Can Dogs Eat Cooked Meat? Here Is What You Should Know

Properly cooked meat can bring diversity in dog's everyday diet. However, there are some things that you should know. Read on.

Unless you are on a meat-free diet, it’s highly unlikely that you will go a day without meat in your daily menu. The same applies to dogs as well. After all, dogs eat meat every day.

It may be in a form of dry food, raw food, or BARF diet, but that the fact – dogs eat meat every single day. Moreover, they love it. However, unless its raw, meat that we serve to dogs is usually processed in a factory and delivered to your dog’s bowl.

That’s just how commercial food works. Lately, many are asking if cooked meat is something that should be served to dogs on a daily level. Is it more natural? Let’s discover.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Meat?

As you know, meat can be prepared in various ways. One of the common ways to prepare meat is to cook it. So, can dogs eat cooked meat? Long story short, yes. HOWEVER, it has to be appropriately prepared in order to be presented to canines.

Imagine this scenario: you get to eat your favorite and most-delicious dish all year long. It seems great, right? Bear in mind that it means around 365 days.

Could you really handle it without wanting a bite of another dish? Of something more interesting? Something new?

If you find it hard to imagine eating identical food 365 days straight, just imagine how dogs are feeling. They will eat anything you serve them. However, that doesn’t mean that they will always love it.

Dog’s Diet

Dogs need food rich in proteins and nutrients. They also need fruit, vegetable, and safe homemade dog treats, or safe commercial dog treats – but, everything should be balanced.

For example, dogs should eat only 10% of fruit and vegetable of their entire diet. So, if you want to freshen up a dog’s menu a bit, without major changes, you should think about cooked meat.

When commercial food is not exciting enough, you should think about all-natural options and go for the safest alternative.

Still, you need to choose if you want to give it a go on raw meat or cooked meat diet. The truth is that both diets have pros and cons that should be considered before feeding your dog.

Meat As An Option

The very first thing that you should about raw meat and vegetable, but especially meat, is that your meat can contain salmonella and e.coli, and additional parasites that can make your dog sick. So, the best option to keep your dog safe around meat is to cook it.

This way, you will get rid of any unwanted and unhealthy bacteria that could harm your canine. By cooking meat, you will still provide your dog with mandatory nutrients. Make sure that the meat is fresh and free of fat, and especially bones.

Bones, no matter how small they are one of the most common choking hazards. Simply said, if the meat is not good and you wouldn’t eat it, don’t serve it to your canine.

How To Serve Cooked Meat To Your Dog

Once again, cooked meat should be served to dog without bones. Then, it would help if you avoided any extra that you would prefer with your meat. This means that you are cooking meat for your dog and not for yourself or any other human family member.

The meat tastes better if you add something spicy, onion, carrot, and garlic? That’s great for you. However, some of the seasons can extremely harm your canine and even lead to a fatal outcome, such as garlic and onion.

Garlic and onion can cause anemia and even death in some cases. Also, salt should be avoided, and it’s not something that dogs tolerate well.

Too much salt in dog’s food can lead to sodium ion poisoning.

Some kitchen ingredients, such as baking soda, nutmeg, and baking powder, should be kept away from dogs 24/7 because they could make dogs deathly ill.

A quick tip: if your dog is suffering from diarrhea, you can give him cooked chicken and rice. However, double-check with your veterinarian first.

How To Cook Meat For Your Dog?

First, you need to know if you are completely changing your dog’s diet or not. If you are changing a dog’s diet, it means that your dog will eat only meat, or at least 90% of his diet will be based on meat.

If you just want to provide a more exciting menu, than you should mix cooked meat with carrot or cooked pumpkin, just too diverse a bit.

When we say cooked meat, we are talking about chicken and beef. If you want to give tuna to your dog, it can be used as a rare treat. However, make sure that there are no bones.

Small fishy bones are dangerous for humans and more dangerous for dogs.

Here are the top three things that you should know about serving meat to your dog:

  • Choose high-quality meat. Pet meat and bone products usually contain a high level of preservatives that could harm your dog’s health.
  • Practice good meat hygiene. This means that if you buy fresh meat, make sure that your supplier is someone you trust. Then, make sure that you clean it properly and store it to last.
  • Talk with your veterinarian. If you are making significant changes in the dog’s diet, make sure that you have the right formula.

That being said, it’s best to start small. Avoid hard and drastic changes in your dog’s diet that could stress him. This is even more important if your dog eats only commercial food.

If your dog has some specific medical conditions, you should talk with your veterinarian before any diet change. Remember: balanced diet is an imperative for dog’s health. Therefore, start small and build up from there. With time meat and vegetable should rise in amount, while commercial dog food will be in drop.

How you prepare meat for your dog is everything. The preparation should be as follows:

  • Pick a good meat
  • Remove any bone from meat
  • Remove even the thinnest bones
  • Rinse meat properly
  • Avoid any seasonings or spices. No onion or garlic.
  • Cook the meat for the suggested time. Just like you would cook for yourself.
  • Remove any fat before you give meat to your dog. Fat can harm your dog, just like bones.

The Bottom Line

Cooked meat is safe for your canine as long as it’s prepared right. Never serve your dog anything that you wouldn’t eat.

Make sure that you prepare meat right and void any seasoning. The imperative is to keep your dog healthy and safe with any diet, so respect that.

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