Westiepoo – Full Breed Profile

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
The Westiepoo is a mixed breed dog - a special mix of West Highland White Terrier and Poodle dog breeds. They are smart, active, and playful. Read on to learn more about this tiny dog.
Dog Breed Group:
Mixed Breed Dogs
11 to 17 inches
20 to 35 pounds
Life Span:
12 to 15 years

Breed Characteristics:

Apartment Friendly


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Good For First-Time Owners


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Overall Sensitivity


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Tolerates Being Alone


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Affectionate With Family


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Westiepoo is one of the most beloved hybrid dogs available today.

This small size dog is playful, affectionate, and packed with an enormous amount of charm.

Westiepoo dog is one of a kind. They are beautiful, loyal, and so charming that it’s not possible to resist them.

They are fluffy, a challenge to walk on rainy days, and a true holder of fantastic personalities.

Today, Westiepoo is one of the most popular designed dogs, and for a good reason. They are happy small dogs, with a strong urge to please their family members.

This small companion will do everything in his power to keep his humans entertained, happy, and always ready for a brisk walk.

This little hybrid dog is a family-oriented dog that loves being around people.

Since Westiepoo sheds just a bit, they are the perfect addition to any apartment. City life is made for them, as long as you can provide proper space, a safe environment, and adequate care.

If you already have pets, and you want to add Westiepoo to your home, fear not! Small Westiepoo will adapt perfectly with any animals, especially if they are raised together from his puppyhood.

Quick Facts

Real name: Westiepoo
Other names: Westiedoodle, Wee-Poo
Breed type: Mixed Breed Dogs
Weight: 20 to 35 pounds
Height: 11 to 17 inches
Lifespan: 12 to 15 years
Litter Size: 3 – 6 puppies
Color: Cream, White, Black, Tan
Coat: Dense, wavy, and medium

Westiepoo History

Dog fanciers and lovers across the States claim that adorable Westiepoo originated in the 1990s in the States.

In fact, many believe that small Westiepoo appeared shortly after the Cockapoo was created in the 1960s.

This popular dog is a mixed breed, a mix between famous Poodle and West Highland Terrier. The history of Westiepoo may not be complete, but the history of his parents is well-documented.

To understand better Westiepoo it’s crucial to understand the parent’s breeds first.

West Highland Terrier

West Highland Terrier is a small white dog originally from Scotland.

West Highland Terrier or shortly Westie is a small dog with a big personality.

Suitable for first time dog owners, West Highland Terrier is loyal, affectionate, and entertaining.

For a small breed, this famous dog is highly active.

As a true member of the Terrier family, the West Highland Terrier will demand outdoor time, fun activities, and well-structured training to burn off that extra energy.

This small dog is well-built, with muscled legs, and a deep chest. The overall body is compact. They are huge people lovers, and they love nothing more but to entertain their humans.

This white dog is a perfect match for those who enjoy the outdoors.


Did you know what active Poodle is one of the smartest dog breeds alive?

This highly intelligent dog will master almost any command and still have enough energy to run outside.

They are mostly known for their curly coat that adds to their noble look.

Grooming a Poodle is not an easy task, but it’s definitely worth it. Only by proper grooming techniques, you can have a properly groomed Poodle.

The Poodle is bred in a variety of sizes. They come in larger and tiny sizes, making them one of a kind.

Poodles can be Toy, Miniature, or Standard, and they all have one thing mutual – their standard won’t change no matter how big or small they are. They will always be well-built, have an agile body, and curly coat. For more Poodle mixes check the ultimate list of most diverse Poodle Mixes.

Westiepoo Physical Appearance

Adorable Westiepoo is a compact dog with a well-balanced body.

This breed always has a proportionate head, deep chest, and dark eyes that are rounded and shaped to promote an alert and pleasant expression.

Ears are rarely erect. In fact, most breed members will have ears that flop down and hang on the side of their face.

Noses are always dark and eyes are always big and round. The coat is commonly medium in length and quite wavy.

They will usually have a white coat, although other colors are an option as well, including fawn, cream, apricot, black, or fawn.

Westiepoo Personality

The Westiepoo is a socially, intelligent, and outgoing dog who thrives on human interaction.

This is a loving dog who can easily steal your heart. He won’t mind spending hours making his people happy and entertained.

They are massive people pleasers and they will do their best to keep happiness around them for hours if not days. This isn’t an aggressive dog, but they may show some sort of aggressiveness when irritated.

This is why children whose always know how to behave around dogs and not to disturb them.

No tail pulling, ear-grabbing, or disturbance while wearing or drinking should be an option.

Children must know how to behave around dogs and to follow basic dog rules.

Are They Good With Children?

Rules that children should follow for dogs don’t mean that your Westiepoo isn’t fond of children.

No, it just means that your children and your furry Westiepoo need to find a common ground of understanding and respect.

Westiepoo will love spending time with children. They, in fact, love almost anybody who shows them attention, love, and affection.

Still, make sure that you supervise the playtime, especially if you have smaller children.

This is the most effective way to prevent any sort of accidents both in children and dogs.

Are They Good With Other Dogs?

