Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix – Rare Mix

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
Are you familiar with Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix? Did you know that this is a mix between a loved German Shepherd and a rare Mouth Cur? Interested to learn more about the breed? Keep on reading.

Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix is proof that the German Shepherd is still one of the most popular dog breeds globally.

This mixed breed is a mix between the famous German Shepherd and the versatile Black Mouth Cur.

As a mix of two very special and affectionate dog breeds, it is fair to say that Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix is a very unique breed that is gaining in popularity.

In general, mixed breeds are becoming more popular all over the world, with German Shepherd mixes being on the top.

Year after year, the German Shepherd is continually among the top three most popular dog breeds in the States.

Considering their traits, their loyalty, and their willingness to serve and protect, plus their trainability levels, it comes as no surprise that German Shepherds are so popular, or that they are often used as a purebred parent for new dog breeds.

Although there are hundreds of purebred dogs new dog breeds are made every year.

If you are wondering if Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix would fit your lifestyle, or if this breed could be a nice addition to your family as your second dog, keep on reading because we have got you covered.

Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix Introduction

Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix is a mixed breed between German Shepherd and Black Mouth Cur, who got the best traits from their parents.

In fact, Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix got great traits of the German Shepherd and Black Mouth Cur dog. This mix is affectionate, calm, gentle, and a great guard dog.

To get the best from this breed you should invest in proper training and early socialization.

Just getting great genes isn’t enough, great training is what separates a good dog from a great canine citizen.

Know that this mix is very different from Black Mouth Cur, although they may look very similar (this breed often resembles Black Mouth Cur more than German Shepherd), which is why people often mistake them easily.

Although they may look similar, these two breeds are in fact very different – their personalities are very different.

Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix Development

New dog breeds are continually created. Whenever a new dog breed is created, there is a firm reason behind it.

Certain breeds are created due to specific working needs, to create stronger and healthier breeds, or to preserve the genetic line for any other reason.

Responsible dog breeders will usually create new dog breeds to make healthier versions of specific purebred dogs, or to combine great genes of different breeds.

To create a new dog breed, a dog breeder must establish a set of certain steps that are easily measurable.

These steps are simply known as breed standards that other breeds follow.

Breeders have been experimenting with Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix for a while now. However, the exact starting date and location are still unknown.

They may have been around naturally for decades, but the world got familiar with Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix when breeders started mixing German Shepherd and Black Mouth Cur deliberately.

When the first Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix was introduced to the world, the breed became an instant sensation.

Dog lovers loved how Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix had the perfect balance of German Shepherd traits and the Black Mouth Cur dog attributes.

Let’s see what Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix brings in terms of appearance.

Before we elaborate more on Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix and its traits let’s check some of the reasons breeders might have decided to cross a German Shepherd and a Black Mouth Cur at the first place:

  • Both breeds are great protectors
  • Both breeds are great herders
  • Both breeds are love hard work
  • Both breeds love to be rewarded and have fun

Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix Physical Appearance

Some Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix is more of the Black Mouth Cur, while other dog lovers and fanciers claim that this mixed breed is a true German Shepherd.

It is fair to say that Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix may appear more like Black Mouth Cur ace-wise, and more German Shepherds when it comes to body appearance and overall posture.

Since this isn’t an officially recognized breed, there are no official standards for the breed. However, responsible breeders of the breed give their best to stay true to non-official standards that are created within breeders’ circles.

That being said, this breed will have a shorter coat of Black Mouth Cur, but density and of German Shepherd.

The curved back in this breed is more of a German Shepherd, which gives the dog better posture and more agility during activity.

Like other Shepherd mixed, the Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix has a wedge-shaped head which is a trademark of the shepherd dog.

As for the color they usually appear in grey or brown. As for the coat texture, they may have a single coat with smooth hair, or a double coat that is thick and fluffy.

Both Black Mouth Cur and German Shepherd have smooth skin, which is also visible in Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix.

It is fair to say that Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix is a large-size dog. They can weigh between 50 to 100 pounds and usually have between 20 and 25 inches, with females being smaller in size and of more elegant shape.

Since this is a mixed breed, their size may vary from dog to dog, which means that the above-mentioned numbers can be crossed up or down.

Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix Lifespan

Just like with any other dog breed, Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix will live longer if you manage to provide proper care.

Yes, it helps to get a dog from a responsible dog breeder because they will screen puppies for the most common health issues in the breed and present you with medical documentation on the puppy.

Once you get your Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix home, you should take your Fido to your veterinarian for a full check-up and provide the proper care later on.

This means that you should provide the following:

  • High-quality food
  • Regular exercise
  • An adequate vaccination schedule
  • Proper parasite control
  • Regular veterinarian check-ups

All in all, the right care should help your dog reach his senior years without major health issues.

Since Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix is a mixed breed you can expect this breed to live longer than purebred dogs.

It is common for mixed dog breeds to have a longer lifespan than purebred dogs. Their average lifespan is between 7 years to 16 years.

Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix Personality

It is fair to say that Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix is a sweet dog who is highly affectionate and soft toward his people.

They are often described as introverts who love to stay indoors and close to their owner. In other words, it is fair to say that they are clingy.

If you have any issues with having a dog who loves acting as a shadow, you should rethink your decision to get this specific breed.

In that case, you might maybe benefit more from a more independent breed.

