Get To Know The Frug Dog – The Adorable Frenchie And Pug Mix

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
Frenchie Pug or Frug is a unique mix of French Bulldog and Pug. They are known for being small and active with wrinkly faces and twisted short tails. This breed is so unique that no one knows from where did they came from. They are known for being safe to leave alone for hours and being even a guard dog. Regardless of their size. Read on and discover everything there’s to know about this adorable designer breed!

Breed Characteristics:

Frug is a little dog with a big personality that makes the best out of his temperament and size. Great with seniors and kids, Frug makes a perfect dog for a house or apartment. Super adorable look helps him get noticed during every walk, and easy-going temperament makes it a perfect choice for every pet owner. Frug has the best from French Bulldog and Pug.

Learn more about this cute and adaptable smart bread and discover if a mix of a French Bulldog and Pug is for you!

Quick Facts

Real name: Frug
Other names: Frenchie Pugs
Origin: Unknown
Breed type: Crossbreed
Weight: 8-11 kg (18 to 23 pounds)
Height: 11-12 inches
Lifespan: 9-15 years
Color: Black, Cream, White, Fawn or Brindle
Coat: Shorter

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In general, it’s always challenging to learn everything that you want to know about designer dog breeds. There are some hybrids with a well-documented history, which makes understanding of your dog much better.

However, having a well-documented history of Frug is not the case. One of the reasons for this is the fact that hybrids have always been around. Furthermore, there were probably many Pug and Frenchie mixes in history, and not all are documented.

Frug is a designer dog, and there is a huge difference between designer dogs and mix ones. Mixes are more natural, without any external force, while designer dogs are bred intentionally, with an ultimate goal of creating a new and above all, improved breed.

But, no breeder took the credit for crossing the Pug to a French Bulldog. What we know for sure about this breeds history is that it came to the States, but from where exactly did Frug came is still unknown.

Frug’s Breed Parent Origins

Frug’s parents are the French Bulldog and the Pug. The French Bulldog has loved breed across States, United Kingdom, and France. We know that he moved from England to France and became a mandatory tenant in middle-class homes. Tourists from the States fell in love with this dog and wanted to take this canine cuteness to the States.

On the other hand, the Pug originated in China during the Han dynasty between 200 B.C. and 200 A.D. This breed was highly popular among the Asian elite and even royal families. They migrated to Europe via Dutch trade routes. In Europe, they were also taken in by the wealthier houses.

Pug was called differently in every country:

  • Carlin in France
  • Doguillo in Spain
  • Mops in Germany
  • Caganlino/ Carlino in Italy

However, their popularity exploded in the United Kingdom and they earned the name Pug which stuck. Americans started importing them after the Civil War, and they are one of the most popular breeds ever since.

Therefore, we can only guess that the Frug has been bred for a long time, and it’s without any doubt one of the most popular hybrids ever. The assumption is that they likely originated in the early 1900s when the Pug population was growing rapidly.

So, why this hybrid? The most probable reason for this mix is to create a little and strong dog that would be perfect for an apartment. Add to that cute wrinkly-face look and there’s nothing not to want, right?

Physical Appearance

It is always tricky to know for sure how exactly your pup will look if you have a mixed breed. You just can’t know which parent’s genes will dominate. With Frug you can expect one thing for sure – your canine buddy will be small and short for sure.

This non-sporting dog comes with a short coat and the coat color may vary, including fawn, white and cream. Combinations of these colors are also seen.

Frugs are super adorable and small creatures with bat-style ears that stick straight up. Frugs are strong, so for a small dog, they can be very proud of a strong figure.

They usually grow to 12 inches and not less than 10, while their weight may vary between 15 and 23 pounds.

Frug owners are very thankful for their short and smooth coat. They come in one color completely, or/and fawn, or even in a possible, and rather interesting, and brindle pattern.

Fun fact: Some Frugs have black ‘mask’ around their face.

For a small dog, they are active. Therefore, their daily walks are supported with strong and straight legs, with compact feet, that are moderately-sized. In physical appearance, with Frugs, everything is compact well.

Even their feet are compact with the rest of the body. Every pet owner and even non-pet owner will love Fugs eyes. Their big and brown eyes are like their signature move, together with wrinkles around its muzzles, which is quite short.

A wrinkly face, cute curled tail, and compact build are what makes Frug a known for. But, you should always bear in mind that not every Frug is identical. With hybrids, the appearance will always vary, and there are no specific standards.

Temperament and Personality

These little bundles of energy are at first place adaptable and highly alert. They love spending time outside, with a pack, or with its owners, just walking or sitting on the bench. A great thing about Frugs is that they adopt super fast to their surroundings. All stated you can say that they are good watchdogs and intelligent. However, bear in mind that not all dogs are the same, and the same goes for Frugs as well.

Frugs are attention seekers. They love to please their owners and they want to be near their owners 24/7. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t leave them alone at home. It just means that you can prepare for a high level of happiness once you enter the house. They just love to be around. They love to be close to their family.

By nature, they are easy going and they mingle extremely well both with kids and elderly. They are also good with noncanine and canine pets.

Quick tip: Due to their size, its not advised to leave them with big dogs.

They get along nicely with strangers as well, although their guard of instinct is inherited, so it’s in their genes and can be easily triggered if not trained properly.

Frugs will happily spend the whole day inside. Unless you want to play. In that case, you can spend the whole day out playing. They inherited the curiosity of their parents, especially Pug, so they truly want to know what happens around them all the time.

