Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit?

How colorful and interesting a dragon fruit is, right? It just lures you to taste it. But, do you know what would happen if you would leave your canine alone with a bowl full of exotic fruits? If you are not sure then read on and discover, before you share a bite with your dog.

Sometimes it is O.K. to mix up your dog’s food a little bit with new tastes. After all, we are all well aware of how much canines are fond of tasting new food. Like eating bananas. So, why not add something more exotic to the plate?

After all, it can be good for your dog’s nutrition. However, sometimes just a wish for adding something new isn’t enough, because you should know what to add and how to mix new tastes.

Also, if you are a lover of certain food it doesn’t mean that your dog will love it as well, or should be eating it in the first place. Therefore, learn if your dog can eat your favorite fruit.

Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit?

Long story short, your dog can eat dragon fruit. This fruit is also known as Pitaya. Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit with perfectly bright pink leathery skin. Just one look at it and you will get an instant desire for having a bit of it. It tastes delicious just from looking at it.

So, your dog can eat dragon fruit at any time, as long as he doesn’t eat it all the time. Although dragon fruit is not toxic to dogs, you shouldn’t go overboard with it. Also, you should be well informed about what human food is toxic to your canine.

It’s mushy, easy-to-eat, and watery flesh will make your furry buddy loving this unique snack.

Dogs can eat this fruit as long as they don’t eat too much of it. Dragon fruit contains a lot of sugar, and dogs are not designed to bare so much sugar in their system. There might be a few issues with your canine’s health if he intakes too much of sugar. If your dog overeats dragon fruit, you can expect some side effects.

Common side effects are:

  1. Depilation – eating too much sugar can cause depilation for the dog. Moreover, the sugar in dragon fruit can irritate a dog’s stomach and provoke the burden of intestines. Furthermore, it can cause depilation and endocrine disorder
  2. Teeth problems – eating too much sugar can strongly damage dogs’ teeth. It can lead to tooth decay and the fruit sticks to dogs teeth after eating
  3. Obesity – just like with humans, too much sugar can lead to overweight and too much sugar can make your dog become fatter. And as it’s familiar, obesity can lead to a number of health problems

It is important to know that dragon fruit doesn’t not only taste sweet, so some people add dog-friendly addition to this snack, to make it more pleasant. At the same time bear in mind that dragon fruit has high nutritional value.

Signs Of A Dog Liking Dragon Fruit

The great news about dragon fruit is that your canine friend can eat it freely as its not toxic for him. Also, you can even give it to your pup to taste it if you want to boost his immune system with some additional nutrient. And you can’t ever go wrong with some additional vitamins.

Make sure that you are preparing the dragon fruit in an appropriate way – you just want to eat the flesh, and avoid by any means the spiky, pink, leathery skin thats hard and difficult to eat. Therefore, the dragon fruit skin is extremely hard to digest. Also, you don’t want to give your dog too much at once – canine’s stomach is sensitive.

You want to start by giving him small bites and see how he reacts to this fruit with a mushy texture. There are some dogs that are not thrilled by softer textures. Basically, your dog trying and loving a dragon fruit will either be a hit or miss.

By watching for basic signs of happiness in a dog you will know if your canine is ready to taste this mushy fruit or not. After all, you are the one who knows your dog the best. Moreover, you will know in the first seconds if your dog will be a dragon fruit lover or not.

When you are giving the dragon fruit to your dog for the first time, watch if he eats his fruit with excitement, if he wags its tail, or keeps the tail upright the whole time. He may be more alert if he likes it. You can see your canine friend begging for more food by raising its ears or even barking for more pieces.

Dragon Fruit And Dogs

In general, dragon fruit origin is unknown. However, it is believed that this fruit originated somewhere within the borders of Central America. But, one fact is for sure, and thats what we all can enjoy this colorful fruit thanks to the French who were pioneers in distributing this tropical fruit worldwide.

Vietnam was the first country where they brought it more than 100 years ago. Another version says that the French brought them from Columbian and Nicaragua around 1870s.

It’s unknown if the dragon fruit was given to dogs as a meal or just a snack. The thing is that we will probably never know it for sure. Knowing our canine friends the chances are that probably got to taste it while spending some time with their human friends who decided to share its food with them. Dragon fruit is best served cold.

Also, dragon fruit is used in medicine. Actually, the small and soft black seeds are believed to help with blood sugar levels in people who suffer from diabetes.

Good to know: The pink flashed version of dragon fruit can be used for pastries or naturally dye clothing.

