CBD Oil For Dog’s Arthritis – Does It Work?

Written by: Bojana Radulovic
Dogs can't escape arthritis, just like humans. Furthermore, this condition can affect your dog at any period of his life. Luckily, natural remedies such as CBD Oil for arthritis can help your dog to fight this severe condition. Read on and discover more.

Arthritis is a difficult state in dogs that can make challenging to do even the simplest of tasks, such as a daily walk. Moreover, it can be even hard to know exactly what to do in arthritis-related situations. Lately, the CBD has become a popular option for many health problems that we see in dogs. But, can CBD oil help with arthritis as well? According to the latest study, it can.

CBD Oil For Dogs

Cannabidiol or other words CBD is a compound derived from hemp that is often referred to as a cannabinoid, compounds found in medical marijuana. Overall, this compound has some amazing benefits to a dog’s health. However, unlike medical marijuana, CBD is THC free which is the compound that produces ‘high’ effect. Furthermore, THC is toxic for dogs, while CBD oil is harmless and has the same benefits as medical marijuana.

How CBD Works?

It works through a system in the body named the endocannabinoid system that every mammal has. This system attracts cannabinoid compounds and sends them throughout the body to help out with many different ailments a dog may face.

So, CBD helps by reducing anxiety, inflammation, increasing appetite, fights off bad cancer cells and helps with conditions such as arthritis.

CBD Oil For Dog’s Arthritis

Although pet-owners don’t like to think about it, but pets do get age just like humans do. Unfortunately, they do get sick as well. After all, it’s just how the natural aging and life process goes. Health conditions such as arthritis can make simple tasks painfully unbearable.

This is a common condition in adult dogs or seniors, which is why pet owners need to take certain steps to ease their aches and present pain in their final years. Furthermore, canine arthritis, just like human arthritis, gets worse when pups are exposed to wet and cold weather or even when they gain weight.

Some breeds are more prone to some conditions than others, such as bone disorders or hip joint, but every dog will develop arthritis as they age. Simply, it’s inevitable.

The Study On CBD And Dog’s Arthritis

According to recent study of the effect of Cannabidiol on Osteoarthritis-Associated pain in dogs there is a lack of research evaluating the efficacy of CBD. However, the same study published the final results where it was stated that CBD may benefit dogs with osteoarthritis-associated pain. This study was conducted among twenty-three dogs all medium-large breed dogs.

This study comes as no surprise, considering the popularity that CBD oil enjoys these days. After all, CBD is one of the top natural remedies for treating almost anything and especially arthritis. Although so many studies are published so far, there is much more to be researched because CBD had so wide range on many health conditions.

CBD products are legal and distributed around the globe. Therefore, more research is being performed each day and even the FDA has approved the use of checked and approved CBD products. Everyone knows just how strict and demanding FDA is when it comes to new products and product quality in general.

Traditional Medicine VS. CBD Oil

Traditional arthritis treatments are effective, but they come with a number of pain and bone disorders. Use of traditional treatments can be accompanied by a number of different side effects that may include:

Most importantly, many of the common medications used to treat dogs arthritis can potentially damage a dog’s internal organs. If this happens it can open potentially a whole range of new health issues. This is exactly the reason why the majority of doggy parents are reluctant to give their dogs medicine that could potentially threaten their health along with making them miserable. But, there is always a natural option opposite to heavy medicine. So, if you are among those people who are searching for a natural, but also an effective remedy to treat your dog’s arthritis you should think about CBD oil.

What Are The Symptoms Of Arthritis In Dogs?

Dog’s are not capable to tell us when something is wrong. They don’t know the language. So, any time when they go through a specific pain or trouble they find their own way to tell us that something is wrong. In most cases, they do that by giving us visual clues. Therefore, if you notice any of the following symptoms, your dog may have arthritis:

  • Panting
  • Whimpering
  • Refuses walks
  • Spends more time sleeping than usual
  • Every position change is accompanied by whining or groaning

If you start noticing any of the symptoms you should track your dog’s behavior on a daily level and monitor how often he manifests these symptoms. If you think that he demonstrates the symbols often contact your veterinarian. When it comes to arthritis it’s crucial to start an early treatment. After all, arthritis is a degenerative disease, and delaying action can lead to lethal outcomes.

Using CBD Oil To Treat Arthritis In Dogs

When it comes to the benefits of using CBD oil for medicinal purposes, the most important benefit lies in the fact that CBD has been actually scientifically proven to reduce pain.

Even more, CBD can even protect joints from further damage. When it comes to overcoming debilitating illnesses such as arthritis the most important thing is to ensure that the pain is manageable enough that he can still perform light movement and exercise. This will improve his mood and prevent your dog from gaining weight through lack of physical activity and mandatory daily exercise.

