Why Do Dogs Love Mud? Why Dogs Love Rolling In Mud?

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
Discover why dogs enjoy rolling the mud so much. Learn when this activity should be something to be worried about. Read on.

There are some things that dogs do and enjoy very much, that people find at least awkward.

For example, dogs love to roll themselves in muddy areas.

No matter if they are small, large, white-coated or all grey, they will run into that mud as their life depends on it.

They do not care that you will have to bathe them afterward, or that you have to run to the pet store and buy a dog shampoo specially designed for dogs. They just love that fun moment, or at least they look like that.

Do dogs really love mud as they appear to? If yes, why do they love it? Thanks to social media and first-handed experience it is easy to figure that dogs do enjoy running and rolling into the mud – just check any social media video and you will see pure enjoyment on their faces.

Why do dogs love mud? Is it in their blood, or do they just love the smell and they have to react instantly? Or this is maybe something that they learn from other dogs?

So… Why do dogs love mud? Dogs like mud because it has a cooling effect on their bodies.

Dogs will also run to roll into the mud when they are bored or excited, or when they simply want to check that smell and investigate further. Another reason why dogs love to roll in the mud is to hide their scents.

This is a short answer to why dogs love mud, but there is much more behind these reasons and we will elaborate more on that further in this article.

The bottom line is that dogs just enjoy mud for many reasons and no one can deny their love for muddy areas.

Why Do Dogs Love Mud So Much?

Whether you like it or not, if your dog sees a muddy area you can expect to see him rolling in it.

In no time your dog will pull you, or run into it if he is not on the leash. If you want to avoid this sort of situation, it is best to walk your dog on a leash when outside.

If your dog gets close to the mud you can expect him to roll in it. Mud will always cold dogs down and this is something that dogs know instinctually.

1. Cooling Down

Did you know that mud is actually moist? Since mud is moist it helps dogs cool – a coating of mud will always help dogs cool down.

This is something that you can expect them to do most in the summer days, but do not be surprised if your dog rolls in the mud during the colder days as well, as they may enjoy the smell and mud texture.

2. Excitement

Remember when you were a kid and you loved nothing more than jumping in the pond?

Dogs act in a similar way when they see mud. Jumping in the mud is fun, easy to do, and so exciting.

This is why dogs love mud so much, for them it is something fun and exciting that they get to do.

Have you ever noticed the excitement on dogs’ faces when they get to run through the mud?

If not, scroll through social media and be ready to witness some pure happiness.

3. Masking Scents

Dogs love mud as it brings their instincts up front. Tunning into their instincts is something that makes them sure excited and comfortable with their surrounding.

Did you know that wolves have been known to roll in mud to mask their natural scents?

Now, you may ask why would they do this. Wolves developed this behavior so they can mask their natural scents during a hunt.

That is why dogs find it not only hard but also impossible to tune down their urge to roll in the mud.

4. It Is Learned Behavior

Dogs learn continually.

Do you know that dogs are more than capable of mastering basic commands as of eight weeks of age?

This is something that is good to know when it comes to training your dog and helping it become a well-behaved canine citizen.

Dogs learn through training, but they will also learn through their environment.

In practice, this means that if you react positively to mischief your dog will memorize it as something that he should repeat over and over again.

Imagine this scene: your Fido is rolling in the mud and you are rewarding him with a set of extended laughs… Your dog won’t see anything to worry about here.

All that laughter is like a green flag for dogs to continue with their actions.

When you are laughing at your dog rolling in the mud, all that laughter is telling him that rolling in the mud is good behavior.

We know, seeing your dog rolling in the mud is always fun, but honoring this behavior will stick with your Fido even when he reaches his senior years.

5. Your Dog Loves Natural Smells

What is your opinion when it comes to bathing time? Do you often bathe your dog or do you do it only when needed?

If you are not sure when it was the last time when you bathe your dog, it means that you are on a good path.

Dogs should be bathed only when needed, perfectly when they get really dirty.

Dogs have different skin when compared to humans and too frequent bathing time could lead to skin irritation and many skins and coat-related complications.

On the other hand, if you tend to bathe your dog often you may miss more natural smells.

Make sure that when you bathe your dog you are using only shampoos that are specially designed for dogs.

If possible use dog shampoo that doesn’t contain any heavy scents, such as lavender, coconut, or similar aromas that may be repealing for dogs.

It is possible that your dog isn’t fond of perfumed smells. The same applies to dogs who go to groomers too often.

You may love that your dog smells like a rose, but be sure that your dog probably isn’t fond of that smell.

Dogs love natural smells, which is why they won’t think twice about rolling in the mud.

No matter how small a pond of mud might be your dog is more likely to jump in it immediately.

If it were up to dogs they would probably choose a bath in the mud instead of bathing in the bathtub anytime.

Every of the listed reasons is possible.

If your dog has strong affection toward mud know that there is a good reason for that, which leads us to the next section…

Do Dogs Love Dirt?

Simply said, yes, some dogs really like how the mud tastes. If your dog tends to eat mud from time to time, know that he isn’t the only one.

In fact, it is very common for dogs to start munching on mud or dirt, know that there is a good reason for why they are doing it.

Why would dogs like the taste of mud? This is something to be discussed further, but it is possible that your dog might have some nutritional deficiencies in his diet.

