Sloughi – Full Breed Profile

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
If you love fast dogs then you must learn more about Sloughi. This North African dog is fast, affectionate, and clingy. Read for more.
Dog Breed Group:
Hound Dogs
24 to 29 inches tall at the shoulder
40 to 63 pounds
Life Span:
12 to 16 years

Breed Characteristics:

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The Sloughi (SLOO-ghee) is an ancient breed originally bred to assist during game time.

This sighthound was developed by the Berbers in North Africa. This is a one-person dog who loves spending time with his humans.

The Sloughi is not to be confused with Saluki or Afghan Hound, although they all have a similar appearance.

This is a medium-size dog who due to his tall legs and skinny appearance may seem larger than actually is.

This is a short-haired breed, highly respected for its hunting skills, speed, and overall agility.

They are also known for having amazing endurance to which they can go long distances.

Among dog lovers, this breed is described as a primitive breed that is highly attached to his people.

They will closely attach to their owner’s format at an early age and will turn into a human shadow.

This graceful dog is also known as the ‘Arabian Greyhound’ because he is a North African dog. This old breed is still one of the most popular ones in North Africa, especially in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya.

This dog may look as if he is sensitive and fragile, but he is in fact far from being so fragile.

Quick Facts

Real name: Sloughi
Other names: Uskay (Oska), Berber Greyhound, Sloughi Moghrebi
Origin: North Africa
Breed type: Hound Dogs
Weight: 40 to 63 pounds
Height: 24 to 29 inches tall at the shoulder
Lifespan: 12 to 16 years
Litter Size: 4 – 6 puppies
Color: Grey, Brown, Brindle, Sandy
Coat: Short, soft coat

Sloughi History

The Sloughi has been living in North Africa for centuries. Even today they are used in their native countries.

In some areas, they are highly effective hunting dogs. They are still mainly based in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya.

This breed received its full recognition in 2016, making it a relatively young breed officially, although this is an ancient breed.

Since this is an ancient bred, full details on the breed’s history are lost. Still, thanks to some other records we do know certain facts on this breed and its development.

It’s known that Sloughi-type hounds were much appreciated and loved in Egypt.

In fact, they were so much appreciated that they were companions of Egyptian nobles, at least that was the case when they weren’t busy hunting.

Also, Berber kings and nomadic leaders had a soft for this breed – they loved that they could handle the desert life.

Some claim that Berber cavalrymen who accompanied Hannibal during his famous adventures across the Alps could be the ones who introduced the Slought to Europe.

Sloughi Physical Appearance

The Sloughi is a medium-large and short-haired dog developed in challenging areas.

They are elegant but robust, fitting to accompany kings and chase through the desert with nomads.

As an ancient breed, the Sloughi is more than fitting to adjust to any physical challenge and obstacle. This racy dog has amazing hunting skills, speed, and muscle development.

Their body is well-balanced and well-built. At first glance, it’s obvious this dog is fit, powerful, and fast. They have a noble stand and dark eyes that only add to their melancholy.

The head is long and elegant with drop ears, while the body and legs are of a bony structure. The tail is long and always carried low. There is an upward curve at the end.

Males are always slightly taller than females, while the female’s body may be slightly longer. Males are generally larger than females.

The head is always longer and refined, while from above it looks like it has a shape of a long wedge.

Eyes are dark and large, while the skull is rounded, with a muzzle of the shape of an elongated wedge. The lips are thin, while the nose is black and strong.

The neck is long, while the ribs are flat and long. The belly is always tucked in.

The coat is always smooth. The coat colors are all shades of light sand to red fawn, with or without brindling.

Sometimes, small to medium white marks on the chest or toes may appear, and they are allowed.

The Sloughi is a gentle and calm dog with grace and a noble attitude.

Sloughi Personality

The Sloughi is an affectionate breed. They will attach to their person and never let them be alone, not even for a second.

This is a great trait if you want a dog who likes being to you all the time. Otherwise, it can bring a lot of stress.

Having your own shadow can be stressful. However, if you are ready to overlook this trait, the Sloughi might be the perfect addition to your family.

They will always be reserved toward people they meet for the first time. They love to keep their people nearby but prefer to keep strangers a bit far.

They tend to be shy and as such, they need more time to warm up to new people. This is where early and proper socialization steps in.

As long as your Sloughi is well-trained and properly socialized, you will have a well-behaved dog. Exposing your puppy to new situations, new people, and new smells is what makes a well-trained dog.

They are excellent with children, which makes them great family dogs.

As with all breeds, children should be educated on how to behave around dogs, and what are the main rules.

It’s important for children not to mistreat puppies – this is the best step to teach them how to behave around adult dogs. To provide enough physical and mental stimulation, Sloughi should have daily exercise.

