15 Amazing Facts About Puggle

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
The Puggle, or the Pug and Beagle mix, is a healthy and outgoing small dog that loves spending time outside and with its family. Read on and discover what makes this breed unique.

Puggle is as a designer dog, a mix between a Pug and a Beagle. This breed is known for being a social and affectionate dog. It’s for their adorable personality and unique appearance that they became extremely popular in the States.

Regardless of this, Puggle is nowadays known for its irresistible charm. Simply said, Puggle got the best from its parents. But, there is much more to this cross breed than their cute and playful nature.

Take a look on 15 facts about this action-packed pug-beagle cross and learn if Puggle just might be your next favorite dog.

1. Beagle Meets Pug

When a Beagle meets a Pug, a Puggle is born. So, Puggle is a crossbreed between popular Pug and Beagle (purebred parents). The beauty of getting a crossbred dog, or a designer dog, if you prefer, is that you actually never know what kind of a dog you are going to get.

Simply said, genetics works its own way, and that is something that you can’t predict. What does it really mean in reality? It means that your Puggle may not look exactly like you are imagining him to be. A puggle could inherit more of Pug’s traits, or could look more like a Beagle. And that’s the beauty of it, crossbreeds are always a surprise!

But, if you are still confused about how a Beagle and a Pug can actually be bred the process is rather easy: Puggles are usually bred from a male pug with a female beagle or puggle to puggle. It’s extremely rare to find breeders mating female pugs and male beagles.

Why? Due to the size difference. The female Pug is just too small to carry and deliver bigger sized pups.

2. Puggle Is A Young Breed

Puggles were first created in the ’80s. Therefore, they are extremely young. The first Puggle was introduced to the world in the 1980s by Wallace Havens, a Wisconsin based breeder. He is also the one who coined the name ‘puggle’.

Moreover, he was the first one to register the crossbreed with the American Canine Hybrid Club – responsible for tracking crossbred dogs. However, they are still not recognized as a formal breed of dog by dog associations or kennel clubs, such as American Kennel Club.

It will take many more Puggle generations of pure breed puggle to puggle in the puppy gene pool before they may be recognized as purebred dogs. Their popularity grows every day, so we are sure that one day, this breed will get its ‘official recognition’.

3. They Are Small Dogs

Just like its parents, Puggle is a rather petite dog. Their weight is usually between 6-8kg (14-18lb), while their height is between 25-33cm (10-13 inches), making them smaller than Beagles in terms of height. They can also be the exact size of their Pug parent.

However, they usually turn out to be much bigger than people originally planned them to be. That’s the thing about mixed breeds – you don’t know what you can get. They might be a small dog breed, but don’t let their size fool you as they are extremely active and playful canines.

4. They Are All Different

If you really want to share your life with a Beagle or with a Pug, then you should get a Beagle or a Pug, and not a mix. This breed is all about surprises, and you never know how your pup will turn out to be, both in puppyhood and in adult life. Each Puggle is different, in terms of physical appearance and temperament. Just like humans.

So, your Puggle can inherit the classic look and have tan colors of the Pug. On the other hand, he can inherit one or many colors that are natural to Beagles.

Interestingly, there are even all-black Puggles or even a Puggle with a Beagle’s dapper white markings in different places on the body. Furthermore, Puggles are always short-coated.

5. Puggles Are Great Companion Dogs

Pugs were bred to be lap dogs and companion dogs, so no wonder that this interesting breed is a proud owner of that treat as well. Therefore, Puggles are amazing companion dogs. They are even called ‘little shadows’ because they are always following their owners. Simply said, they just love affection and love that their family members have for them.

They are active, playful and happy dogs. Puggles are also extremely curious and will always find even the smallest things very interesting. And no matter how big your place is you will always feel his presence.

6. Puggles Are Super Friendly

It is always hard to say how a dog’s personality will turn out, but one thing is for sure, and that’s that Puggle’s personalities are super social. They love to be around their owners running in the park or watching favorite TV show all day inside the house. In general, Puggles are affectionate, outgoing and friendly with both humans and dogs.

But, if you stop showering him with love be ready to hear him roar, as they don’t like when they are not in the center of attention. So, make sure to have regulars walks and that you spend an appropriate amount of time with your Puggle.

7. They Are Great With Other Dogs

As a social breed, Puggles are great with other dogs as well, and can get along pretty well even with puppies. But, that doesn’t mean your Puggle doesn’t need a proper early socialization. Making sure you socialize your Puggle on time and having a strict routine with frequent walks and sufficient time for playing in the doggie park, will make your Puggle almost every dog’s best friend.

However, bear in mind that each dog is individual, so if your dogs show any sign of aggression try to see what lead to this behavior or ask for professional help.

