7 Ways Getting A Dog Will Affect Your Relationship

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
Learn how much owning a dog can affect your relationship. Read on to discover what to expect and how your relationship may evolve.

Everyone knows that dogs are man’s best friends. Over time, the human bond with them evolved in such a powerful manner that a dog’s brain evolved over time.

Initially, dogs’ main job was to work around humans and help them make their life easier, which changed over time.

In no time, humans had Samoyeds keeping the tent warm at night, had Labradors swimming with them, and had Dalmatians running fast and keeping their step with horses to get many packages to final destination.

Over time dogs and human lives intertwined. It was obvious that dogs improved the quality of human life which is something that is backed up by science.

Dogs have an amazing ability to make us feel less alone and to reduce our stress.

Their presence can boost the human immune system, reduce anxiety, and provide emotional happiness. This is why dogs are the main animals when it comes to therapy animals.

Various studies show that dogs can even sniff certain human conditions, and help people discover some illnesses.

Not only that they can help with physical condition, but they can boost emotional life as well.

Dogs And Relatiosnips

Today, when having a dog is very common, and when people truly understand what dog ownership comes with, it’s only natural to ask how owning a dog can affect a relationship between two people.

Are couples who have dogs happier than others? Do they get challenges along the way once they get a dog? Do they deal better with puppies or senior dogs?

Do they prefer to adopt or to get a dog from a responsible breeder? Do they want in fact a for a purebred dog?

One thing is for sure – getting a dog together is a whole new level of commitment and responsibility.

Let’s see how co-parenting a dog actually works, and what people can expect when being a dog-parent.

Does your partner go dog-crazy everything time sees a fur ball walking by? Or spends hours watching the funniest dog videos online? If so, the chances are that you already got a dog, or at least you are thinking about it.

There are many positive reasons to get a dog together, but there are also challenges that you should overcome together.

Here is what you can expect.

You Will Have Less Free Time

Do you remember those weekends when you had the time for extra sleep or cuddling? Well, sorry to inform you, but those days are long gone once you get a dog.

You may be tired, you may be lazy, you may spend the previous night partying… Your dog doesn’t care about it – when he needs to go outside, he needs to go outside. Dogs have to be walked every morning, so be ready to be awakened early.

Nothing will stop your dog from waking you up.

This is especially the case if you have a puppy because they need extra toilet breaks and overall well-planned potty training.

On top of that, they demand a lot of attention throughout the day and strong supervision early on.

The puppy period is so intense, that if your company offers pawternity you should use it.

All in, if you have a busy social life you will have to make certain sacrifices.

You Will Become More Active Together

Couples who do things together, stay together. Walking around blocks isn’t as much as romantic as when you have a dog next to you.

That summer late-night walks are much more romantic when you have a furry friend around.

So, all in, you will be active a lot. Plus, you will walk on sunny days, on rainy days, windy and snowy days.

Some walks may be longer or shorter than others, but they will happen. To enhance your relationship make sure that you always walk together.

Train your dog together as well, because you want your dog to come to you whenever you call him.

Plus, in a case of a cold or virus season, when your partner is too sick to walk the dog, you should be able to step in.

Plus, the regular walks will boost your health.

Scientists claim that a moderate walk of only 30-minutes per day can make your heart stronger, can lower stress, and increase your mood. On top of that, it can be a great bonding experience with your partner.

Have weekends outside the city with your dog, or plan a hiking day. Just make sure that you know how much exercise your dog needs based on his breed, and if you have a puppy don’t overexercise him.

If you are adopting a senior dog, you should be extra careful when it comes to exercising.

Also, avoid extremely long walks when the weather is too hot, because dogs are prone to heatstroke, which for some dogs can be a life-threatening condition.

You Will Have Less Cash On Hand

Having a dog can be costly.

People often neglect to think about the financial aspect when it comes to getting a dog, and it’s something that should be considered.

After all, unplanned things in life happen, and having a little extra cash on the side cannot hurt.

It doesn’t hurt to have pet insurance for just in case. The cost of having a dog will always vary depending on the breed.

If you have a large size dog such as Great Dane, you can expect higher expenses.

If you have a small size dog like Pomeranian, you should expect lower expenses, right?