It is hard to predict exactly what sort of temperament any mixed breed puppy will inherit, but you can always expect some general traits.

Frug’s Temperament In a Nutshell

  • Highly adaptive
  • Highly alert
  • Strong guard dog instinct
  • Loves being outdoor
  • Loves family
  • Good with pets
  • Good with elderly and kids
  • Can be left alone for hours
  • Posses high level of curiosity


This is the part that every frug-owner loves. The maintenance is low. Thanks to their short coats, they don’t require much grooming. It is enough to groom your dog once a week. However, they do shed a bit.

Brush them once a week to remove the dead hairs from their short coat. You can bath your canine buddy once a month with special attention to their ears. You don’t want that drama is a drop of water enters its ear. Keep also their ears clean of wax build-up and debris is regularly to avoid any infection.

Furthermore, for health teeth brush your pet teeth once a day. You can clip their nails once a month as well, not often. Beyond this, you should consist of cleaning between pets face and body.

Ensure proper hygiene for your pet healthier and a happier life.

Quick tip: Keep a lint roller on hand.


Thanks to its genes, training a Frug can be a little challenging. They just have a strong tendency to show a high level of stubbornness. However, if you start training your pup early all should be just fine. Training your dog in the early phases of life, or as soon as possible, the results will be much better and you will manage to establish yourself as a pack leader as you are. Use positive techniques, a lot of treats and praise, to encourage real obedience.

These small and smart canines can be trained as a watchdog as well, so you can train them to know if there are any suspicious activities happening around your house.

Make sure to enroll a significant amount of fun and interesting activities that will boost his energy. Daily activity time for this dog is 40 minutes per day.

Furthermore, as this dog loves amusing and charming its owners, you can use this urge to teach your small canine buddy interesting trick, like walking backward. When he reacts well to this one, you can ask him to come near you, give the command ‘stay’ and etc. Only when he reacts properly to the command, and only then you can give him some treats and extra love.

The crucial thing in training is to remain calm and consistent.

Also, because this breed enjoys amusing its owners, you can certainly teach your Frug a lot of fun and entertaining tricks. The key to success in training will be to remain calm and consistent while keeping the sessions engaging for your dog.


One of mutual, and rather common, treats with hybrids is that they have often health problems. They are usually inherited. Keep an eye out for conditions that include allergies, breathing difficulties, cataracts, and glaucoma. Maybe one of the best ways to look for possible health issues in your Frug is to look into the health conditions of parents breeds, and based on their common health issues take necessary steps toward protecting your canine.

Brachycephalic dogs are cute, but on the sad side, they usually suffer from a wide of serious health problems. Some of them include:

  • Risk of overheating
  • Breathing problems
  • Dental issues
  • Obstructed airways
  • Huge sensitivity of anesthesia
  • Narrow nostrils

Important: Frugs don’t do well in too hot or too cold temperature.

Some of the potential issues, but not that often, include dwarfism and mobility problems.

The French Bulldog Club of America recommends following health tests:

  • Eyes
  • Cardiac
  • Patellar luxation
  • Autoimmune thyroiditis
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Juvenile cataracts

Inherited Health Issues

Interestingly, Frugs suffer from the same issues as French Bulldogs. Therefore, they are both also brachycephalic. You probably heard many times how noise French Bulldog and Frugs make while breathing, sometimes they even stuff and snore. At first glance, it seems that they are just suffering from some sort of trouble breathing. However, the truth is that they have difficulties getting enough oxygen into their bodies. They have rather compromised airways. That’s the main reason why they can overheat. Also, check daily on their eyes, as Pugs can have eye problems in that area. Furthermore, they have some challenges with skin problems. To provide your Fug with proper care, learn what it takes to provide the right care of breeds parents.

Yes, the truth is that the Frug might inherit some of the health problems that commonly affect its parent breeds. However, it’s important to know that there is no guarantee that your dog will inherit any health problems from its parents. Plus, it is really extremely hard to predict an individual dog’s health in the long run. Therefore, the best way it to be aware of the health concerns that are possible with adorable Frug.

Good to know: Bear in mind that your vet bill may be higher in every visit than for another mixed breed with a longer muzzle.


The Frug is considered to be a moderately active dog, so an easy going walk every day will be a great way to keep your dog active. It is also a great way to keep your dog healthy and to maintain a healthy weight. Exercises shouldn’t be excessive, so you can support your dog’s active spirit with some indoor toys and some daily time at the dog park.

Frugs will be more active as puppies. But, bear in mind that they are extremely tiny as puppies so make sure not to hurt them because they can get hurt easily. Handle them with care and teach your kids to treat them the same.

As adults, they will enjoy relaxing more. However, regular indoor and outdoor activities will keep your dog stimulated mentally and physically. Its a simple recipe for happy Fug.

Once you get your Frug, start training and socializing him as soon as possible. These early actions will ensure that your canine buddy will grow to be an obedient and confident dog, who gets perfectly well, along with animals and people.

Conclusion: The Frug Dog In a Nutshell

Frug is definitely your type of dog if:

  • You you love and understand hybrid breeds
  • You are a fan of smaller breeds
  • You don’t mind having an attention sekker dog
  • You don’t want to be outside for too long
  • You don’t mind spending more money at the vet’s
  • You don’t look for hyppoalergenic dog

As a hybrid breed, the Frug is not officially recognized by the American Kennel Club. But, this breed got its recognition from the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), the Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC), the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR), and the Dog Registry of America.

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