If this tends to be an everyday thing, make sure that you talk with your veterinarian.

In general, whenever you notice any sort of unusual behavior in your dog you should monitor him closely and contact your veterinarian.

This is why you should do your best to find the best veterinarian possible. Once you get a dog your veterinarian will be your best friend.

Check below some of the possible reasons why your dog might love eating mud:

  • There is something interesting in the soil
  • It is fun to dig mud
  • Your dog has anemia or pica
  • There might be traced of food
  • There might be traces of a dead animal

Check signs of anemia and pica in dogs so you can know when to react:

  • Anemia in dogs Dogs who experience anemia have little stamina or energy, which is why they often look tired. Some of the symptoms that dogs with anemia may display are weight loss, labored breathing, loss of appetite, and even a faster heart rate.
  • Pica in dogs. Some of the common signs of pica in dogs include vomiting and diarrhea, while secondary symptoms may include lethargy, a loss of appetite, and even excessive drooling. Not sure what pica in dogs is? Pica is a very specific condition in which dogs crave and eat non-food items.

Since eating mud may be an indicator of an underlying health issue make sure that you react when you notice it.

Monitor your dog carefully to see if he displays any signs of other symptoms, and contact your veterinarian accordingly.

Should You Let Your Dog Roll Into The Mud?

If your dog does this once in ages, and you don’t mind bathing him, he is good to go.

Dogs should have some fun time, and if rolling in the mud makes them happy let them be.

However, if you notice your dog eating an enormous amount of mud you should react accordingly.

You are not fond of playing in the mud, but your dog won’t stop rolling his coat in this dirt?> If so, keep on reading, because we will elaborate on how to keep your dog away from the mud.

Keeping Your Dog Away From Mud

Keeping your dog away from mud may require some time and training, but luckily it is something that can be done.

It is fair to say that it is fair to let dogs have fun, but what to do if getting covered in mud isn’t something that you see fit, be ready to deal with it.

Each muddy adventure comes with many challenges, with many including time-consuming training sessions and continuous work.

Do not give up because something just requires extra work and dedication. Plus, with the right set of guidelines, you will be able to get your dog out of the mud in no time.

Here is how you can do it starting today.

1. Distract Your Dog From The Mud

If your dog runs to the first mud after the rain, you need to know that distraction will take you distances.

Knowing your dog and his habits will always speed up the training process and help you have a firmer bond with your dog. That being said, monitor your dog closely after the rain.

Does he runs toward the mud puddle immediately, or there is something that triggers him to do so?

Either way, you should do your best to distract your dog from running toward the first mud.

What can you do? You can try to minimize this urge with another activity, such as a game of fetch, playing tug of war, or any other activity that your Fido enjoys.

2. Train Your Dog To Stay Away From Mud

When you want to achieve something with your dog you should focus on only displaying positive training methods.

Use only positive reinforcement training methods to train your dog to stay away from mud puddles.

One of the most effective ways to do this is to use a sharp sound each time your dog approaches a puddle, and only reward your Fido if he manages to successfully retain it.

Another common way to do this is to walk away from your dog every time he jumps into the mud.

Why is this an effective method? If you do so, you are showing that poor behavior will result in you pulling away. This may sound too simple, but it doesn’t make it less effective.

3. Keep Your Dog On a Leash

It may be tempting to let your dog run on its own, but this may lead to some worrying outcomes.

Not only that your dog may end up rolling in the mud, but he might end up in a fight, or you may break a state’s regulation of not walking dogs on a leash.

Know that leashes are effective when it comes to initial training, while later on, you may upgrade on harness.

Always choose dog accessories based on your dog’s size, activity level, and level of training.

If you know that your dog simply can not resist a good mud puddle, you can always keep him on a leash when you are outside.

Keeping your dog on a leash will allow you to control the dog’s movements throughout your yard, and other areas, pulling them away from areas where they should not be, including muddy spots.

This may demand a bit of extra time in your day, but it will help you keep your Fido clean.

4. Avoid Muddy Walks

If you are going for a walk on a rainy day, make sure that you plan your walking routine carefully.

This means that you should stick to the sidewalks and locations where you know that you won’t come across mud pools.

If you cannot avoid them, at least choose a path that has fewer mud pools.

Of course, be present during your walk, and monitor your surrounding and screen area for any sort of mud pools. When, and if you notice them try to avoid them and keep your dog from jumping in.

5. Give Your Dog A Balanced Diet

If your dog tends to eat mud whenever he gets the chance, it may be an indicator that your dog is missing some nutrients.

It is not uncommon for dogs to eat mud when they miss something about their current diet.

Talk with your veterinarian about getting a check-up and look for a way to provide missing nutrients.

The Bottom Line

Dogs really love rolling in the mud. They will do this for many reasons, but in most cases, they will do it simply because they love it.

Yes, this sort of behavior is often annoying to dog owners who prefer their pups to be clean and well-groomed, but for dogs, mud is (most of the time) just a fun activity.

If your dog loves rolling in the mud, know that kind of behavior can be corrected if you address it the right way.

In fact, this behavior can easily be corrected when you have experience with dog training.

If you need help with handling this behavior make sure that you check the listed tips above, and if you feel like you could use some extra help, make sure that you talk with your veterinarian.