Well… Not necessarily, because breeds like Pomeranian will ask for a lot of grooming to maintain their looks. So think about everything.

For a first year of owning a dog you can expect to invest around $1,300 and this is without any hidden costs that may occur (and they usually do) along the way.

Did you know that some emergency vet bills can go up to $4,000? This is why pet insurance can be helpful.

Once you get your dog home you can expect real expenses because you will have to pay for spaying or neutering, microchipping, parasites pills, and so on.

Food is an ongoing expense. So, to make all of this happen you might want to double think about going to the restaurants every night.

Maybe you should cut your online shopping as well, or you should just think about ordering that second round of drinks.

If you are willing to make some of these sacrifices, and not feeling sorry for it, then you are on the right track to pet ownership.

You Will Become Healthier

Some people claim that sharing a bed with a pet is dangerous and lead to significant health issues.

However, various studies have shown that this can be a major problem if you are allergic to pet hair, or suffer from some form of allergies, or if you have asthma or any other breathing-related issues.

Various studies have also shown that owning a pet, especially dogs can make your life more propounding, interesting, and above all healthier.

In fact heart rate, and blood pressure are many walks in pet owners than in those who spend their days without pets. Simply said, pet owners handle stress much better.

Maybe it has something to do with all of those crazy situations that dogs tend to put people into? Because, let’s be honest – for owning a dog you need to have great humor.

Plus, don’t forget regular walks and other activities that you can do with your canine, such as hiking, or running – it all adds to your longevity.

Just make sure that you are allergies-free, or focus on getting a dog that doesn’t shed much.

You Will Experience A Little Jealousies

Dogs are cute and loyal beings. They are always ready to be your shadow, to protect you, guard you and let you pet them when the days are dark.

They are also a bit jealous, and some breeds like Basenji tend to stick to one person. In fact, they are one-person dogs.

Some breeds are just wired like that: they will respect everyone inside the house but they will choose one human to stick to.

In other words, they may bond with one partner over the other and may become protective of one partner over the other, and that;’s something that you will have to deal with.

You need to get familiar with the power dynamics with your pet, learn as much as you can about the dog’s psychology, and find a balance with your pet.

Dogs will sense who has a soft touch in the relationship, and they may bond with that person more or become protective of them. Have that in mind and don’t take it too personally.

Work through that power dynamics with the pet, so neither of you two nor you nor your partner, feels left out of the love.

You Will Appreciate Your Alone Time More

Having a dog means a lot of activities.

You and your partner may not be well aware of it now – if you are still just thinking about getting a dog – but you will have a lot less free time to spend together, and you will miss it.

However, this doesn’t have to be all negative, because you will better use your free time, your dog isn’t all about food and walks, he will also demand a huge amount of love, and you will have to provide it.

Your dog will jump into your bed and demand love, especially during the winter when you need more heat to keep you warm and healthy.

Be sure to find more free time if you need it – don’t be afraid to lock the door and leave your dog waiting in front.

The only issue here could be barking or scratching the door because your dog might cry.

It can’t harm to get a dog walker or a dog sitter for days when you want to have some free time or a getaway on weekends.

You Will Become A Family

You may be aware of it or not, but one thing is for sure – you will become a family.

Sure, some people would say that dogs aren’t children and so on, and you can say that they are right or not, but one thing no one can dispute – caring about a dog is similar a lot to caring about a child, in terms of energy, time, and responsibility. And with family comes great responsibility.

Co-parenting a dog will challenge you, force you to be better, and test your ability to work together.

At the end of the day, co-parenting a dog will force you to overcome challenges and focus on solutions, and sharing love and energy.

You will evolve together and continually learn about each other and how you react to various situations and how you overcome challenges.

The ups and downs are a mandatory part of every relationship and adding a dog to that will provide many of tehse moments.

These moments will nurture a living thing and strengthen your body and teach you how to appreciate each other more and push you to work as a team.

The Botton Line

Couples who have dogs or dogs are happier together. In anything, they are definitely less stressed.

The couple who share a dog have a lower stress level and know how to deal with stress much better and in a much healthier way.

Owning a dog can lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system, and provide better health.

Plus, people who own dogs are more social – you need to walk them and interact with other people. It’s just part of being a dog parent.