Walking Dogs in Rain: Seven Key Tips

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
Walk on a rainy day doesn't have to be a stressful experience. Read on to learn how to master walking your dog on a rainy day.

Dogs love being outdoors. They love exploring the world and the next street corner.

You might be tired of the same scenery day after day, but your dog doesn’t care about that.

Your canine might go through the same street over and over again and he won’t mind, because he focuses on the smell.

Dog’s most powerful tool is his nose, and they use it to get familiar with space, people, and other animals.

Thanks to their ability to sniff, they can find their way home. So, any walk – no matter how short it may be – is a real adventure to your canine. Plus, walks are mandatory to keep your dog healthy and happy.

On top of that, walks are a great way to give your dog the exercise he needs. Some days are better for a calm stroll than others are.

There are dogs that really love water and won’t mind running in the rain, while there are those who can’t stand a single drop of water on their back.

They are so against walking in the rain, that they would hold on and miss the toilet for hours.

Yet, this isn’t a healthy habit, and your dog should be taught to go out even on rainy days also, at least for a few minutes to do his business.

Here is how to make walking your dog in the rain a practical and fun experience.

Walking In The Rain Tips

Dog owners know that once you get a dog, you need to do whatever is in your power to keep him happy and healhty.

That includes walking in the rain. Therefore, most dog owners will have no issues walking their dogs all year round.

You may love the rain or hate it, but you can’t avoid it as a dog owner. Here is how to stay dry, all year round.

Weather-appropriate Clothing

You shouldn’t avoid rainy days. Yes, rainy days are more challenging when you have a pet, especially if your pet has a white coat like Pomeranian, or White Swiss Shepherd.

Although you should think about cleaning paws and stomach cleaning, you shouldn’t forget about your own outfit first.

You shouldn’t get sick. Who would take care of your dog if you can’t leave your home?! Think about that and dress well.

Make sure that you invest in weather-appropriate clothing for both you and your dog.

There are many models to choose from raincoats and rain boots for your canine. These items are carefully designed to keep them dry and happy.

Plus, they really look adorable with a raincoat on, including large dog breeds such as the Caucasian Shepherd dog.

Take Extra Care of Paws

Dog boots are great gear when it’s snowing. Dogs’ paws are sensitive and industrial salt spread on the streets can harm their paws.

They may be inflamed, and a strong feeling of information can occur, that must be treated with specific medications.

To avoid this, veterinarians recommend using winter/rainy boots when their is snow.

Yet, some owners choose to put boots on their dogs even when it’s raining. Before you decide to do this, know that dogs prefer their paws free of extra clothing.

Once you return from your walk, make sure that you clean the paws properly and dry them well. It’s best to use a soft wet cloth. For extra protection and healthier paws, you can shop paws protectors.

Think About Visibility

Rain usually comes with bad weather. The light is often non-existing when it rains, plus it can be challenging to see clearly outside your car when heavy rain pours.

With that in mind, you should think about visibility. In fact, visibility is one of the most important aspects of walking dogs in rain.

If you and your puppy are protected and easy to spot, you are in fact safe from a potentially unsafe situation.

Have at least one cloth item with reflective strips on your gear, to make sure that you are visible in traffic.

For your dog, you can have a lighting collar or a vest with reflective straps on.

Make The Walks Short and Sweet

Long walks are usually reserved for warmer days of the year, so you don’t have to force them during the rainy ones.

Your dog’s safety and comfort come first, so if there is heavy rain, short the walk.

It should be long until your dog wished to go inside. It’s usually enough to let him go to the toilet, they will be ready to be a couch potato for the rest of the day.

Since dogs love paying, on rainy days you should focus on indoor games. There are great ways to keep your dog entertained indoors as well.

As a general rule, you should monitor your dog’s behavior and respect this wish, and never force him to stay outside longer than needed.

If your dog is uncomfortable with the conditions, make enough place for their safety and health.

Go to the Dog Park (By Car)

If you want to reduce exposure to the rain as much as possible, you should ride a car.

You can give your dog a ride to the dog park, have fun there, and head home to a dry and warm place.

While in the dog park, you can probably find a sheltered area or stay inside the car while your dog enjoys his playtime.

It tends to be muddy in the dog park, so bring enough towels to clean your canine before he jumps back into the car.

Beware of Puddles

Dogs love messy areas. In fact, the bigger the puddle, the more fun they will have. To you, drinking out of a muddy puddle can seem disgusting, but for them it’s perfect.

To avoid a complete disaster, keep your dog on a short leash when walking past puddles.

Rain brings debris, dirt, and oils and they join in and end up in stagnant puddles. In some cases, dogs can contract leptospirosis (an infectious bacteria disease) or other diseases.

Keeping Your Car and Home Clean and Dry

As mentioned earlier, always have a wet towel for paws cleaning. During the winter days, having a dry one will help tremendously. You need to dry those paws and legs, and probably the stomach area, properly.

If your dog has long hair, you might think about blow-drying if your dog allows it. It’s important to dry your dog as soon as you come home.

Think about house rules – where your dog can go when his fur is wet? You should train him not to jump on the couch until he is completely dry.

Blocking other areas can be helpful as well, like blocking access to bedrooms. Don’t forget to use a car seat covering when heading to a dog park on a rainy day.

These seat covering should trap the hair of dogs that shed a lot, and save your time from washing your car.

Coverings are washable and reusable, making them a must-have dog gear.

The Bottom Line

Dogs are happy to spend time with their owners, regardless of the weather. As long as they feel loved and comfortable they won’t mind walking in bad weather.

Walking in the rain shouldn’t be drama. It’s all about how well you train your dog.

Take it slow, step by step. Have the right rain gear that your dog is comfortable in. With all that, walking in a rain shouldn’t be an issue.

Walking a dog in rain is a mandatory part of being a responsible dog owner, and getting outdoors is beneficial both for you and your dog. Regular walks are mandatory if you want to have a healthy pet. Enjoy every rainy walk!