Do Schnauzers Shed?

Are you thinking of buying a Schnauzer? Before taking the step, make sure to inform yourself as much as possible about the breed you're buying. In this text we're looking into the important question of shedding. Read more and find out if Schnauzers shed or not!

You really want to buy a dog but don’t like the idea of cleaning up hair from your dog’s coat all the time?

Are you wondering if a Schnauzer would fit into this plan?

Are Schnauzers heavy shedders?

Are you one of those dog lovers who like almost everything about dogs, except the fact that they shed or smell bad? Don’t you just want to enjoy being a dog owner without having to deal with hair all over the place?

Fortunately, this is possible! Check out our list of dogs that don’t shed and find out which one is perfect for you!

However, if you already have your mind set on one breed, the Schnauzer in this case, scroll down and find out if this cute dog is apartment appropriate!

Do Schnauzers Shed?

The answer to this question is – yes. However, they shed very little. Even if some people who have Schnauzers claim they don’t shed, this is not completely true as all dogs with fur and coat shed.

The only difference is in the amount they’re shedding. Sometimes the shedding is so light you don’t even think about it while with some dogs it’s all you seem to notice.

Why Don’t Schnauzers Shed Much?

Schnauzers are double-coated, like many other dogs. When this is the case, they will usually shed their inner-coat at the beginning of the spring. Then they grow a new coat during winter.

However, this is not the case with Schnauzers. They don’t shed this amount of hair, which is why most owners claim that their Schnauzers don’t shed. They don’t even notice it!

How much they shed will also depend on their size!

3 Types Of Schnauzers

There are actually three types of schnauzers. The miniature, the standard and the giant schnauzer. As you can probably guess, the name reveals their size. The miniature is the smallest one and they’re the most common ones.

As these three types are different, the shedding will be different as well.

Let’s take a look at all three types!

Miniature Schnauzer

The smallest schnauzer has a double coat. The outer one is coarse and wiry, while the undercoat is soft and fluffy. These miniature dogs shed very little and they’re also one of those great dogs that don’t produce much smell.

However, they do need regular grooming and maintenance. When it comes to this breed, regular maintenance means brushing him at least twice a week in order to prevent matting.

When it comes to grooming, having him trimmed with clippers every six to eight weeks by a professional groomer will do wonders for your mini. The coat will be softer and maybe even lighter in color with regular care.

Standard Schnauzer

The standard schnauzer is very similar to the miniature one, except the size of course. When it comes to the coat, it’s pretty much the same as the coat of their smaller version.

It also has a double coat, which makes them shed very little and they require pretty much the same grooming and care. If you’re not a fan of small dogs, but still don’t want your dog to ruin your apartment, this dog might be a good solution for you.

Giant Schnauzer

When it comes to the largest of the three, their coat is the same type as the previous two. But, just because of their size, their shedding is more noticeable than what it is with miniature and standard schnauzers.

Of course, it’s not as bad as breeds that shed the most, like collies or shepherds, but you will still notice hair falling off. But don’t despair; there are ways to keep it down to a minimum!

How do I regulate the shedding?

If you’re good at brushing and grooming your Schnauzer and do it regularly, you will manage to keep down to a minimum. You can’t stop it completely of course, and you will most likely find hair on carpets, floors and so, but you will still see a difference.

Check out some of our tips for grooming and maintenance!

Schnauzer Grooming Tips

The wiry coat is rather easy to groom and maintain and should be done regularly! In order to prevent mats from occurring, daily maintenance with a wire brush are the best way to go. If mats were to appear, they should be cut away.

The coat should be cut in the spring and fall, as that’s the time they shed the most. The hair around the eyes and ears should be trimmed on regular basis with blunt-nosed scissors.

Clean the whiskers after the meals. Make sure to be very careful, as eyes and ears are very sensitive.

Clipping and trimming your Schnauzer will reduce the shedding noticeably. Follow these tips and you won’t even notice it!

However, it can happen that you notice your dog shedding even though you’ve done your research and know that Schnauzers shouldn’t shed much.

Why Is My Schnauzer Shedding?

What factors can affect if your schnauzer is going to shed and how much?

The shedding depends a lot on genetic factors. In other words, if the parents of your dog didn’t shed much you’re lucky as it will probably be the same for their kids as well. So, when you’re buying a Schnauzer, make sure to ask the breeder whether the parents were large shredders or not, if this is an important issue for you.

Also, even though schnauzers in general don’t shed much, it can happen that they shed an unusual large amount. This is mainly when they’re stressed. For instance, a young schnauzer you’ve just bought will probably be a bit stressed and shed all over your car seat. Don’t worry, this is normal and will not happen often, if at all!


Yes, Schnauzers shed like all dogs. However, they shed much less than some other dogs and this will probably not be a problem. Also, the bigger the Schnauzer, the more it sheds.

Make sure to inform yourself about the size, its parents and don’t forget to groom and maintain its coat. The Schnauzer is a dog that doesn’t smell or shed much so you can consider yourself a lucky future Schnauzer-owner!