because these dogs are low shedding dogs.

You can still find a hair here and there, but their shedding won’t be intense like in Siberian Husky, or Bernese mountain dog.

You can expect heavier shedding during the shedding season that occurs in spring and autumn. However, weekly brushing and regular grooming should keep his coat shiny, tangle-free, and without debris.

To make brushing an enjoyable and easy process, make sure that you use the right grooming tools – the effective tools will always make grooming an easy and enjoyable experience.

Dapple Dachshunds Are Feisty

Dapple Dachshunds may be small size dogs, but don’t let that fool you. They may not have a big dog personality, but they’re close enough.

Don’t think twice if this breed will jump in to defend you or not because they will. If needed, they will leave their heart for you.

Dapple Dachshunds will equally demand your love, attention, and treats.

Saying ‘no’ to their big puppy eyes will be challenging, but also very needed, especially when it comes to treats.

Obesity in dogs is on the rise, and putting extra weight on small dogs is easy… A bit here, another one there, a treat after a walk, a treat for being a good boy, a treat as a reward from bringing that toy, and so on and so on – pounds can easily build up.

Dapple Dachshunds Are Packed With Energy

These dogs are true softhearted dogs who will enjoy being curled next to your feet when indoors. Outside, they will be ultra-active, and keeping them on a leash is a must.

Their bodies may be tiny, but never forget that they’re compact and well-built, which means that they were built to be active and move a lot.

These small dogs are very playful and they won’t be afraid to show it.

Playing in the backyard is a must, and a good run inside the dog park will only bring their overall happiness.

Know how much exercise your dog needs and be careful not to overwork them out, especially when they’re puppies.

Puppies are growing and as the muscles develop they must avoid height staircases and intense workouts. Otherwise, their joints may suffer.

Dapple Dachshunds Are Great Family Dogs

Dapple Dachshunds are great family dogs as long as they are trained properly and socialized from an early age.

Did you know that dogs are capable of mastering basic commands as of eight weeks of age? This is why training should start as soon as you bring your Dapple Dachshund home.

To get the most out of training sessions, provide training that is fun, short, consistent, and packed with treats.

Dogs are food-driven beings, and using treats to train them is a standard procedure.

Dapple Dachshunds should do fine with children as long as both sides are well prepared for each other.

They will love spending time with both older-younger children, as long as they know how to interact with dogs.

No matter how great interaction between dogs and kids may be, make sure that their interaction is supervised.

Dapple Dachshunds Tend To Become Obese

As mentioned earlier, Dapple Dachshunds are major food lovers, like dogs are in general.

Since they are smaller in size they are more prone to weight gain. They are very short, which means that pounds are easily stored on their back and overall body.

Keeping this breed fit and their weight optimal is crucial when it comes to longevity.

To keep Dapple Dachshund’s weight in balance make sure that you know how much you should feed your dog, how often, and how to choose the best dog food on the market.

Next to regular and high-quality nutrition you should provide regular exercise to keep the dog’s body strong and fit.

If possible, choose food that is rich in fibers and that won’t go straight to their hips.

As a general rule, Dapple Dachshunds should ingest between 200-600 calories per day which is basically one cup of kibble per day.

Are you thinking about switching your dog to a raw diet, or any specific feeding style?

If so, make sure that you talk with your veterinarian first. Whenever in doubt regarding a dog’s diet and overall nutrition make sure that you talk with your veterinarian first.

Dapple Dachshunds May Have Back Problems

Just like Dachshunds, these small size dogs are prone to back problems. Their bodies are set low and their short stature can be a big issue. They can develop intervertebral disc disease during their lifetime.

This condition is often seen due to Dachshund’s elongated body and may often lead not only to pain but to potential paralysis some time in the future.

To prevent this you should think about shaping the dog’s living environment in a manner to keep him safe.

How to do this? One of the most effective ways to prevent this condition is to use ramps. This way you will prevent your Dapple Dachshund from jumping on and off couches and beds.

This doesn’t mean that you will entirely stop your Dapple Dachshund from jumping, but you will minimize it. Plus, it can reduce the amount of strain they put on their delicate spines.

Dapple Dachshunds Tend To Live Long

You have probably heard that small size dogs tend to live longer, than larger breeds such as Great Dane. These small size dogs are living proof that small size dogs tend to live longer.

Dapple Dachshunds tend to live between 12 to 16 years. This doesn’t mean that every Dapple Dachshund will live this long, but if you give your best you can have this spotted buddy following you around for 15+ years.

To keep your dog long-living, you should provide high-quality food, mind the dog’s overall nutrition, provide regular exercise, and provide regular vaccination and regular veterinarian check-ups.

Prevention is the key when it comes to keeping a healthy and happy dog.

Dapple Dachshunds Are Expensive

When it comes to owning a Dapple Dachshund you will have to invest a significant amount of money.

Buying this breed will cost you somewhere between $400 to $1500. They are rare and finding a responsible breeder will require time and money. This is the main reason why this breed is so expensive.

When it comes to getting a dog you want to avoid puppy mills and put your energy into finding a reputable and responsible dog breeder.

Dog breeders of Dapple Dachshund may even have a waiting list because this breed is rare. They will also ask you several questions to make sure that you are a good first for their Dapple Dachshund.

Plus, reputable breeders will screen puppies for most common health issues and present you with medical documentation on the puppy.

On top of that reputable breeders will provide you with clear advice on how to care for your Dapple Dachshund in terms of grooming, training, and health.

Dapple Dachshunds Are Barkers

Dapple Dachshund is a breed of small bodies and big hearts. They are also a bit stubborn and have a mind of their own.

Dapple Dachshunds are not afraid to express their opinion or demand extra cuddling time or treats. To express their needs and desires they will choose to be vocal.

Since they cannot speak the human language they will do what dogs do the best – they will bark.

Yes, they may be great city dogs, but your neighbor may not share your opinion once they hear them barking. They will bark a bit.

For a small creatures, their bark is very loud and deep. This is something to bear in mind when choosing this breed.

Dapple Dachshunds Are Jealous

It’s no secret that dogs are highly territorial beings, who prefer their things and people… Well, to be only theirs, and Dapple Dachshunds are living proof. They tend to create a close and firm body with their humans.

In most cases, they will choose a single person, and make it their primary human. This doesn’t mean that they won’t love the others, but it just means that they will act more like a single-person dog.

If their person decides to display their attention to another human or another dog, Dapple Dachshunds will demonstrate their jealous side.

They may even bark at people they’re jealous of. To avoid these scenes and keep the home peaceful, it’s important to make any new interaction slowly and in well-prepared conditions.

Also, house dog rules can only be a plus, and help your dog work on his temper and tolerate other people and dogs around their favorite people.

The Bottom Line

Dapple Dachshunds are great dogs.

They are loyal, smart, and compact making even the most intensely moving easy and stress-free process. They are often seen in city areas thanks to their compact size and low set bodies.

For those who don’t like dog hair but love hair, this is a perfect breed. They are also recommended for first time dog owners who are just entering the wonderful world of owning a dog.

These dogs are also easy to groom, making them the perfect choice for business dog owners.