15 Dogs That Look Like Boxers – Listed

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
Boxers are smart and highly-trainable dogs that dog lovers adore. What about their mixes? Do they have famous Boxer traits as well? This article discovers it.

Dogs that look like Boxers are commonly mixed breeds. They are known for having famous and friendly Boxers in their blood and often another famous dog parent: from Great Dane to Bullmastiff.

Yet, there are purebred breeds that just resemble famous Boxers.

Why? In most cases, they had an ancient relative but they developed as two breeds over time.

Since Boxers are packed with many treats that people appreciate and love, it seems only fitting that they would love to see more Boxers in other dog breeds as well.

This is why dog breeders decided to combine popular Boxers with other breeds and create one-of-a-kind mixes.

If you love large-size dogs you should think about getting a Boxer, but first, let’s check dog breeds that look like Boxers.

Boxer and Beagle Mix: The Boggle

As you may guess already, the Boggle is a mix between a Boxer and a Beagle.

When breeders combined these two dog breeds the result was a small-sized dog with a friendly Boxer-like face.

As usual, as is the case with mixed breeds, Boggle may resemble more Beagle or Boxer, and no one can predict precisely just how your puppy may look exactly.

From the Beagle side, this hybrid breed usually inherits the playfulness that Boxers are best known for.

Boggle goes under many names, including Bogel, Boxel, Bogle, and Beagle Box. This mixed dog will be great at guarding duties and enjoying every family activity.

Boxer and Bulldog Mix: The Bull Boxer

If you are a Boxer fan already you know that this breed comes with some of the best qualities that people want to see in dogs.

They are people-pleasers, great to be around, and nothing excites them more than a nice playtime.

Next to them Bulldogs are equally fun to be around, playful, and love people. Plus, both breeds are great when it comes to being around children.

Thanks to these traits and many others, breeders decided to cross them, and create a Valley Bulldog, an incredibly friendly breed.

These Bulldogs are highly energetic which is why they are not recommended for first time dog owners.

Valley Bulldogs are much smaller than Boxers but have the same energy levels, which makes them great family dogs for active families.

Boxer and Golden Retriever Mix

No special name for this breed? No! They may be known only as Boxer and Golden Retriever Mix, but you will love them as if they are having the best name ever.

Did you just get this breed and you are not sure how to name your pooch? If that is the case use dog name ideas that are already there and go from there. You will have the perfect name in no time.

This mix will usually have the gentleness of the Golden Retriever, and Boxer’s affection and friendliness.

All in all, these dogs should be highly emotional and loving. Do not think that them being super cute means that they won’t protect you.

Boxer and Golden Retriever Mix will keep you safe no matter what. Anything that is perceived as a threat, will inspire them to move.

Boxer and Labrador Mix: The Boxador

Boxers are naturally great with other dogs, even small breeds. In the same manner, Labrador Retriever love having furry playmates around.

Both Boxers and Labrador Retrievers are great family dogs who are great indoor pets.

Both breeds are protective and are among the most popular dog breeds across the States. Their mix, simply named Boxador is a perfect mix of both parents.

Boxador is an energetic dog who loves being around his family members.

Boxador is always a medium to large size dog that is not only intelligent but eager to please.

Miniature Boxer

Miniature Boxers are actually a mix between a Boxer and a Boston Terrier, that will resemble the Boxer’s short face and underbites.

Miniature Boxers are less energetic than Boxers, but they will have equally welcoming temperaments.

Just like their Boston Terrier parent, Miniature Boxers are very compact and well-balanced little dogs who love to be around people.

If you decide to get this mix you can expect your Miniature Boxer to be playful, energetic, and always ready for an adventure.

Can you expect Miniature Boxer to be packed with high energy levels like Boxer is? Yes, Mini tend to be a breed of high energy levels.

Boxer and Rottweiler Mix: The Boxweiler

Rottweiler is a great working dog, who is gentle with children.

They are great dogs for experienced dog owners and for those who know their way around large-size dogs.