Simply said, yes. Your Westiepoo will get along just fine with other dogs, especially if they are raised together. They will love having a playmate.

So, if your home is a multi-pet household, and you are thinking about welcoming Westiepoo into your home, you cannot go wrong.

In general, they won’t get along with smaller pets a lot, even if they are raised together. They aren’t fond of cats, and their presence puts them in stressful situations.

If you have a feline, and you are thinking about getting a dog, check this article to learn which breeds love cuddling with cats.

All in, Westiepoo is a polite dog who loves his humans and dogs. They will always be devoted to making their humans happy. They can become over-attached to people, which is why proper socialization is important.

Westiepoo are dogs who tend to become over-attached to people, and dogs who are prone to separating anxiety. They don’t like being left alone, especially for long hours, or too often.

As such, they are best suited for homes where someone is around most of the time, if not all the time.

Otherwise, they should be trained from an early age to stay in when left alone.

For those moments leave enough toys to prevent any destructive behavior.

This breed is far from being professional guard dogs, but he will do his best to protect you.

No matter how big the stranger might be, this dog will alarm you whenever someone approaches.

Potential intruders won’t be able to avoid this guard-like dog.

Westiepoo Training

Westiepoo is an intelligent, curious, and eager to please dog who makes it the perfect dog for training sessions.

Make sure that you know what you’re doing. If you feel like you need help with training sessions, think about hiring a dog trainer, or attend puppy classes together.

Westiepoo is so trainable that even children can train them and help you shape well-behaved dogs.

They are fast to pick up new tricks easily, remember them, and repeat them over and over again. As long as you have enough treats on hand, training shouldn’t be an issue.

Like any other dog breed, Westiepoo will adore food rewards and positive reinforcement methods.

As long as you enable this, they will benefit from training sessions.

As with many small size dogs, you should expect potty training to last longer.

Why? This is mostly linked with the small size of their bladder which is also small.

Make sure that you focus on frequent bathroom breaks to have successful toilet training.

Westiepoo Exercise

Dont let the Westiepoo’s size fool you because this breed will require a fair amount of exercise time.

Sure, indoor games are always a great option, but more of an addition.

Westiepoo will need moderate exercise, between 30 to 60 minutes a day. This time should be more than enough to keep Westiepoo satisfied physically, and mentally happy.

Dogs see outdoor time as exploration as well, so every walk is an adventure. Always mix up locations, dog parks, and streets to make walks more interesting and fun.

Next to daily walks, you should provide additional opportunities for your Westiepoo to participate in additional activities, such as agility.

Again, they may be small in size, but they’re dogs packed with an energy of a bigger dog. This is the main reason why they are often seen participating in various dog sports.

Don’t trick yourself that walking your Westiepoo only 15 minutes a day is enough to keep him happy because it’s not.

If your little Westiepoo doesn’t receive enough exercise, they may develop destructive behavior.

In some cases, they may even become hyperactive, which is something that you want to avoid, especially in the smaller breeds.

However, if you succeed and provide when they need it, this will be a great family dog, a polite house guest, and a well-suited dog for living in small homes and city apartments.

Westiepoo Grooming

You may hear many breeders telling you how Westiepoo is a 100% hypoallergenic breed, but you shouldn’t trust them blindly.

No breed doesn’t shed, at least a bit. Some breeds, like Westiepoo, may shed less or minimal, but they do shed. Even dogs without fur may have dander.

With that in mind, you should know that grooming is a must, even with this small breed.

A good brush every few days is a must. To make this process easier and aster you should have the proper grooming tools on hand.

Ears should be cleaner every week or two to remove any wax. Learn how to clean a dog’s ears.

If you feel like you need extra help doing this, talk to your veterinarian.

Westiepoo Health

Before you run to the first breeder to get Westiepoo, make sure that you do proper research on the breed.

Be 100% sure that this breed is for you and that you know what getting a dog stands for.

Once you are sure that you want this decade and longer obligation, you should do research on the health of the breed.

Westiepoo is, in general, a healthy breed, but some health issues may appear along the way.

It’s crucial to know which health complications may occur in the breed so you can be ready for it.

Here are the most common conditions that could impact your Westiepoo’s health:

  • Patellar Luxation
  • Cushing’s Syndrome
  • Gastric Dialation Volvulus (GDV)
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Epilepsy
  • Atrophy
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Tooth Loss

The Bottom Line

Westiepoo is a small and sweet dog. They are so affectionate and playful that their personality needs to be experienced and not described – they are that unique.

This breed is one of the most original ones when it comes to designer dogs. Internationally, this breed is well-spread and one of the most popular ones.

Since they are highly affectionate and love spending time with their humans, separation anxiety may be a real issue.

This is why you should always be around, adn never leave him alone for too long. Make sure that you have enough time to spend with this dependent dog.

Westies are the best know for their playful personality and white coat. If you love having a dog with a white appearance, be ready to groom him often.

Be ready to have short and exciting rainy walks, because they may not be too fond of water. All in, this dog will thrive as long as you provide the proper environment.

If you are fine with regular brushing, careful walks on rainy days, and overall clingy dog, then this breed might be for you.

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