Jagdterrier – History, Personality And Grooming Needs

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
The Jagdterrier is the ultimate small dog with a big personality. Jagdterriers literally means “hunt terrier.” Read on to learn more about the breed.

Breed Characteristics:

Jagdterrier is an intelligent and hardworking dog, who is highly sociable and trainable.

This vital dog is also known as the Deutscher Jagdterrier – a dog who takes pleasure in his work.

Jagdterrier is a versatile hunting dog from Germany, where Jagdterrier literally means “hunt terrier.”

This dog is the perfect choice for hunting under the ground and acting as a flushing dog.

This is a small, well-proportioned, and compact dog, with a dense coat and tan markings on his eyebrows, chest, legs, muzzle, and at the base of his tail.

Quick Facts

Real name: Jagdterrier
Other names: Deutscher Jagdterrier, German Jagdterrier, German Hunting Terrier, German Hunt Terrier
Origin: Germany
Breed type: Working Dog
Weight: 17-22 pounds
Height: 13-16 inches
Lifespan: 10 – 12 years
Litter Size: 2 – 5 puppies
Color: Black, dark-brown or greyish-black, with fawn markings
Coat: Thick and abundant

Jagdterrier History

Jagdterrier is originally from Germany, where the breed was developed in the 19th century as a hunting dog.

Dog fanciers believe that the ancestors of Jagdterrier are Old English Fox Terrier and Black and Tan Hunting Terrier.

These small size dogs were used for hunting small games and even big games like wild boar, badger, and fox.

From Germany, this small size dog was exported to Canada and the States, where they were primary used as a tree dog by sportsmen to hunt raccoons and squirrels.

Once World War I was over, a small group of hunters decided to go separate ways and create a dog breed that will be perfect for hunting performance.

Moreover, the experienced hunters and cynologists Rudolf Frieß, Walter Zangenberg, and Carl-Erich Grünewald decided to select a black and tan hunting dog suited to hunting underground.

These efforts were supported with our black and tan terriers which were said to come from purebred Fox-Terrier lines. Many believe that these dogs became the foundation of today popular Jagdterrier.

Dr. Herbert Lackner joined the founders, and after many years of breeding and crossing, the success came.

This group of dog fanciers focused on breeding talented, trainable, hardworking, and water-loving dogs with strong hunting instincts.

In 1926, the German Hunting Terrier Club (Deutscher Jagdterrier-Club e.V.) was founded.

Jagdterrier Physical Appearance

Jagdterrier is a smallish, black and tan dog, who likes being busy. This is a small size dog, with a well-proportioned body.

They are 13 to 16 inches high at the shoulders, and usually weigh 20 to 22 pounds, while females are slightly lighter.

They may weigh 17 to 19 pounds. This breed usually lives between 10 and 12 years if maintained and fed the right way. The head is elongated, while the face region is highly recognizable.

The face is always black, while the color of the coat is mostly brown. The muzzle is strong, cheeks are well pronounced, and lips and tight. Eyes are dark and oval, while ears are set high and V-shaped.

The neck is strong, not too long, while the underline is short and firm. Tail is carrier raised, while limbs are set well under the body. The coat is dense but smooth.

These are standards in appearance, and only Jagdterrier with listed traits and further can compete in a dog show.

If any of the mistakes occur, the dog will be disqualified.

Here are the severe faults:

  • Narrow skull
  • Narrow jaws
  • Weak bite
  • Too big eyes
  • Splayed feet
  • Short and woolly hair

Jagdterrier Personality

Jadgterrier is an extremely curious breed. They are highly intelligent and fearless, so don’t let their size fool you. They are more than willing to take on a bigger enemy – they are that fearless.

They are great watchdogs who like to see their humans safe and happy.

They do not do great with smaller animals, so if you have another pet already, doublethink if you should welcome this breed into your home.

On the other hand, if you raise Jadgterrier with other pets from puppyhood there are some chances of tolerance between them. Simply said, early socialization is mandatory.

They have a high prey drive which pushes them to chase small and big animals.

