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Is Organic CBD Oil For Dogs Better Than Non-Organic?

Amber LaRock
Written by: Amber LaRock, Vet Tech
Need help calming your canine down? Look no further because CBD without chemicals might be your solution. Check this article for more info on organic CBD.

CBD oil is trending in pet health recently, to the point where brands all over the world are offering CBD oil for our furry friends.

With so many CBD oils being available on the market today, it can be hard to distinguish which brands are best for our canine companions.

In this article, we’ll dive into why it’s so important to make sure you are offering your pup quality organic CBD oil, and how to know if you are choosing the best option.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a compound that is found in cannabis and hemp.CBD oil itself does not contain THC, so there are none of the psychoactive properties that are found in marijuana.

It is important to know that most CBD oil is in fact derived from hemp, and not at all from marijuana.

There is often speculation behind CBD oil because of the misconception of the relation to marijuana, so it’s important to research the differences in CBD oil and any other psychoactive substances.

CBD oil is a natural way to help alleviate common health struggles in dogs without altering their mental state to the point of impairment.

Due to this, many pet parents are switching to CBD oil to help their furry friends through injuries and anxieties instead of the use of prescription medication.

How Can CBD Oil Help Your Dog?

CBD oil has been used to bring relief to our furry friends in many different medical scenarios.

Although formal studies of CBD oil for dogs are still in progress, scientists know that CBD oils interact with our nervous system in a way that helps to promote balance in the canine body.

A dog’s brain is filled with a series of receptors that play a role in the dog associating pain, anxiety, distress, and other responses.

Cannabinoids interact with these receptors and help to modulate discomfort in several ways. Due to this, CBD oil can be used to help dogs with:

  • Pain control
  • Epilepsy and seizures
  • Anxiety
  • Behavioral issues
  • Bowel disease
  • Inflammation
  • Appetite stimulant
  • Overall health
  • Pains associated with aging

Now that you understand how CBD oil can improve health in dogs, let’s dive into the ways that organic CBD oil will better benefit your pup.

What Does “organic” Really Mean?

Organic is a word that can be thrown around a lot in marketing, so it’s important to understand what this word really means.

While this question can be broken down into several different categories, the word organic simply refers to something that is natural or comes from the earth.

When something is referred to as organic, it means that it is healthy, derived from the earth, and is meant to promote overall health. Any true organic products should be free of any potentially harmful chemicals and preservatives.

Is Organic CBD Oil Better Than Non-Organic CBD Oil?

Yes, organic CBD oil is safer for your dog than non-organic CBD oil.

When you are trying to offer your dog a natural option that can help to alleviate their struggles, it’s important to make sure you are actually offering them an organic product.

When a CBD oil is considered organic, it is held to a much higher standard. In order for a CBD oil to earn the “organic” label, the hemp must be grown under very specific conditions.

This includes growing the plant with naturally-sourced fertilizers and without the use of genetic modification.

When these protocols are set in place, you are automatically left with an ingredient that you can trust more than the average product without any regulation.

Since non-organic CBD oil does not have to follow these safety protocols, you never know what you can be putting into your dog’s body.

Non-organic oils may contain potentially harmful chemicals and ingredients that can further irritate your dog’s struggles, making the product useless in the control of their symptoms.

Some of these non-organic CBD oils have even been known to further agitate anxious dogs.

How Do You Choose A Quality CBD Oil Product?

When it’s time to start your search for the best natural CBD oil for your dog, there are a few factors you’ll need to closely consider.

First, try your best not to base your search on which product has a cheaper price tag. You will likely get what you pay for, and CBD oil is not the product you should budget shop for.

When introducing CBD oil to your dog, you want to make sure you are using a product of great quality in order to see the potential benefit.

By using a quality product, your dog can experience the most medical benefit and the most significant improvement in their daily life.

Using high-quality products is also the best way to ensure that your dog does not have a negative reaction to the CBD oil.

Like we discussed above, non-organic CBD oil can contain harmful ingredients that can cause your dog’s symptoms to worsen.

The last thing to consider is the reviews for a CBD product.

Since CBD oil is so popular for use in dogs, each quality organic CBD oil should have a long list of satisfied customers that have left behind a glowing review.

Make sure to search these reviews for any unexpected side effects, poor customer service, or any other concerning reviews.

A quick tip: If you are unsure if you are choosing the best CBD oil for your dog, you can always call your vet and get their opinion on the product.

What To Look For In An Organic CBD Oil For Dogs?

When you are researching organic CBD oils for your dog, pay close to attention to the ingredients in the product you are interested in.

Make sure the product of your choice is proven organic, and that the product is actually created from an organic company that follows the safety protocols we mentioned above.

There have been many non-organic CBD oil products that have been found to contain solvents, pesticides, or even fungicides, which are all potentially dangerous ingredients that can cause great harm to your pet if ingested.

The next detail to determine is whether the CBD oil clearly lists the strength of the oil.

Some products contain more CBD than others, so you will want to know this exact amount when dosing your pet.

Since each dog will benefit from a different amount of CBD concentration, it’s best to be fully aware of the dose they are getting each day so you know their specific therapeutic dose (the dose that brings your dog relief).

If you want powerful and organic CBD for your canine than you should do your research.

There are several organic CBD oil brands on the market, such as HolistaPet and each has specific features. Make sure that you choose the best one based on your canine’s health and needs.

Are There Other Forms Of Organic CBD For Dogs?

During your research for the best CBD oil for your canine companion, you will see many other forms of canine CBD.

Since CBD oil has become so popular in the human and pet health world, many companies have found several ways to give this beneficial ingredient to our pups.

CBD for dogs can come in the form of oil, chewable treats, dissolvable tabs, joint supplements, diffusing oils, infused bones and chews, and more. No matter what your dog prefers, there is probably a quality option for them.

The Bottom Line

CBD oil is a new addition to the pet health realm that is proving to be beneficial for many medical ailments.

Make sure to review the tips we’ve listed above when you do your research, and you can make sure you are choosing the best organic CBD oil for your pup!