They may do fine in the city, as long as you have a large living area and backyard. Otherwise, they will do much better in more rural areas.

They have high prey drive, and that drive may push them to chase smaller animals, or anything smaller than moves fast around them.

This is why walk on a leash is mandatory next to proper recall training. If this dog starts chasing something when he is off-leash, you won’t be able to catch him.

Due to their high prey drive, they should be introduced to smaller animals at a young age, so they can learn that other pets aren’t prey.

The Sloughi is a sensitive dog who is tender and intelligent and reacts well only to positive reinforcement training.

Be extra careful when it comes to any type of corrections. They must be trained by experienced dog owners. Any type of harsh training method, on any dog, isn’t effective and is close to abusing.

Sloughi Training

The Sloughi is an intelligent breed that thrives on challenges and duties. They tend to be aloof, due to their independent spirit.

This is something that should’ve been taken into consideration when it comes to well-constructed training.

They will love to please their humans, as long as they are enough treated to keep their belly full.

Experienced dog owner, who understands the breed and has calm nature is the best fit for this breed.

They will never respond well to harsh training methods, as expected. Not even the toughest dogs love harsh training methods.

If you feel like training is too much for you, think about hiring a professional dog trainer. You may even attend puppy classes with your dog to strengthen the bond.

Some Sloughis may be shy, which means only one thing – more patience. Some dogs are naturally more shy and prone to being passive.

With these dogs extra care is mandatory. They are usually quiet at home, so barking shouldn’t be an issue.

Sloughis love having a corner of their own. In fact, their personal space is sacred to them.

They will also be very cautious about their personal space. Make sure that you provide a calm corner for your Sloughi to rest when their need for peace kicks in.

Sloughi Exercise

A tired dog is a good dog. When dealing with sighthounds one thing is for sure – they will always be highly active.

Their need for exercise and outdoors is unique and should be met if you want your Sloughi to be healthy and happy.

This breed is often described as a mannered dog who can turn into a real hunter in a split of a second.

This athletic breed needs regular outdoor time, and well-planned exercise time to keep him engages.

They will enjoy nothing like running. Just make sure that this occurs only in a safely enclosed area.

Think about canine sports, such as agility, to let your Sloughi enjoy both mental and physical activity. This is something that your Sloughi will enjoy.

Sloughi Grooming

With sighthounds, grooming is s a serious process. You should know what you are stepping into before you get Sloughi.

The first and the most important step should be that you should use your dog for grooming from day one. Make sure to start with brushing as the first step, build to nail trimming, and so on.

Brushing your Sloughi should be an enjoyable experience both for you and your dog.

This is a bonding activity, and your dog will extra appreciate that you are investing your time into mutual activity.

Plus, is there a dog who isn’t crazy about extra back scratches?!

To keep Sloughi’s coat smooth, silky, and healthy you will have to invest in the right grooming tools.

Using a soft-bristle brush or a hound glove should be enough to get the maximum results.

An occasional bath only when really needed is more than enough. Dogs do not need frequent bathing as humans do.

Make sure that you use a dog-friendly shampoo that won’t harm your dog.

Learn how to clean a dog’s ears and how to inspect them. The rest is basic care. Check gums and eyes regularly.

During the brushing sessions check the skin for any sign of infection or fleas.

If you notice anything unusual contact your veterinarian.

Sloughi Health

Sloughis are generally healthy dogs. However, just like humans, they can develop certain conditions during their lifetime.

Some may be genetic, some may be the result of non-adequate care, and some may be the result of external factors.

If you’re getting a puppy, you should focus on finding a reputable and responsible breeder.

These breeders will always present you with medical documentation on puppies, show you the facilities, and let you meet the puppy’s parents.

If these standards are not being met, then you should know that you are dealing with puppy mills, and that should be your sign to walk off.

On the other hand, if you’re standing in front of a responsible breeder you will know.

The conversation will feel more like an interview because the breeder wants to be sure that they are handing the puppy over to someone responsible as well.

Make sure that you can meet those standards and that you truly know what does getting a dog means.

All in, if you are getting a dog from a breeder you should have papers saying that your dog is healthy.

From onwards you should provide regular care that should include:

  • Ears cleaning
  • Gums check
  • Nails trimming or grinding
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Proper vaccine schedule

If you want your Sloughi to be truly healthy, you should focus on prevention. This means that you should provide proper nutrition, regular veterinarian check-ups, and proper care.

Any diet should be appropriate to the dog’s size and age. Learn how much you should feed your Sloughu and how often.

If you are thinking about any alternative feeding style, make sure that you consult your veterinarian first. When it comes to owning a dog and enabling great life, the veterinarian is your best friend.

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