CBD oil will help your pet by providing triggering sensors in the natural endocannabinoid system, as mentioned above. This system is located in any animal that has a spine (or mammal). These sensors have an important role of delivering a message to the brain to relieve pain and activate the other internal systems that have to be included when your dog is fighting inflammation or any illness.

How To Give CBD Oil To Your Arthritic Dog

You can administer CBD to your dog in a number of different ways, while the most popular option is CBD oil or tincture. Of course, you should always go for the pet-approved oil that is likely to have omega 3-present. As you probably know already, the omega-3 present will give your dog additional health benefits. So, if your dog is chilled out, you can use a syringe to give him a few drops in his mouth.

However, if your dog is not too keen on the taste and refuses to take it, you can always mix it into his meals to disguise the taste. If any other tactic works for you – great, but if your dog has your sneaky medicine-giving tactics figured out, then CBD-infused dog treats maybe your next logical and best solution, as they are equally tasteful and effective.

You can also try to rub CBD oil onto the dog’s skin, but bear in mind that this method will take longer to work, as it needs to be absorbed into the bloodstream via the skin.

How Much CBD Oil Should You Give Your Dog?

Several different factors will affect the dosage, primarily the size and the weight of your dog. Of course, it also depends on how strong and advanced arthritis is. Also, if you are using CBD as a complementary treatment to traditional a.k.a. pharmaceutical medication, always speak with your veterinarian about your plans before you start building a CBD routine.

As a rule of thumb, you should always start with a smaller dose of CBD and increase only and when it’s necessary. At the moment, there is no firm decision on the correct dosage of CBD oil, because research on the potent drug is still in its early stages. Therefore, you will have to be vigilant and consistent by increasing the dosage slowly until you see a visible improvement in your dog’s symptoms.

CBD Oill For Dog’s Arthritis – Summary

Arthritis is classified as a degenerative disease, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t stop joint damage or additional pain by using CBD oil. This, growing in popularity, CBD oil for dogs arthritis is supposed to have extra benefits of healing other severe issues in the body, including insomnia, seizures, and anxiety. Therefore, CBD is a medicine, a natural one, and it should be treated as such.

Make sure that you are consistent with your timing and dosage and if your dog is improving, don’t stop giving him the tincture and keep with giving him the same dosage.

Frequently Asked Questions On – CBD Oill For Dog’s Arthritis

1. Can I Give My Dog CBD Oil For Arthritis?

Well, yes. Not that CBD oil will help with arthritis, but it will also serve as a natural anti-inflammatory remedy. Besides, CBD can help with anxiety in dogs and different types of pain.

2. How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog For Cancer?

The proper dosage will depend on dogs weight, so you should give your dog:

For small dogs (under 20lbs): use the 150mg bottle, where 1 drop = 0.5mg of CBD. So, the regular dose is 0.25mg X 1LB of body-weight.

Don’t let the numbers scare you. If your canine is under 20Ibs, you will need less CBD. So, a 150mg bottle is perfect.

6lbs X 0.25mg = 1.5mg

1 drop is 0.5mg

You need three drops for a 6lbs dog.

For medium dogs (20lbs – 60lbs): use the 300mg bottle: where 1 drop = 1mg of CBD. So, the regular dose is 0.25mg X 1lb of body-weight.

For large dogs (60lbs and over): use the 600mg bottle, where one drop = 1mg of CBD. So, the regular dose is 0.25mg X 1lb of body-weight.

Yes, the potency is usually the same for 300mg or 600mg bottles. So, if your dog is 40Ibs the formula would be:

40 Ibs X0.25mg = 10 drops

This is something that manufacturers must demonstrate on the package. The safest way to use CBD oil is to check the recommended dosage on the packaging and double-check with the seller.

If you need additional information, make sure that you contact your veterinarian for the final check.

3. How Can I Help My Older Dog With Arthritis?

The first step should include a conversation with your veterinarian. After all, your veterinarian is the only person well educated enough on the topic and the only on that can tell you the exact phase of your dog’s arthritis.

Also, ask your veterinarian about dog arthritis supplements and medications. Your veterinarian will suggest you the best option, the best from traditional medicine and natural one.

4. Does Arthritis Shorten A Dog’s Life?

In a way, arthritis can shorten a dog’s life because it directly affects a dog’s mobility as the joints may get inflamed and even painful due to cartilage deterioration over the years.

5. How Do I Know If My Dog Is In Pain From Arthritis?

There are specific signs that can tell you if your dog is in pain due to arthritis, such as lagging on walks. Your dog may even show the stiffness to pain when getting up or down. Also, there may even be some yelping every time he is touched.