Dogs And Coffee – Is Coffee Safe For Dogs?

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
You are used to sharing a bite with your dog, but you are not sure if a sip of coffee is a good idea or not? Read on and discover where you should stand when it comes to dogs drinking coffee.

Nothing says good morning like a cup of hot coffee, right? This is how the majority of people start their days across the globe.

For many, life without coffee isn’t living. Sure, for many this is the best way to start their day after they walk their dog or before.

Many dog owners are prone to bringing coffee to the dog park and saving time like that.

After the morning walk, they can run to work or start enjoying some other activity.

If coffee helps people kick off their day the best way possible, does it means that it could boost dogs’ energy as well?

If you’re a dog owner already, you have probably noticed how people react to coffee. They would smell it maybe a bit, toss their head, and walk away.

Moreover, many dog owners use coffee to spray it around the house to avoid any toilet accidents.

For many, this is an effective way to never experience dog pee in their homes ever again.

Should dogs have coffee? The simple answer is, no. Dogs can’t safely consume coffee.

In fact, if you are a serious dog owner and you want your canine to be healthy all the time, coffee is something that you should absolutely avoid to serve your dog – ever.

If you let your dog (or if he ingests it by accident) have some coffee, you can expect a lot of trouble.

Even worse, you can expect potentially lethal consequences. Let’s discuss further why coffee and dogs don’t go together.

Dogs And Coffee Relation

You may love that morning cup of coffee, but your dog may not. What may be perfect par to the day for you, could be a real horror to your canine.

Have you ever left your coffee mug on the table, only to find it there – while your dog is nearby?

Even non-dog owners know that dogs are big foodies.

They are so big foodies, that they would try anything, and have a bit of everything. This is why experienced dog owners know that human foods shouldn’t be left at an easy reach when your dog is alone.

No matter how disciplined your Fido is, he will try to grab that pizza slice from the table when left alone.

They don’t care if there is onion on it or not. Dogs have no idea if something is good for them or until they try it. Or do they?

If they smell coffee and turn their head around does it mean that they actually know that something is bad for them? How do they know that coffee is toxic for them?

Adult dogs will usually walk away from a coffee mug, while puppies are a completely different story. Puppies are active, inexperienced, and always eager to discover everything around them.

They thrive by exploring the world by smelling it and tasting it. So, for puppies, a coffee mug is like a food bowl just with something new in it.

This is one of many reasons why puppies shouldn’t be left alone. They are prone to mischievous situations and unplanned accidents.

If your puppy or an adult dog (even a senior) sips coffee, you should monitor him to see there are symptoms of poisoning.

If you notice anything unusual take him to the vet, but make sure that you contact your veterinarian on what is the best reaction.

Fast fact: Humans can distinguish different blends of coffee, while dogs can just taste the coffee. Humans have 9,000 taste buds, while dogs have around 1,700.

Taste buds are the main reason why dogs rely on the smell of foods to decide if they are about to try it or not. In humans, this works the opposite.

Plus, dogs are more prone to tasting new foods when they’re puppies. Once they reach their more adult years, their impulses for new tastes are significantly lower.

They rely more on their noses and trust their guts when it comes to should they have that bite or not. Dogs do make a difference between sweet, sour, salty, and bitter.

This is something that they – again, best master in their puppyhood.

Your Fido is more likely to try new foods as a puppy when you serve food that has a different structure, smell, and taste. Coffee is in general bitter, and your puppy shouldn’t like it at first.

Even coffee that is sweetened with sugar and sugar should still be far from being attractive to your pup.

Don’t forget that sugar is dangerous to dogs and can lead to fatal outdone if taken in large amounts.

Why Is Coffee Bad For Dogs?

If you are still having some doubts if coffee is safe for your dog or not, let’s repeat – no, coffee isn’t safe for your Fido.

Dogs cannot safely consume coffee nor they should.

Coffee is so disastrous to your dog, that you should avoid letting him have even a sip of it.

If your dog ingests large amounts of coffee it could lead to serious consequences.

Why Is Coffee An Issue For Dogs?

To understand better why dogs and coffee do not go together, we should explain why people are such huge coffee lovers.

What people love about coffee is the energy that it gives them. Coffee gives that kick, which is also known as a stimulant.

Some people use that kick to wake up faster, to start their day, and to get that extra energy to get them through the day.

For dogs, this kick works differently. Why? Dogs are more sensitive than dogs to the stimulant effects of the coffee.

Dogs can consume coffee in different ways. They could lick it, drink it, eat coffee beans or eat something that’s packed with coffee.

This intake could lead to increased heart rate and push it to a dangerous level.

Coffee intake can be so intense that dogs could easily experience hyperactivity and even agitation.

Here are some of the most common symptoms that dogs could experience after coffee intake:

  • Vomiting
  • Panting
  • High blood pressure
  • Higher body temperature
  • Heart rhythms that are irregular

In most severe cases, symptoms may vary. In fact, in some extreme cases, a dog may slip into a coma, experience a seizure, or even die.

Caffeine Poisoning In Dogs

Now that you know that coffee is 100% bad for dogs, you should know what to do if your dog drinks a bit of coffee.

As with any unplanned situation, the most important thing ever is to stay calm.

This is the only way for you to react properly. So, if you notice that a dog had some coffee, it’s important to determine, even approximately, how much coffee your canine actually consumed.

This information is crucial because it will help your veterinarian tell you the next steps.

If your dog only took a sip of coffee, there is a real chance that he will be ok.

Just monitor him closely for any sign of poisoning. If you notice anything unusual, talk to your veterinarian.

The big factor here is your dog’s zie. If you have a Pomeranian who consumed a large amount of coffee you can expect him to suffer more.

On the other hand, if you have a Great Dane who only took a lick of coffee, the chances are that he won’t even feel it.

As a general rule, if your dog consumes around 75 milligrams of coffee, you can expect seizures.

If you know for sure that your Fido took more coffee than he should, it’s important to contact your veterinarian immediately.

In these kinds of situations, it can also help to contact a pet poison hotline.

The Bottom Line

You may adore your morning coffee as much as you like, but your Fido doesn’t have to.

Learn which human foods are fine to share with your canine, and remember that no drinks should be shared with dogs but water.

If you suspect that our dog consumed coffee, always monitor him closely for any symptoms and react accordingly. This means that you should contact your veterinarian.

Make sure that you inform yourself on what to do in certain situations.

You can always use veterinarian check-ups to learn more about what you should do in case of an emergency.