Can Dogs Eat Acai: Risks And Benefits

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
Is it safe to share acai with your dog? Could this tiny fruit harm your dog? Read on and discover.

You may see dogs eating carrots, cucumber, and even a strawberry here and there, but what about smaller fruit? For example, is acai something that you should be sharing with your dog or not?

Experienced dog owners know that dogs can eat a majority of human foods without experiencing any health disturbance. However, sometimes dogs may have a bite of something that may not be so healthy for them.

For example, that chocolate cake that you enjoy so much is something that can seriously harm your dog’s health.

Human chocolate should be off-limits, no matter how adorable those puppy eyes maybe while staring at you.

Learn which human foods should be off-limits, and which human food is safe to be shared with your dog.

Did you know that 10% of a dog’s total nutrition should contain fruits and vegetables?

In most cases, dogs get this amount through commercial dog food. After all, commercial dog food is specially designed to help them thrive.

Now, you may have seen dog commercial food that is packed with rice, chicken, or grains, but what about acai?

Can Dogs Eat Acai?

When it comes to dogs and acai, the answer is short – no, acai is unsafe for dogs.

If you double-check with your veterinarian you will just get the confirmation that acai is something that should not serve to your dog.

Acai should not be in your dog’s regular diet. In most cases, a really small amount of acai should not harm your dog, but better be safe than sorry.

You may be the best dog owner in the world, and your Fido might still grab some acai and ingest it.

In these situations, you shouldn’t focus on blaming yourself, but contact your veterinarian and see what you should do as the next step.

In the meantime, learn about all the possible benefits and side effects of your dog eating some acai.

Is Acai Bad For Dogs

Acai berry is something that you and your family members might love and enjoy, but does it mean that your Fido should love it as well?

The truth is that acai berry is healthy for humans, as they are packed in healthy fats, vitamin A, fiber, calcium, and antioxidants that humans can only benefit from.

Did you know that as for the human diet, acai berry is actually labeled as a superfood? Or that these tiny fruits are considered to be brain food? Or that many claims that acai berry can actually serve in cancer prevention?

Although acai berry is something you might benefit from, it doesn’t mean that your dog might experience the same benefits.

The truth is that dogs don’t get the same benefits from acai berry as humans do.

The reason why acai berry is bad for dogs is the compound ‘theobromine,’ which is also found in chocolate, which is why human chocolate is so dangerous to dogs.

Is Acai Poisonous To Dogs

In general, acai is packed with many health benefits that on paper might serve to your dog. However, in reality, feeding your dog with acai berry is something that put your dog in a life-threatening situation.

According to the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) acai is rich in theobromine which is why acai should never be served to your dog.

Yes, there is some super fruit that is often promoted as ‘super fruit’ and some may be safe for dogs, such as goji berry but that isn’t the case with acai berry.

Some claim that really small amounts of acai berry might be safe for dogs, while NASC still insists that acai berry should be kept away from dogs no matter what.

Can I Give My Dog Acai

Once again: you should avoid feeding your dog with acai berry.

Some dog owners may choose to give their Fido a lick or a bite of acai berry, and it is usually done in really tiny amounts.

Again, avoid feeding your dog with acai berry in general. If you want to enrich your dog’s meal, do it by mixing it with safe fruit and vegetable, or by adding a spoon of olive oil.

What Should I Do If My Dog Ate Acai Berry?

If your dog consumes acai berry, especially if the amount is significant, you should be worried.

You shouldn’t panic, but instead, you should stay calm, and contact your veterinarian.

In most challenging situations, your veterinarian is your biggest support

This is why finding the right veterinarian is as important as finding the responsible breeder – when it comes to a dog’s overall health you should never make cuts on quality.

Now, what you should do if your dog eats acai berry? The biggest factor here is the amount.

You should know that in challenging situations, it all comes down to your reaction.

If there is any chance of toxicity in your dog, you should be proactive.

Monitor your dog for any of the following symptoms if you suspect that he might ingest acai:

  • Excessive panting
  • Muscle twithcing
  • Vomiting

These symptoms are commonly early sing of poisoning in dogs. Even if you haven’t noticed your dog grabbing acai berry, you should react f you notice any of the listed symptoms above.

These symptoms are also your clue to search for veterinarian help.

Good to know:Dogs bodies are slow to metabolize theobromine. This means that symptoms may need up to 24 hours to appear. As for the recovery, it may take up to three days, if we are talking about mild poisoning.

Can A Dog Be Allergic To Acai?

Just like humans dogs might be allergic to some ingredients foods. For example, did you know that some dogs are allergic to gluten?

In most cases, dog owners discover that their dogs are allergic to a certain food when they serve it to them.

However, when it comes to dangerous fruit such as acai berry, you don’t have to test it, because some dogs might be allergic to acai berry.

