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9 Most Popular Spanish Dog Breeds

Amber LaRock
Written by: Amber LaRock, Vet Tech
Many amazing dog breeds are initially from Spain. Some of them are extremely fast, great hunters, and real water lovers. Discover fascinating dogs from Spain. Read on.

Spain is a beautiful country known for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and is one of the cultural centers of Europe for thousands of years. With how much this country has to offer, you may not even be aware of the array of Spanish dog breeds that originate from this area.

Spain is known for being the birthplace of several strong, courageous, and dedicated working breeds that were created with a purpose.

In this article, we’ll cover several dog breeds that come from Spain and the qualities of each breed that make them unique.


The Papillon (meaning butterfly in French) gets its name from their erect ears that pan out like a butterfly. Their signature ears have helped this breed gain popularity among toy breed lovers, and add to their unique features that make for such an adorable pup.

The Papillon is a high energy breed that loves to play with their owners at any given chance. Their high energy and play drive is actually why they are quite popular in agility, as they thoroughly enjoy participating in agility sports.

Part of their success in agility training is also based on their high level of intelligence. The Papillon is considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds, so training them should be no problem.

They catch on quick to commands and are eager to please. They are a wonderful companion for any active family.

Spanish Water Dog

This affectionate breed is known for its luscious signature curls. Their thick and kink like curls are present from birth and become extremely thick as they reach adulthood.

Unlike other dogs with long hair though, it’s recommended to not brush or cut their hair, and just let their mane grow!

Spanish Water Dog is known for their long history of hunting and retrieving their owner’s kill, especially from the water. Their known diligence and attention to detail made them an incredible companion to bring along on their owner’s outdoor hunting adventures.

This breed is not known to be incredibly social, so early socialization and training is especially important with this breed. Though they are not outgoing in general, they do bond closely with their families.

Canary Mastiff

This stout and confident breed come from the Canary Islands. They got their start when those on the island were breeding Mastiffs to herding dogs, resulting in this gorgeous breed.

This breed is known for their robust frame, their floppy skin, and their intimidating looks that are known to draw attention. Due to their impressive stature, it’s no wonder they were originally used as guard dogs.

Since this breed was originally made for herding and guarding, they are known to have a dominant personality. They are confident, like to be in control, and demand respect from those around them. Since they are so stubborn, they are not recommended for first-time dog owners.

Though they can be stubborn, they form close bonds with their owners and those they connect with. They may not warm up immediately to strangers, but they are loving and affectionate to their favorite humans.

Ibizan Hound

These playful and gentle breed is popular for their gentle demeanor. This sleek breed has a signature pair of large ears, and a unique wiry coat, With their distinct appearance and sweet personality combined, they are a treasured dog breed in Spain.

This breed’s slender body is known for reaching speeds of up to 40mph when they were previously used in small animal hunting. Though they may be lanky, they are agile and known to glide as they run after their prey.

With this breed tracing back to almost 5,000 years to ancient Egypt, this can be considered one of the oldest documented dog breeds. With impressive qualities that the Ibizan Hound possesses, it’s no wonder they are still prevalent today.

Spanish Mastiff

This droopy eared giant is immediately identifiable when they enter a room.

The Spanish Mastiff is giant, has floppy ears, and excess skin that makes them an adorable member of the Spanish canine community. Though these massive pups are cute, they can protect their humans and their home if needed.

Though they have a history of guarding livestock, they are mostly known for their affectionate nature. These gentle giants love their humans, and love to spend their days cuddled up with their favorite people.

Though they are affectionate with humans, they are known to have difficulty when socializing with other dogs. Because of this, it’s important to introduce them to other dogs and animals at a young age when possible.

This lovable pup is a favorite among the Spanish dog community, and will undoubtedly steal your heart if given the chance.

Spanish Greyhound

This breed has the slender qualities of the greyhound with a bit of a twist when it comes to their origin. Their bloodline originates from a time when breeds were originally combined with Asian hounds, then finally mixed with the Greyhound to achieve the lean athletic frame they were looking for.

This breed was so popular when they were first created, that they were known for being owned by Spanish Kings.

This breed was originally created for the elite class, but thieves soon began stealing these dogs and breeding them at a high rate. Soon, they were everywhere throughout Spain.

Though they were bred to be lean and athletic, they are just as happy to lay down and relax with their owners as they are to get up and play. They are known for being affectionate and sensitive, making them a perfect family dog, especially those with children.

Though they are great family dogs, they are prone to chasing small animals and cats. If you bring a Spanish greyhound into your home, it may be best that you don’t have any other small pets.

Catalan Sheepdog

This scruffy breed is known for being incredibly courageous. They are devoted to their people and their farms and are known for protecting their loved ones if need be. With their protective and brave nature, it makes sense that they were originally created for herding and guarding livestock.

This breed was actually near distinction in the 1970s but luckily they were revived by a group of avid sheepdog lovers. Now, this breed is slowly gaining back popularity in Spain, and even some parts of the US.

This high energy dog loves to work, so if you are in need of a loyal pup with an impressive work ethic, this may be the breed for you.

Andalusian Hound

This energetic breed is surrounded by a mystic past that is still up in the air. Ancient caves in the area contain drawings that bear a striking resemblance to this breed, while scientists believe this breed cannot possibly be this old.

No matter when this breed was actually created, they are still quite popular in Spanish culture.

This breed is known for having incredible sight and sound senses, and are impressive hunters because of it. Their heightened senses and eagerness to please make them a desirable companion to bring along on your outdoor adventures.

This breed is extremely playful, making them a hit among children.

Though they can be great family dogs, they are known to get carried away with playtime and become a handful even for the most energetic of children. If you own this breed, get ready for non-negotiable daily play time!

Spanish Pointer

This composed breed has an impressive history of hunting small game. Outside of their hunting abilities is their well known dignified stature that comes along with floppy ears. They definitely have distinct features, unlike any other Spanish breeds.

It’s no wonder they are such well-known hunting dogs, as they are incredibly intelligent and quick to pick up new tasks.

Because of their quick tact, they are often easy to train and respond well to stimulating play and adventures.

This breed is dignified, adaptable, and fits in well in a variety of families. As long as you meet their need for daily exercise, they can be happy just about anywhere.

Dogs From Spain – Summary

Though these dogs originate in Spain, you can notice certain resemblances to dogs in other parts of the world.

These popular breeds have since been sent to other parts of the globe due to their popularity and will continue to breed with other breeds around the world. Many of these dogs were bred for a purpose, and carry along with their impressive traits to this day.

Some impressive dogs originate from Spain, and we are lucky to have them!