Border Collie Mix Lab – Meet The Borador Dog

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
This active and affectionate crossbreed of the Border Collie and the Labrador Retriever has the best from Labrador Retriever and Border Collie. Learn what else makes this dog so popular and read on.

Border Collie Mix Lab is also known as Borador and also for its main trait of being a very reliable dog.

Although the breeds name is similar to one of the world’s most popular holiday destination (Bora Bora) this breed is for sure from the all-land place and not an island.

This loving and intelligent dog is the result of mixing a Border Collie and a Labrador Retriever. Read on and learn more about this interesting breed.

Quick Facts

Real name: Border Collie Lab Mix
Other names: Borador
Country of origin: The United States
Breed type: Companion dog
Weight: 18-29 kg (40 to 65 pounds)
Height: 50-60 cm (22-24 inches)
Lifespan: 12 – 13 years
Color: Solid black, tan, brown, blue, red, chocolate, or black with white chest and paws
Coat: Long, soft, double coat

Border Collie Mix Lab: History

Border Collie Mix Lab is a full mixed breed or a cross-breed. As you probably know, cross-breeds have been around for centuries, that even one cross-breeds developed into additional cross-breeds.

The perfect example for this are Terriers, because the breeding of this breed lead to many unique breeds such as the Yorkshire Terrier and the Rat Terrier.

It takes years to create a specific breed that is registered and recognized. So, designer breeds are getting more and more space nowadays.

Interestingly, they are usually named based on the breeds used for mating, such as the case with this Border Collie Mix Lab shows, as this breed is a mix of a Border Collie and a Labrador. Just like most of the dogs within the last 10 to 20 years, the Borador has come into existence in North America.

As you probably already know, Labradors are known for their loving and gentle temperament, while Border Collies are associated with sheep herding and high level of intelligence. Therefore, Borador is a mix of highly attractive traits. But

Border Collie Mix Lab: Physical Appearance

If you know even the slightest about designer breeds than you know that they get traits from both breeds. The Border Collie Lab mix is no exception. This breed comes with the happy Labrador face and energy of the Collie. Also, their ears are quite similar to Labradors, just a little shorter. Their body is a mix of both breeds, just a bit shorter.

Also, the body is more stock than of the Border Collie and they are strongly built. Dark, piercing, and striking eyes are common with this type of dog, while their coat is dual or comes with three colors of the Border Collie. However, the chances are that you will end up with a beautiful black Border Collie Mix Lab.

Borador’s hair is usually more similar to that of the Collie, but just a bit shorter. In general, this breed is considered to have a medium-length coat.

Typically, an average Borador weights between 30-60lbs, while when it comes to height Boradors are usually around 18-23 inches. Borador’s body will always be similar in shape and size to a Collie. You can also expect his weight to be similar to that of the Collie as well.

The most common combination of colors:

  • Tan
  • Brown
  • Solid black

Also, a mix of colors can be seen with different variants of merle:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Chocolate

Border Collie Lab Mix Coat

The one thing that any dog from this breed will have for sure is a double coat. After all, Labradors are popular for their double layer coat as well as Border Collies. Borador’s coat can come in rough and smooth varieties. In addition, their coat comes with a few aspects of matting and a very far-off dog smell.

Borador will shed lightly all year round and because of this, they will need brushing at least once a week and bathing once every three months.

Border Collie Mix Lab: Personality

Border Collie Mix Lab is considered to be very human when it comes to their personality and cognitive functions. This breed is a combination of two clever and friendly dogs, which will make socialization and training easier.

One thing is sure about this breed and that’s the energy level of the breed. This breed demands lots of exercise with diverse tasks that will keep dogs entertained and busy.

Simply said, walking is not enough to satisfy the mental or even the physical needs of this breed. Other activities should be included as well, such as:

  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Search Play
  • Running

You can expect your Borador to bark often, because his parents are prone to barking, so no wonder that this cross-breed will love to talk with you and interact. Barking is dogs way of communicating with you, so you should try to understand barking and howling as a way of your dog trying to speak with you. If you want a quiet dog that doesn’t bark often or even howl, then the Borador isn’t the dog for you.

Fast fact: It’s said that Border Collie Mix Lab has mental abilities comparable to a two-year-old child.

Border Collie Lab Mix Temperament

This breed is known for having some positive and unique personality traits. First thing first, Boradors are extremely intelligent and they have some mental abilities that will leave you speechless because you will feel like you are talking to a toddler. This breed is attentive, friendly, and loving.

Also, they are easy to train, especially since they have the Labrador’s need to please. Plus, since they are partly Border Collies who were bred for herding sheep, they love obedience work and are the happiest when following orders.

Border Collie Lab Mix Socialization

If you want to raise a happy, outgoing and healthy dog, early socialization is the key. Moreover, socialization is important for heaving a properly trained dog. With early socialization, you will be able to faster and better train your dog. Socialization involves exposing your puppy to other dogs and different people when they are young.

When you do this you are teaching your dog not to be scared of other or bigger dogs and to behave around new people and dogs. Perfectly, socialization should begin when your puppy is between 3 and 14 weeks of age. Luckily, both Labrador and Collie are known for their easy and kind temperament, so socialization would be easy and effective.

Is A Border Collie Lab Mix A Good Family Dog?

Yes, Borador makes a great family dog. Just think about parents traits, they are friendly and people-oriented. That’s why you can expect your Borador to be loyal and eager to play at any time. They will be great with children. Borador will keep kids busy and entertained. Besides, they will love them unconditionally.