Walking on a leash is highly recommended and if you have a backyard make sure that it’s well-secured.

If not used for hunting, Jadgterrier should be taken out for the trick game to avoid destructive behavior that they are prone to when bored.

Jagdterrier Training

Jadgteerrier is a relatively easy breed to train if you have already some dog experience.

Make sure that you know which breeds are recommended for first time dog owners and why you should stick to them.

Jadgteerrier enjoys firm leadership and positive training reinforcement methods. Never be harsh to your Jadgteerrier.

If you are super upset because your Jadgteerrier cannot master specific commands in a matter of minutes, ask yourself if you need maybe help with the training structure.

It’s ok to contact a professional dog trainer or attend puppy classes, to speed up the training process and have a well-behaved dog.

Make sure that you have treats on hand whenever you are training together – this way he will be motivated and eager to participate in training.

Do not keep the training sessions long and repetitive. Teach your Jadgteerrier one by one command, so he doesn’t get bored.

Exercise and Activity Levels

This is a small size dog with a high level of energy. They require at least an hour of exercise per day. Don’t be tricked into thinking that a small size dog doesn’t require a fair amount of exercise and outdoor time.

Jagterriers are the perfect match for owners who lead an outdoor lifestyle and can provide enough outdoor time and physical and mental stimulation every day.

Provide diverse and fun exercises that can be stimulating and fun. A one-hour on-lead walk will not be enough to satiate a Jagdterrier’s appetite for entertainment.

Ideally, their exercise regime should take in an area where they can explore and fulfill their instincts to follow scents.

Owners should be aware of smaller animals, and other animals in general, to avoid any run-ins with other dogs or even livestock, especially sheep because chances are that Jagdterrier will try to herd them.

Jagdterrier Grooming

Jagdterrier may be small, but you will have to invest some time in keeping his coat fresh and clean. Regular brushing, once per week is mandatory.

Baths should be occasional because dogs don’t need frequent bathing as humans do. Bath dogs only when really needed. The rest is regular grooming. Trim nails regularly, check ears and gums on a weekly level, clean ears, and keep on brushing regularly.

All in, this breed is low maintenance when it comes to grooming. Their coat is water repellant which means it shakes off dirt and debris effectively.

They do shed, like the majority of dogs do, and you can expect more shedding during the shedding season, especially in the spring and in the autumn. During this period it cannot harm to have a vacuum cleaner on hand.

Don’t let too much wax collects in a dog’s ears, becuase it can lead to a painful infection that can be hard to clean up.

The best way is to prevent wax build-up, to avoid any possibility of ear infections.

Jagdterrier Health

Jagdterriers are in general healthy dogs. If you are dealing with responsible breeders you will always know the exact health condition of your Jagdterriers.

Working with a responsible breeder brings safety in terms of health concerns.

Plus, responsible breeders alwasy utilize genetic testing of their breeding stock to reduce the likelihood of disease in their puppies.

Still, they are prone to primary lens luxation (PLL), so regular eyes check are mandatory.

No matter how much you trust your breeder you should always take your pup to the veterinarian’s office as soon as you get the dog home.

Fast Facts On Jagdterrier

  • Fearless hunter
  • All-purpose hunting dog
  • As puppies, they look like a Rottweiler pup
  • They are not very dog-oriented
  • They get along with children
  • They love to dig
  • When bored they will find a way to entertain themself
  • They have sensitive stomachs

The Bottom Line

Jagdterrier is a hunting and sporting dog. This is a small size dogMost Common Dog Behavior Concerns Debunked By Dr. Dodman (Exclusive Interview) with big dogs energy. This is a clever hunter, who likes being busy and robust.

They are fearless and highly intelligent. Therefore, they prefer an active lifestyle and a lot of outdoor movements.

This isn’t a breed for owners who like to spend hours chilling for hours on their sofa, but more for people who love spending time outdoors.

If you aren’t ready to deal with occasional digging and a certain level of exercise maybe this breed isn’t for you.

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