7 Dogs That Look Like A Mop aka Mop Dogs

Written by: Kristina Lalovic
Some dogs grow cords naturally, while others have a coat that can be groomed in a way to grow them - and this article presents them both.

Dogs that look like mops are unusual. Seeing them isn’t so easy, as many of them are extremely rare.

Some famous ‘mop dogs’ even have dreadlocks that tend to grow very long and keeping them well groomed isn’t something that everyone can easily deal with.

Dogs resembling walking mops usually have strong flocks that grow naturally, and as such, they are very rare.

Grooming them and keeping them clean isn’t an easy task, as they need human help.

If you would love to have a dog that looks like a mop, but you don’t like regular dog grooming, this breed isn’t for you at the moment.

Current owners of these mop looking dogs claim that these dogs shed fewer thanks to their hairy cords.

In this article, you will find information on grooming requirements for dogs that look like, but let’s present first the most popular mop dog breeds.

1. Komondor

Coat color: White
Coat type: Thick and long corded double-coat, with a dense and soft undercoat

Komondor was originally bred to guard sheep and cattle, hence the white and corded coat. This coat enables Komondor to blend with the sheep flocks.

Not only that these white cords help them be better protectors, but it also keeps them warm during the harsh winters and keeps their body safe from predators.

This breed is always born with a fluffy and soft coat. When puppies turn 8 months of age their coats begin to mat.

Originally from Hungary, Komondor is also known as the Hungarian Sheepdog of strong protective instincts even today.

This big dog that looks like a mop can have up to 100 pounds and isn’t recommended for first time dog owners.

As a working and guarding dog, Komondor will be independent, a bit stubborn, and challenging to train, which is why they need an experienced dog owner.

Komondor grooming tip: To keep Komondor’s coat neat and clean initial separation of its cords is mandatory as soon as the adult coat appears. Brushing them isn’t recommended, but they should have regular baths and drying sessions after walks on rainy days.

2. Puli

Coat color: Commonly black. Other color variations may include white, gray, or cream with a black mask
Coat type: Corded, dense, and weather-resistant coat. Soft, woolly, and dense undercoat

Puli or Hungarian Pulie is a proud owner of beautiful, but demanding curls that make this dog resemble a walking mop.

Puli is a cheerful dog, extremely light on his feet, and is named the “acrobat of the dog world.”

This black mop dog is a close cousin of the Komondor, but with thinner cords.

Why Puli has thinner cords? Thinner cords are the result of the outer and inner coats being intertwined.

This medium-sized dog is a great shepherd who enjoys outdoor activities.

Just like Komondor, Puli has mop like hair that keeps the breed warm from cold temperatures and potential predator attacks.

Pulik and Komondors are not only similar in appearance but also temperament-wise.

This is why they are often paired to protect the herd for the entire 24 hours – Pulis would guard during the day, while Komondors would watch at night.

Puli is great when it comes to learning as long as they have an experienced owner. This is a headstrong breed and should not be on the list of dogs for novice owners.

Puli grooming tip: Look through cords daily for dirt and to prevent tangles. Always keep the cords separated by using your fingers.

3. Bergamasco

Coat color: Commonly solid gray, although some may remain black as they are born black
Coat type: Combined of three different textures: time and dense undercoat, strong and harsh goat-like hair covered with a woolly top coat that creates flocks

Bergamasco is an ancient breed, being around for more than 2,000 years. This mop dog breed is intelligent and friendly, with spectacular herding skills.

From day one, these dogs were used for guarding sheep and cattle which meant that they used to spend a lot of time outdoors.

This sheepdog that looks like a mop is sweet, dedicated, and highly loyal. When it comes to personality and character, Bergamasco is more similar to Komondor.

Just like Puli and Komondor, Bergamasco comes with a mop like a coat that keeps them warm and dry. Plus it protects them from any potential predator attacks.

Bergamascos are one of the rarest dog breeds alive. This is an independent dog who loves when there is a job to be done.

They are patient and smart, but they will try to get things their way. As a sheepdog, they will have a strong protective temperament and strong work ethic.