When mixed with Boxer, Rottweiler is a breed parent to Boxweiler. This mixed breed may not be large like Boxers are, but they will catch your eye.

They will vary in size, while some may have even up to 100 pounds. Will Boxweiler be a protective dog? Most definitely, as they have Rottweiler in them, one of the best guard dog breeds alive.

They may even tend to be overprotective, which is something that you should address during the training phase.

Boxer and Great Dane Mix: The Boxane

Sweet Boxane is a mix between two large breeds, Boxer and Great Dane.

In fact, Great Dane is considered to be a giant dog. After all, how many dog breeds do you actually know who can grab food from the kitchen counter?

Both Boxer and Great Dane might do, although Great Dane is better at snitching food.

Boxane is a sweet dog, with a muscular and powerful appearance. They will usually have Boxer’s squarish head and muscular body.

They may look a bit intimidating, but they are true softeners. Their favorite activity? Cuddling next to you.


Did you know that Bullmastiff is a breed without any Boxer ancestry?

If that’s the case, you may ask – why is this breed on this list then? Well, they resemble the Boxers in their appearance. This is a brachycephalic breed, just like Pugs, and has flat faces.

As such they are prone to heatstroke and have difficulties breathing in extreme temperatures.

With brachycephalic breeds, it’s crucial not to over-exercise them. Bullmastiff is muscular and powerful dogs with soft personality.

Boxer and Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix: The Bullboxer Staff

Bullboxer Staff is a mix between Boxer and Staffordshire Bull Terrier, also known as Boxer and Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

It is fair to say that Bullboxer Staff is more stocky than the Boxer is. Bullboxer Staff can resemble both parent breeds, and they will be adorable with floppy ears.

They may be aggressive toward other dogs, so make sure that supervise any interaction when with other dogs.

As for the humans, Bullboxer Staff will be devoted, loyal, and affectionate.

Boxer and Saint Bernard Mix: The Saint Berxer

Saint Berxer is a large size dog that may weigh up to 100 pounds. They may vary a bit in appearance, but they will mostly have Boxer faces.

As a mix between St. Bernard and Boxer, the Saint Berxer will have the best qualities of both parents, including Boxer’s fawn color. They will be great family dogs and will fit families of any size.

Since they can grow to be large in height and weight if you have children make sure that you supervise their interaction.

Children should know how to behave around dogs, and understand that they are territorial begins, who shouldn’t be disturbed while eating, drinking, resting, or sleeping.

Boxer and Boston Terrier: Boston Boxer

Boston Boxer is a mix between equally famous Boxer and Boston Terrier. As a terrier mix, you can expect to see moments of high energy in this breed.

They are a mixed breed that will inherit the best traits of their parents. Boston Boxer is known as the Miniature Boxer or Mini Boxer, that is how much they resemble friendly Boxers.

As such, Boston Boxer is often recommended as a companion dog, and never as a working breed.

If you know for sure that Boston Boxer is a breed for you, you should know that you should invest between $500 and $2,000.

They are among the most popular dog mixed nowadays, so make sure that you find a reputable and What Is A Responsible Dog Breeder?responsible dog breeder.

Continental Bulldog

Next to Bullmastiff, Continental Bulldog is the second breed on this list that just resembles Boxer.

This breed has no Boxer gene, but one looks at its face shows Boxer. Continental Bulldog or Conti, is a newer dog breed of medium body and athletic movement.

This is a well-built dog who is highly agile and active. In appearance, Conti resembles Boxer, while in character Conti should resemble English Bulldog. Just like Boxer, Continental Bulldog has a short coat of fawn color.

Cane Corso

Another breed that resembles a powerful and playful Boxer is Cane Corso. Also known as Italian Mastiff, large Cane Corso can easily reach up to a hundred pounds.

They resemble Boxed in terms of size, especially when you look at their face. The muzzle shape resembles the one on Boxer, especially when viewed from the side.

Cane Corso is a dog for only experienced dog owners, those who know how to handle physically powerful dogs.