However, you should be careful if you have small children, or toddlers, because this breed has traits (from Collie) of herding animals their size or smaller, so they will try to herd them if they move around a lot or run. Therefore, make sure that you teach your dog how to act around kids and vice versa.

Border Collie Mix Lab: Training

Labradors and Border Collies are dogs with high levels of intelligence. They both love to be entertained and become bored easily, so proper training is mandatory if you want to have a well-behaved and trained dog.

You need to form training that will encourage activity and agility next to good behavior. Many different programs should help you with training. Keep in mind that positive reinforcement or training based on reward is best for your dog.

Training is effective, but it can reduce the frequent problem behaviors and anxiety issues.

Luckily, this breed is real food lover, so they are strongly motivated by food and you can use that as an advantage when it comes to training and shape training sessions that involve favorite snacks or meals. But, be careful, because using food-based training can increase the risk of weight gain.

Borador’s love to be mentally challenged, so you can use a puzzle toy to get to their nosy nature. The most important thing with training is consistency because the learning process is not quick and Borador will crave the same level of routine.

With the right kind of training, your dog will become the best family member ever, you just have to be persistent. Always avoid negative reinforcement, or any kind of painful stimulants, because this can lead to several trust and anxiety issues for the dog.

Overall, Borador is a dog that loves to play, run, and expand the energy for hours each day.

Quick tip: They love to chew and to chase anything that moves, so it would be a good idea to beat these behaviors before they become well-established.

Border Collie Mix Lab: Exercise

This breed is extremely active, and they got it mostly from the Border Collie side, meaning that your canine will probably run off to anything that moves. With that being said, this dog needs a strong and regular exercise regime. A simple walk each day is not going to cut it.

You will have to emerge yourself into more serious and physically demanding exercises to keep your dog happy and tired. Think about an outdoor jog, free playtime in the backyard, hiking and similar. Your dog will be the happiest with at least two hours of physical activity every day. This way you will stay fit as well!

It’s important to note that most breeds are predisposed to certain ailments or illnesses and helping them stay active you are helping them stay healthier. This can affect the ability of exercise of your dog, so you should consider the breed’s health too when you are planning training.

Border Collie Mix Lab: Health

Border Collie Mix Lab is a long-living breed, as they live for 14-15 years. Just like with any other mix breed, you should look at the parent’s traits if you want to know from what your Borador may suffer from. The most notable disease a Borador can suffer from is usually linked with hips, eye, or elbows.

  1. Elbow dysplasia – this condition ultimately leads to progressive arthritis. This condition can’t be cured, but luckily it can be well managed. The number of patients demonstrated a good long term prognosis and concrete outcomes with a proper combination of surgical and medical management.
  2. Hip dysplasia – another condition that can lead to arthritis and can cause crippling lethargy. In dogs, hip dysplasia is an abnormal formation of the hip socket that can cause crippling lameness and painful arthritis of the joints. Overall, this is a genetic trait that is affected by numerous environmental factors.
  3. Hypothyroidism – this condition occurs when your dog’s body produces too much of the thyroid hormone which can increase dog’s metabolic rate to dangerous levels. Overall, this disease is rare in dogs and is more common in cats. When this condition affect dogs it is usually serious and some of the most common symptom is weight loss.
  4. Skin disease – this type of diseases is common in mixed breeds when they parents are known for suffering from a number of different skin diseases. The same goes for Borador, so you should really look at grooming as a beneficial practice that can help you notice anything strange on skin and even prevent some conditions.

In addition, you should keep an eye for any signs of these health issues and always ask your veterinarian if you have any doubts. And overall, you can expect for your Borador to live for 14-15 years.

Border Collie Mix Lab: Grooming

Surprisingly, this breed is pretty low maintenance when it comes to grooming. You should brush your dog a few times a week and bath when necessary or after the play in the mud. If you prefer, you can always take him to the professional groomer, just expect to set aside at least $30 for the basic service, such as nail trimming.

On the other hand, if you prefer to do it on your own, just stay informed on the grooming your dog topic.

Just like any other dog you should keep his ears and teeth clean, and have puppy vaccination on schedule. If you start with proper grooming technique as a puppy, it will be much easier to groom your dog once he is fully grown.

With this breed, shedding is not a huge issue and just brushing won’t take much of your time. Always use a pin or a bristle brush for grooming once or twice a week and use a slicker brush to remove any mats that you see. Brushing is also a great way to strengthen your bond through increased physical contact.

Due to the Labradors waxy ears, your dog will need regular ears cleaning of the inside of the ear. Just make sure that you do it gently and with a damp cloth. Borador’s are prone to having ear infections, so you should regularly check their ears.

Again, if you don’t feel comfortable with grooming your dog you can ask for professional grooming service.

Border Collie Mix Lab – Key Takeaways

Borador or the Border Collie Mix Lab has so much to offer. He is a great work companion and children’s best friend. This dog is suitable for the entire family and it’s challenging to find a dog as smart, lovable and empathetic as the Borador is.

Besides, this breed doesn’t come with high maintenance standards, so you won’t spend too much of your time grooming your dog. However,m you will spend a significant amount of time outside, keeping your Borador active and happy.

Simply said, with this breed you won’t have an excuse not to work out. So, if you are looking for a dog who is loving, gentle with children, and makes a great exercise partner, Borador just might be your next dog.