Bergamasco grooming tip: Once the flocks are completed, provide weekly brushing. Talk with a professional groomer about what kind of brush to use.

4. Spanish Water Dog

Coat color: Colors will vary, including black, brown, beige, and white, or they may be particolor including black-white and brown-white combination
Coat type: Curly and woolly coat

Spanish Water Dog Spanish Water Dog is a rare breed of curly appearance.

This dog may not have long flocks like other mop dogs from this list, but it still comes with that mop look.

As the name suggests, Spanish Water Dog is a huge water lover who will be happy to jump in the first water that it may spot.

Because Spanish Water Dogs come from a region with a humid climate, their curls are a natural response to hot temperatures and high humidity in the air.

Spanish Water Dogs are great workers and they will be happy whenever there is a job to be done.

Those who are passionate about training dogs or dog agility, often go for the Spanish Water Dog as this breed does more than well in dog agility tournaments.

If you let your Spanish Water Dog grow longer hair, you can expect him to have a true mop look.

Spanish Water Dog grooming tip: To keep the breed’s rustic appearance, clip the coat once a year.

5. Havanese

havanese with dreadlocks

Coat color: White, black, blue, silver, brindle, sable
Coat type: Straight or wavy

Havanese is one of the funniest, most outgoing, and most playful dogs out there! These small size dogs have been used as companion dogs of Cuban aristocracy throughout the 19th, but also as circus performers. E

Even though they look gorgeous with cords, these dogs don’t grow dreadlocks naturally.

Havanese is a small dog that looks like a mop only if you invest some time into proper grooming.

If you want a Havanese to have some cords, then you have to dedicate yourself to growing them.

It will require a lot of grooming and brushing that will prevent mats from forming.

Don’t start this process if you’re not ready to commit to your pup’s cords, as this process can take as long as two years.

Havanese grooming tip: Havanese should be brushed at least two times per week.

6. Poodle

Coat color: The most common color is black, although they may come in more than a dozen color varieties
Coat type: Wiry outer hair and a dense, cotton undercoat

Poodles are probably one of the best-groomed dog breeds in the world.

You may be used to seeing them cut from head to toe in a very subtle manner, but not all are like that.

Some Poodles, usually Standard Poodles will have a dreadlock hairstyle. However, they do not grow cords naturally, but dog owners create them.

This is something that is similar between Havenese and Poodles. Make sure that the coat is trimmed. Once it grows again, do not brush it and wait until cords are formed.

They should stay thin and make sure that you separate all the thicker cords.

Although Poodle does not look like a mop dog breed from birth they can become mop dogs with enough care and patience.

Poodle grooming tip: Poodle is a high-maintenance breed, so make sure that you are up for the challenge before you get this breed. As a general rule, Poodles should be groomed professionally once a month.

7. Bearded Collie

Coat color: Black, blue, brown, or fawn with white or tan markings
Coat type: Long double coat with furnishings

Bearded Collie is one of the most popular breeds of dogs that looks like a mop. This Scottish cattle herder comes with a long coat that keeps them warm on cold days.

They may appear calm, but Bearded Collies are very active dogs who are used to spending their days guarding and running.

They need long walks to meet their exercise needs, and participation in dog agility is more than welcome.

Bearded Collie is great with children as long as children know how to behave around dogs.

Like any other dog that looks like a mop head, proper grooming must be included in the daily routine.

Collies have long-coat that must be kept clean, which can be challenging since this breed loves spending time outdoors.

Bearded Collie grooming tip: Provide daily to weekly brushes to prevent mats.

Dogs That Look Like A Mop – Wrap Up

If you already have a mop dog you know that grooming is a big part of your routine.

If you are just thinking about welcoming a mop dog into your life, know that you need to think about the dog’s activity and needs.

Whenever you are interested in a specific breed, make sure that you do additional research to be sure that the breed is the best fit for your lifestyle, that you can meet the dog’s needs, and that you truly understand what a grooming practice is all about.

This is extra important when it comes to mop dogs, as it will make the life of both you and your walking mop much easier and more satisfying.