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10 Surprising Things About Wirehaired Dachshunds You Probably Didn’t Know

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
The Dachshund Wire Hair is a perfect dog for those who are ready to invest their time in training this lively small breed. They have an interesting body shape and size, and they do have a word or two to say to every big dog that they meet.

The Dachshund Wire Hair is known as an active, enthusiastic, and clever dog. It’s impossible to miss this adorable dog if he’s somewhere near you. This breed is friendly and extremely outgoing with new people, so he will make sure that you notice his happy wagging tail.

This Dachshund is different than other Dachshunds, because of its friendly nature and playful attitude toward humans. Explore more about this breed and what makes this little dog unique. Check these 10 facts on Dachshund Wire Hair.

1. They Bark A Lot

Yes, this comes as a surprise, but it’s the truth. For a small breed, Dachshund Wire Hair barks a lot. Moreover, they bark frequent and loud. They will bark on anything that moves or anything that moves and they can’t see it. So, you can expect to hear him often if you are live in a building.

Dachshunds just love to bark. Bear in mind that they are just going their job, from their point of view at least. Originally, Dachshunds were bred to be hunting dogs and just like any other hunting dog, they tend to bark.

Surprisingly, their bark can be loud, regardless of their small size. Also, they really love routine, and any change can lead to them being unhappy. That being said, when unhappy they will bark.

Luckily, you can always prepare well before your puppy or senior Dachshund Wire Hair arrives, and create no-barking environment.

2. They Are Not Dog-Lovers

This small dog comes with a big personality. Their spirit is at least interesting and they are not afraid to show it. With so free spirit they are not afraid to make a stand and stand in front of a bigger dog and start the fight. Dachshund Wire Hair is not a fan of other dogs, especially unknown dogs. If your Dachshund Wire Hair dog meets an unfamiliar dog you can expect a fight. And Dachshund Wire Hair will start it.

So, unless you know the area and you are in a well-secured dog park with familiar dogs, keep your Wire Hair on a leash. Otherwise, you may have to deal with some challenging situations. Also, you need to be around your Dachshund to stop him from provoking other dogs.

If you have another dog or pets at home, you shouldn’t be worried, they will get along just fine. Dachshund Wire Hair is always nice to the animals they consider their family members.

3. They Have A Mind Of Their Own

Yes, you will have to work a lot with this breed. When we say work, we actually think training. They are known for having a mind of their own and for free thinking. Basically, they are stubborn. This trait makes them great hunters, but not perfect family dogs, unless you start training and socialization early. They can easily manipulate their owners.

At first, this behavior may seem cute and adorable, but in no time it will become annoying. If you feel that you need help with training, reach out to professional trainers. But, don’t forget to be very consistent with your own training time and orders. Use positive reinforcement methods and don’ let your Dachshund Wire Hair reach adult phase without knowing the basic commands.

Last, but not least know that if you don’t create a well-behaved Dachshund Wire Hair as a puppy, you will have many problems in the future.

4. They Can Be Destructive

Truth is that Dachshund Wire Hair will easily adapt to his family’s surroundings and his family members. But, he will need some assistance on how to behave. Otherwise, you can expect to experience several difficult and challenging moments.

You should invest serious time in training your Wire Hair. If you leave him alone for an enormous amount of time, you can expect some destructive behavior.

So, think about dog crate and even about creating a doggy door. If you set a doggy door you will make clear access to the yard for proper potty training. Arm yourself with proper training tools, patience and win in this battle of shaping a well-behaved family dog.

5. They Need Special Grooming

Your Dachshund Wire Hair will need special attention when it comes to grooming. You may even want to consult a professional groomer to make sure that you are doing everything correctly.

This small dog has a double coat that consists of a short, soft undercoat with a topcoat of short, and coarse fur. This breed also has rich volume in eyebrows and even a beard on their facts and soft and short fur on their ears. In order to prevent mats and loose fur, they will need a weekly brushing.

You should get familiar with grooming basics and to create a proper grooming routine. For brushing sessions, you can use a hand-strip, a stripping comb, or even combine the two methods to groom his coat. In general, after grooming, the fur of on your wire-haired dachshund’s body should be from 1/2 to 3/4 inch long.

6. They Shed

For a small dog, you can expect a lot of shedding. The truth is that problems with shedding come with long-haired dogs more, but this small is an exception. Dachshunds are in general known for shedding (all three coat types shed). But, Wire Haired do shed less than two other breeds.

Therefore, arm yourself with a good vacuum cleaner and be ready for fast daily vacuuming. Unlike other small breeds that are considered to be hypoallergenic, Wire Haired has a stronger odor, but it’s nothing that can’t be minimized with proper grooming and brushing.

So if you have dog allergies, this breed is not for you.

7. They Love Children

If you are looking for a dog who will be a great companion to your children than you should look no further. Dachshund Wire Hair is crazy about children. As a true extrovert, this breed is full of character and they will love to share their time and energy with youngsters. They are fun-loving dogs, so they will love to run and play.

They will develop a special relationship with children even they are raised properly from childhood, or puppy-hood. Always provide supervise and educate your children on how to behave around dogs. If you do this right, you can expect to have a great friend to your children. Moreover, they make great family dogs, although they are more likely to become devoted to one person in the family – whoever he spends the most time with.

8. They Live Long

There is a general rule that smaller breeds live longer. And that rule is definitely confirmed with this breed. A healthy Wire Haired Dachshund can live as long as 16 years. However, to get to this longevity, you need to know everything that’s in your power to keep your Wire Haired healthy and active.

As a dog owner, you are directly responsible for your dog’s weight. You should keep the dog’s weight under the control and provide proper nutrition. Actually, you should everything you can to avoid obesity. In addition, have weekly check-ups of dog’s gums and teeth. Many veterinarians claim that if you want your dog to live long you should keep the gums healthy.

9. They Need A Lot Of Exercise

Surprisingly, for a small breed, this dog loves to be outside to exercise as long as possible. They are easy-going, so they love meeting people outdoors. Your Dachshund Wire Hair will need at least one hour of exercise every day if you want him to be a happy and healthy dog. They just love outdoors.

Spending time outdoors with your dog will lead to a strong bond between you too and better communication. Moreover, being outdoor is also a great way to keep your Wire Haired mentally stimulated.

He has a great nose, next to a durable frame, and an intense curiosity, meaning that he will use his time outdoor to the maximum. Furthermore, as a hunting breed, he will love to spend time chasing small animals, dog many holes, and run after family members.

10. They Are Prone To Back Problems

Although this is a healthy breed they are prone to some health issues including diabetes and heart problems. Also, due to their long spine and short rib cage, they are prone to back problems.

Be careful not to let them jump or train to jump from furniture, this breed isn’t much of a jumper, and any jump might lead to an injury.

Therefore, it’s not recommended to pick them up in your arms. They don’t like that and it puts their back in risk. After all, their spine (because its a long one) should be supported and not put in danger. When it comes to other possible health problems, they can be avoid if you keep your dog’s weight at normal.