To compare Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix with other dog breeds, and get the breed that you need, use this compare dog breeds tool to get a dog who will fit your lifestyle and life tempo.

Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix is often described as an easy-going dog as long as he gets enough love and attention.

Just like any other dog breed, Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix requires attention. They do need a backyard to keep them active.

Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix dogs may be described as introverts, but that won’t stop them from finding something interesting to do in the backyard.

This is about indoor games, having a ball around, or just placing a Kong in different parts of the yard and the house.

Having a sturdy fence with this breed around is a must.

A daily walk should always be on a leash, and make sure that you do not let younger children walk on their own, because this is a large size dog with powerful movement.

On the other hand, they will be highly affectionate toward children and will enjoy their company. Moreover, they will keep children safe.

No matter how well your Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix might get along with your children, always supervise their interaction.

Otherwise, educate your children on how to behave around dogs.

Children should know the following:

  • To truly understand that dogs are territorial beings
  • Not to make sudden moves toward dogs
  • Not to pull dog’s hair, ears, or tail
  • Not to try to grab toys or food from the dog’s mouth
  • Not to disturb dogs while they are eating, sleeping, resting, playing with their toys, or drinking water

Dogs should be well-trained and easy on socialized with so they can know how to behave around people.

In other words, dogs should know the following by the time early socialization ends:

  • Basic dog commands
  • How to walk on a leash
  • How to behave and move around children
  • How to use pee walks
  • How to behave around house visitors
  • What are house dog rules
  • How to behave when alone in the backyard
  • What house areas are off-limit
  • If furniture is allowed to jump on or not

Know that from day one your Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix will be highly protective of his people and his home, especially children.

After all, this breed has a German Shepherd running through its veins, making them instinctively protective of their humans.

Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix should do fine in a house with a backyard or in a bigger apartment where walks are frequent and longer.

Learn how often dogs need to pee and make sure that you meet those needs.

Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix With Other Animals

Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix should do well with animals as well as they are raised together from day one.

When puppies, they will get along with pets of different sizes and temperaments. However, due to their strong protective instincts, they may have a hard time as adult dogs accepting a new pet.

If you really want to have a multi-dog home, make sure that you introduce them early on, perfectly in puppyhood, and in a safe and well-designed surrounding that is neutral for both dogs.

Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix Grooming

When it comes to having a well-looking and healthy dog it all comes down to grooming.

Grooming goes beyond brushing and should include the following steps:

  • Monthly nail trimming or grinding
  • Weekly gums check
  • Daily eye check for any sign of eye discharge
  • Weekly brushing
  • Ears cleaning when needed
  • Bathe and teeth brushing when needed, or as recommended by your veterinarian

Bear in mind that dogs do not need frequent baths as humans do.

More specifically, this breed doesn’t require baths as often as other breeds need, as too many baths can dry out their skin.

If your Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix has floppy ears, then you should clean them more frequently than you would otherwise non-floppy ears (erect ears), as they are more likely to develop infections.

This is something that Basset Hound owners know and have to deal with on regular basis.

Is Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix A Heavy Shedder?

It is no secret that German Shepherds tend to shed a lot. In fact, they are notorious for their shedding.

There is some way to reduce shedding in German Shepherd but it requires the right grooming tools, regular brushing, and a lot of patience.

It would be fair to expect a German Shepherd mix to shed a lot, but Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix will shed moderately.

You can expect more notorious shedding during the shedding season when it helps to have a vacuum cleaner on hand.

Outside the shedding season provide weekly brushing sessions and make sure that you check the dog’s coat for fleas and skin for any sign of skin infection.

Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix Health

It is often promoted that mixed-breed dogs are much healthier and stronger than purebred dogs.

They may be healthier if they get the very best traits from both parents. Still, this is not something that is considered to be a general rule.

Know that even if you deal only with responsible dog breeders your dog may still experience some health disturbance.

Know that all dogs come with a fair share of issues, that may appear.

Even when you provide the best care possible, accidents still may occur. This doesn’t mean that you should not provide the best care regardless.

To keep your dog healthy and help him reach his senior years without major health issues, you should do the following:

  • Serve high-quality food
  • Provide regular exercise
  • Stick to recommended vaccination
  • Stick to parasite control
  • Provide regular veterinarian check-ups

To truly understand where Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix stands when it comes to health you should look at the parent breeds.

Since German Shepherds are prone to joint issues, so you may expect to see a similar disturbance in your Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix.

Does this mean that your Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix will have poor joints or any joint-related issues?

Of course not, but it does mean that you should be well aware of it and monitor your dog closely.

That being said, Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix may suffer from:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Epilepsy
  • Ear infections
  • Bloat

Know that mixed breeds are usually prone to dental issues like their parent breed, but other factors can contribute to a dog’s health.

Think about the dog’s diet and exercise needs.

Sticking to regular veterinarian check-ups will help maintain the dog’s overall health and avoid the issues listed above.

To Sum Up

German Shepherd Black Mouth Cur Mix cannot be classified as a highly popular dog, but they are definitely one of the most interesting German Shepherd mixes.

They are not so common, since breeders don’t often intentionally breed them. This is mostly to Black Mouth Curs not being as popular of a dog breed.

German Shepherd Black Mouth Cur Mix is a high-energy dog and as such, they are the best fit for people who enjoy the outdoors.

They will best suit active families as long as there is enough outdoor space for them to burn off that extra energy.