Benefits Of Dragon Fruit For Your Dog

This colorful fruit looks powerful on both the inside and the outside. The look matches its powerful benefits perfectly, both for humans and dogs. The beneficial side of it can boost your dog’s health system.

High Amount Of Vitamin C

The high amount of vitamin C is a great natural way to safely boost your dog’s immune system in order to keep him healthy. Strong vitamin C presence in your dog’s system can help prevent a number of deceases, including cancer and heart diseases.

However, dogs shouldn’t intake too much of vitamin C as it can lead to the opposite direction and cause additional health issues. Balance is the key here.

High In Fiber

Interestingly, dragon fruit is high in fiber that can boost your dogs digestive tract. Furthermore, it can help your dog’s digestive tract in terms of being healthy and functioning properly. This means that your dog will go for ‘number two’ regularly.

Moreover, it will clean any presence of harmful toxins if present in your dog’s digestive system. This high fiber food is also good for helping to maintain dogs weight.

Rich In Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Surprisingly, dragon fruit includes a number of additional vitamins and minerals that all together support your dog health system. There is even a significant amount of Omega-3 in dragon fruit. When it comes to Omega-3 and canine’s world, it serves to protect the dog’s coat and skin and make their fur more shiny and strong. Omega 3 is not beneficial only for humans. In addition, Omega-3 can decrease inflammation in your dog, and much more.

Some of the additional benefits of Omega-3:

  • boosts energy
  • helps with allergies and arthritis
  • envances cognitive development in puppies
  • improves cognitive development in older dogs
  • improves the skin and coat condition

High Levels Of Calcium And Iron

Last but not least, dragon fruit is rich in high levels of iron and calcium which helps you keep your dog’s bones super-healthy and strong.
Just like with humans, calcium is an important component when it comes to the proper development of your canine friend and the presence of essential minerals.

Calcium is responsible for proper heart function. Furthermore, calcium helps the blood to clot, supports adequate nerve function, and it helps to contract all those muscles that your canine buddy joyfully uses so he can run and be active all day long.

Calcium is the number one reason for your dog playing all day long. In addition, calcium is extremely important when it comes to building and maintaining strong teeth and bones.

Dragon fruit is a nice addition to your dog’s nutrition if your canine buddy is suffering from any form of iron deficiency, including anemia. If a dogs body doesn’t produce enough iron there is an issue with red cells development.

Simply said, they do not develop as they should. It also may lead to lower oxygen-deficiency features. This condition is more seen in adult dogs. Anemia is the underlying disease that can even be life-threatening. Therefore, having a daily iron boost can only benefit your dog’s health on a long-run.

How Do I Serve Dragon Fruit To My Dog?

There must be some knowledge included about proper steps when it comes to feeding your dog with dragon fruit. Although dragon fruit is not toxic to your dog, you should give it to your dog in moderation. Bear in mind that too much of this fruit can lead to health issues.

Bear in mind that only one spoon of this fruit is enough for your dog to get necessary benefits, or simply to get general fruits benefits. In general, dogs shouldn’t be eating fruit or vegetable that contains a high level of seeds. However, dragon fruit seeds are extremely small and soft that it can’t get stuck in a dogs body.

There are no special preparation steps. Your dog can eat dragon fruit raw and in different ways. You can serve it as a breakfast or dinner addition, always cut in small pieces so your dog can easily chew it and digest.

You can fridge it and serve to your furry buddy as a refreshing and cold snack. Also, it is fine to mix it up with your dog’s favorite food. Get creative! Include this tropical and colorful superfruit into your dog’s diet today!

Conclusion On Dragon Fruit And Dogs

Dragon fruit or Pitaya is one of the most popular tropical fruits globally. It is gladly seen in every human diet. Also, it is rich in a number of nutritional values. That makes it perfect for dogs diet as well. Just like humans, dogs are big fans of new tastes and sweet things.

However, there is a slight difference when it comes to the amount of dragon fruit that a dog can actually intake on a daily level. You should always bear in mind that just one spoon of this exotic fruit is enough for your dog to get a significant intake of vitamins and minerals.

Dragon fruit is great for dogs proper heart flow, bones, teeth, skin, and hair. Moreover, it is extraordinary when it comes to improving anemia and protecting your dog from cancer.

So, limit it to 1-2 spoonfuls at a time. Don’t give your dog the fruit’s skin. Dragon fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals and packed with essential micronutrients making it perfect for boosting your dog’s organism.