Cane Corso isn’t suitable for novice owners, but they are in general amazing dogs who with the right upbringing will grow up to be loyal, affectionate, and reliable dogs.

Olde English Bulldogge

Unfortunately, Olde English Bulldogge is a very rare breed. This breed was developed in England from around 1600 to 1700.

Olde English Bulldogge is the ancestor of many bully breeds, including the American and English Bulldog.

This is an American dog breed, that is quite pricey. They are gaining more and more popularity with each passing day, but they remain a rare breed.

As it commonly happens with rare breeds, getting this breed will be pricey. That being said, you can expect to invest about $4,000 into getting this breed.

English Mastiff

Among Mastiff-type dogs, English Mastiff is the largest one. This dog resembles a playful Boxer, although this breed is more of a low-energy breed.

If you look really closely at English Mastiff’s face you will see Boxer (check carefully eyes, jaws, mask, and frame). This is a large breed in size, but they are truly goofy dogs.

They will love being around other pets, as long as they are well-introduced at an early age.

If you want English Mastiff, and you have children, especially toddlers, you should be careful when they interact.

He may be a huge child lover, but his size can cause mishaps, which is why you Houd always supervise interaction between dogs and children.

Dogs That Look Like Boxers – Conclusion

Boxer is a great dog breed with some of the best traits that dog lovers want to see in dogs.

If you love Boxers or if you already own a Boxer, you know what we are talking about.

Boxers are great dogs. They are playful, and great around children, and nothing excites them more than a nice run or playtime.

If you want a classic Boxer appearance and famous Boxer traits then you should get a Boxer.

Not sure if Boxer is for you, or you should get another breed? If that is the case, you should conduct a throughout compression on different breeds.

Start by using this compare dog breeds tool to find a breed that suits your home and lifestyle the best.

If you don’t care whether your dog is purebred or not, but you still want highly appreciated Boxer traits, you should think about getting a Boxer mix.

If getting this type of breed isn’t something that you are specifically searching for, you can think about getting a dog that only resembles Boxer in some kind of appearance, as Cane Corso does.

If you are serious about getting a dog and you are ready for this year-long commitment, you can either buy or adopt a dog.

If you’re buying a dog make sure that you deal with responsible dog breeders only. Another option is to adopt a dog which is beyond a humane thing to do.

Whichever path you decide to go, know that you will have to invest time, energy, and finances into creating the best possible conditions for your dog.

In return, you will get unconditional love. After all, a great canine companion requires great care.

Frequently Asked Questions On Dogs That Look Like Boxers

1. What Dog Breeds Look Like A Boxer?

Mixed breeds with Boxer as one parent are breeds that resemble Boxer the most. Many would say that Miniature Boxer resembles Boxer the most.

This breed is similar to Boxer in terms of personality as well, making it one of the best companion dogs breeds around.

2. What Dog Looks Like A Boxer But Smaller?

Boston Boxer and Miniature Boxer are two dog breeds that resemble the Boxer the most but in a smaller size. These are small-size dogs with some of the finest Boxer traits.

3. What Is The Smallest Boxer Dog In The World?

English Boxer is considered to be the smallest boxer breed. This is a medium to large-size dog with short hair and an average height of 22 inches.

4. How Do You Get A Miniature Boxer?

Miniature Boxer is a very popular breed due to their traits and small size. As such, they are great for city life and apartment living.

Still, like with any designed breed you need to be careful when it comes to finding a reputable breeder.

Bear in mind that a Miniature Boxer is a Boxer bred to be small in size, so always ask breeders for a health certificate.

As soon as you get your Miniature Boxer make sure that you schedule an appointment with your veterinarian.

How much is a Mini Boxer? On average, Mini Boxer can cost you between $450 to $2,000 without ongoing expenses.

5. What Dogs Are Related To Boxers?

Breeds that are most related to Boxers are Bulldog and Mastiff. Dog historians claim that Boxers are related to ancient Assyrians, strong and brave dogs.