Your dog could be allergic to any unfamiliar food, and you won’t be able to know that for sure before your Fido taste it. Whenever you make an introduction to a new food, be careful.

This means that when you feed your dog a new fruit (a fruit that is from the safe list) serve with caution.

Always start with really small amounts and see how your dog reacts. If you notice any unusual behavior or any symptoms that might worry you, do not continue serving that food to your Fido.

Instead, choose to monitor him closely and contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. It cannot harm to reach out to Pet Poison Helpline if your dog grabs something that could seriously harm him in a short period, such as onion or any of the household cleaning products.

Can Dogs Eat Acai Ice Cream

If you want a 100% percent healthy ice cream for your Fido, go for these recipes and do your best to serve your Fido only fresh ingredients that can enrich his overall diet. That being said, keep it simple and fun.

Use ice trays to store blended cucumber to serve to your dog as a summer refreshment.

As for the acai ice cream, if your dog tastes it in a really small amount, he should be fine, but do not make acai berry ice cream, especially for your dog.

Dog’s digestive systems aren’t made to break down theobromine, and putting him in dangerous situations isn’t part of responsible dog ownership.

Pro tip: Interested in freezing dog food? Click here to learn how to freeze dog food.

Can Dogs Eat Frozen Acai

Dogs can eat anything. They are so big foodies that tasting any food is like dream coming true to them.

After all, they are spending their time with humans who have a diverse and fun diet, compared to the dog diet.

This is why dogs love to stare at us when eating. They really want to try that food, to taste what you taste.

Dogs, in general, shouldn’t eat extra cold or frozen food, but cold treats should be served to them in mild conditions, sort of speaking.

Never serve a super cold ice cube to your dog. As for the frozen acai, the answer is no.

Dogs do not need acai served in another manner. They should not eat these berries fresh in their raw condition, not they should eat them in any other form, like frozen. What about other forms?

Can Dogs Eat Acai Sorbet

You may love that acai sorbet, but your dog shouldn’t get this fruit in any form. What you may ingest and get benefits from, doesn’t have to work identically in your dog.

Again, acai berries are packed with theobromine, a strong ingredient that is found in chocolate and leads to chocolate poisoning.

As mentioned earlier, dogs cannot break down theobromine, which is why they may experience poisoning.

Plus, sorbet is made from sugar, flavoring, and artificial sweeteners which are toxic to dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Acai Bowls

Did you know that acai bowls are originally from Brazil? Or that acai bowls are primarily topped with granola, banana, and guaraná syrup?

Now, many choose to mix and try different flavors which is why acai bowls are so popular. You may love them, and can not imagine your week without a nice acai bowl, but your dog is not into acai bowls.

At least, he should not be forced to eat acai bowls as it may lead to poisoning, nor your Fido should know the acai taste in the first place. All in all – no, dogs should not eat acai bowls.

What Is Acai?

Acai berries are a direct product of acai palm trees. These palm trees can be found across Brazil.

Acai berries may look like smaller blueberries, but their taste is very different compared to regular blueberries.

Acai berries have more of a chocolate flavor. This flavor makes them one of the most popular fruits, not only in Brazil but wider as well. However, their chocolate-like taste isn’t the only factor that led to their popularity.

The health benefits of acai berries are actually what makes them so popular.

This is probably the biggest reason why acai berries are so popular among people, due to their health benefits.

Health Benefits Of Acai Berries

Acai berries are packed with many vitamins and antioxidants that make these small items also healthy.

Here are some benefits that people experience when eating acai berries:

  • Rich source of fat
  • Vitamin A
  • Fiber
  • Calcium
  • Antioxidants

Did you know that when it comes to antioxidants acai berries are more beneficial than blueberriesCan Dogs Eat Cranberries, Raspberries, Blueberries And Blackberries? or cranberries are?

All In All: Do Not Serve Acai To Your Dog

Acai is a super fruit and a nice addition to the human diet. As for the dog’s diet, acai berries can only lead to healthy disturbance and dangerous situations that may result in fatal outcomes.

To prevent any acai-related complications, avoid serving acai to your dog.

If it happens for your Fido to grab some acai-packed food monitor him closely for any sign of poisoning and contact your veterinarian.

Bear in mind that some symptoms of poisoning may appear hours later, if not after even 24 hours. Feed your dog with food that is safe for him.

Do not experiment unless your veterinarian advises your otherwise. Whenever you’re in doubt regarding a dog’s diet, make sure that you reach out to your veterinarian.

After all, your best support in dog ownership is your veterinarian.

Don’t take unnecessary risks with your dog’s health. Choose to stick with healthy fruit and vegetables that are safe for your dog.

There are plenty of alternative options that your Fido may enjoy safely. Safety should be your first concern when it comes to keeping your Fido healthy.

Even safe fruit and vegetables should not be served to your dog daily but only as an occasional treat. When it comes to feeding your dog with human food know that less is more.