Top 7: Dogs With Curly Tails

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
Curly-tailed dog breeds are one of a kind. Is curly tail something that all dogs should have? Which breeds are blessed enough to have this trait? Read on and discover.

There are no two dogs alike. Every breed is unique and as such, humans get to enjoy playtime with dogs of different traits and characteristics.

Some are all about being mischievous, while others are all about being couch potatoes, while some love nothing like herding cattle all day long.

Each dog has a unique personality that makes them special and adorable, but they have unique physical traits that make humans go – aww!, whenever they see a dog.

Some dogs are large, some are small, and then there are those who are, according to many dog owners, perfect size (medium size dogs) who equally love watching TV and going the distance when it comes to walks and hiking.

Some dogs come in multiple colors, some have short legs, and then some are proud owners of curly tails.

There is some power in curly tails that make dogs super adorable. It gives dogs a unique look and adds to their personality.

Many things make dogs cute, but their tails are one of a kind and favorites when it comes to cutest dogs’ traits.

What’s your favorite breed with a curly tail? You are not sure which breed is the proud owner of this curly addition?

If so, check the listed breed below and pick your favorite dog with a curly tail.


This African hunting dog is the proud owner of the curly tail. In fact, this breed is known for its adorable tail and yodling, since they don’t bark like other breeds so.

Basenji is an ancient breed that shares many traits with wild dogs and cats – they love to groom themself (just like cats do) for hours.

On top of that, they can climb trees to incredible heights, similar to their feline friends. This breed will always vocalize with howls and yodels.

This is not a breed for first time dog owners, but for more experienced dog owners, who love dogs mischievous actions, but also know their way around stubborn dogs who love to lead.

Basenji is also a highly energetic breed. Leaving this dog alone and doing it frequently will eventually lead to some disaster – even heavy digging, so make sure that you always have someone around, or hire a dog sitter.

This is a one-person dog, although he will love other family members as well. Still, Basenji will always stick to one person and act as a human shadow.

They will tolerate other pets, but won’t be too excited to share their living space with other dogs or smaller pets.

Finnish Spitz

Finnish Spitz is an intelligent and active dog who makes a perfect addition to an active family.

If you or your family members are into hiking, long jogging, or just exploring often any new areas, this is the breed for you.

Originally bred to hunt all types of game, Finnish Spitz isn’t scared of being active more than needed. True to its Northern roots this dog has luxurious coat and curly tail.

Finnish Spitz is an extremely loyal breed. Finnish Spitz is also a rare breed. There are only a few hundred of this breed in the world, and breeders give their best to keep the breed alive.

They can be a bit vocal, but that doesn’t mean that they are anything else but excellent watchdogs.

If you have sensitive neighbors focus on keeping Finnish Spitz vocal capabilities as low as possible – proper training here can help you treat this trait right.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is among the most popular dog breeds alive. Thanks to its unusual tail, great appearance, and fantastic traits including size, this breed is the first choice for many experienced dog owners.

Shiba Inu isn’t a breed for first time dog owners, and they prefer a more firm hand, and a lot of treats to make their training more fun and active.

As an independent breed, they need proper training and the right amount of exercise. By their owners, they are usually described as cat-like due to their independent nature.

Just like Basenji, Shiba Inu is an ancient breed, with a unique genetic history that predates most of the modern days.

This breed is known for using its tail to help with their balance. Originally from Japan, this ancient breed tends to be aloof with strangers and needs a lot of exercise and training to stay happy.

Norwegian Buhund

Norwegian Buhund is an ultimate all-purpose dog. This dog was used in remote areas where winter is far from being gentle.

From its early days, the Norwegian Buhund has been used as a farm and herding dog. Over time duties of this breed evolved, and Norwegian Buhund has been used equally as a watchdog and a nanny dog.

Ancestors of this breed stood shoulder to shoulder with powerful Vikings and they were even buried together with them. The reason for this lies in a belief that dogs could care for their humans after death.

The Norwegian Buhund is densely coated, but still doesn’t need extensive grooming. They are naturally clean and even odorless dogs.

Even when they are wet Norwegian Buhunds don’t have a heavy odor. They do have a double coat, which means that regular brushing is a must.

Make sure that you have the right grooming tools on hand, or provide regular visits to the groomer.

Buhunds blow their undercoats once or twice a year, so make sure that you do have a vacuum cleaner on hand.

As with all breeds, check gums and ears regularly, and trim or grind nails to avoid any cracks or nail-related pain.


When people think about a white dog with a beautiful appearance, they usually envision Samoyed. This is indeed a beautiful breed with striking white fur and curly tail.

Samoyed owners know already how much energy it takes to walk a white-coated dog on a rainy day, and if you are thinking about getting a Samoyed, double-think if this is the breed for you.

Samoyed has been working as sledding dogs for centuries, or as help on herding reindeer.

This is an ancient breed, of spitz-type dog group, with a long history of working next to humans.

Samoyeds love their humans, and when they are not cuddling with their favorite people, they love being active and having a job to do. They tend to live between 12 to 14 years.

The Samoyed will always have a profuse double coat: a longer outer coat and a soft and thick undercoat. They do shed a bit all the time, and even more during the shedding session.

Daily brushing should help minimize this and provide the best Samoyed look possible. Use a slicker brush or metal comb to avoid tangles or mats.


Pomeranian is a small-size dog with a big personality. They may seem tiny on the outside, but they got a huge personality, and that’s something that no one can dispute.

They are small, well-built, and lively. Pomeranians were bred from larger working dogs to be true family companions. They used to be bigger, but today they are mostly known as toy-sized dogs.

Queen Victoria made this tiny group so popular, and today Pomeranians are one of the most popular dogs globally.

As a smaller breed, Pomeranians tend to live between 12 to 16 years. Overall, they are healthy dogs but may be prone to some genetic conditions, which is why you should only deal with responsible breeders and have regular veterinarian check-ups.

Always stay up-to-date about dog health.


Akita is one of the most loyal breeds alive. This large Japanese breed is only for experienced dog owners because they have minds of their own.

You may know about this breed thanks to the famous movie Hachiko. If you missed watching it, do yourself a favor and watch it today – you will love it.

Akita was originally bred for hunting large games such as elk and bear. Akita can do nicely as a guardian as well.

Akita will love his people and prefer to be the only house animal. They are energetic and love being active.

They are large dogs, but they need moderate exercise, so make sure that you answer that need.

They can handle the harsh outdoor conditions of northern Japan, but they are fast to adapt to life inside the house. And yes, they have that famous curly tail.

The Bottom Line

Curly tails, straight tails, or no tails, two dogs aren’t identical. The beauty of dogs is that they are all unique and special.

Each one has its own personality, physical characteristics, and a mind of their own.

If you are getting a dog with a curly tail, make sure that you fully understand what does to get a dog means and how it may affect your life.

Only when you are 100% sure that you can afford a dog and invest your time and energy into creating a well-behaved canine citizen you can start searching for the perfect breed for you.