8. Don’t Leave Them With Cats

If you are both dog and feline lover, maybe you should re-think about your decision of welcoming Puggle into your home. Although they are social, outgoing, and great with other dogs, the same principle doesn’t apply when it comes to cats. You see, when you are having a designer dog you should always bear in mind its parents traits because your dog will inherit both sides. In this case, your Puggle may have stronger Beagle chase instincts that may try to take over.

Don’t forget – the Beagle is after all a hound dog. Therefore, he just may try to hunt your feline. However, there are slight chances of Puggles and cats living together if they are both raised from day one together. Even in that case, it is not recommended.

9. They Are Not One-Owner Dogs

With such an outgoing nature it is difficult to imagine that Puggle saves only one person for himself. After all, they love every attention that they can get – the more, the merrier, in their case. So, they will see an entire family as their pack and own them. They will demand an equal amount of love and attention from everyone, including children.

So, if you are expecting to have one-man dog, like a Basenji, that’s simply not the case with Puggles. You will get a more pack-needed dog like the White Husky. But, don’t think that Puggle won’t display jealousy if you come home with a smell of another dog.

10. Puggles Love To Eat

Dogs are known for loving to eat, especially human food, but it doesn’t mean that they should eat it. After all, there is some food that dogs shouldn’t eat at all. And Puggles don’t care about it actually. They just LOVE TO EAT… whatever, wherever, whenever! Their strong appetite goes beyond normal food balance and nutritional value.

So, you should be well informed about how much your dog can eat and what he can actually eat. As a responsible dog owner, you should have basic knowledge of a dog’s proper nutrition. That is the best way to keep your Puggle happy and healthy.

11. They Can Suffer From Obesity

As a breed that loves to eat so much, and will eat almost anything, obesity is a likely threat. If you don’t take care about proper nutrition, your small Puggle can easily get too fat and become a can’t-move-dog in short period of time. This should go without saying, but the truth is that obesity can lead to numerous health problems in dogs.

So, make sure to offer proper diet and regular exercise practice so your dog can avoid any back leg weakness, and problems like heart disease. Also having regular veterinarian check-ups and staying up-to-date on the vaccination schedule will ensure a better health and stronger immune system to your Puggle.

12. They Are Stubborn

Puggles are an intelligent crossbreed and it makes them easy to train. After all, they are their parents’ mix, so they have the tendency to be stubborn. Therefore, it is important to start training early and to create fun, short and interesting training sessions. Just mix it up a little and cut shorter sessions with a little playtime.

Your Puggle will love those moments and won’t lose interest in training. When they demonstrate their stubbornness remember that they are food-oriented and that even the most stubborn dog will pay attention if you offer tasty treats! (just don’t go overboard with treats because of obesity risks)

In addition, praise your Puggle a lot – that will make them so happy and a real people pleaser.

13. They Shed A Lot

Surprisingly, although Puggle is a breed with short coat, they shed a lot. Actually, there are Puggles that can shed so much that you can supply another dog with fur. So, grooming needs to be done properly here. Spend 5 minutes twice a week brushing your dog’s coat. Make sure that you use a soft-bristle brush.

This brush is a mandatory grooming tool for all Puggle owners. This will help your dog to have a healthier and shinier coat.

In addition, it will help you bond and communicate with your dog on a whole different level. Furthermore, this is a great way to check the dog’s skin for any unusual marks.

Grooming your dog should also include checking your dog’s ears regularly, and providing regular baths. If you are not a fan of commercial shampoos go for a homemade shampoo option that will save you time and money.

14. They Can Have A Fair Number Of Health Issues

In average, Puggles can live between 10-15 years. However, during that period they can go through a number of health challenges because of their parents’ genes.

In this case, Pug genetics is what can bring a lot of potential health issues in Puggles too. For instance, eye problems are quite often in pugs, because of their big, round eyes. However, Beagles can also develop eye issues such as cherry eyes, which is why you should especially pay attention to keep your Puggle’s eyes debris-free and clean.

In addition, a number of health conditions may be inherited, including hip dysplasia, or respiratory issues. Puggles can sometimes suffer from food and environmental allergies.

Just like other purebred brachycephalic breeds, Puggles need to be treated with a lot of attention and care because of their short muzzles that can cause certain health issues. Make sure you offer the right amount of regular exercise (don’t exaggerate), and offer proper nutrition, and that will be the best way to prevent most of potential health conditions that Puggles can get.

15. They Live In Hollywood

One of the most known movie celebrities couldn’t resist this amazing breed, so Puggles are often seen on the red carpet. Some of them even have massive pet insurance.

So, proud celebrity Puggle owners include Sylvester Stallone, Uma Thurman, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Kelly Osborne. Thanks to them this breed is getting more and more popular each day.