Can Dogs Drink Lemon Water?

Lemonades are great for us. We feel immediately energized as soon as we drink. A lot of people included the lemon water in their daily routine and drinking it became the first thing they do in the morning. But can your dog drink it too? Is it as beneficial for dogs as it is for us? Discover everything you need to know about it in this article.

Lemonades are great for us. Whether if you drink them hot or cold, you feel immediately energized as soon as you finish your daily dose. A lot of people included the lemon water in their morning routine and drinking it is the first thing they do after waking up.

We’ve been wondering if dogs could drink it too? Would they derive the same benefits out of it, or would they harm them? And if they can benefit from it, how to make them drink it, as we all know dogs aren’t big fans of lemon taste.

We have already gone through several citrus fruits that your dog should and shouldn’t it, but let’s just quickly sum up everything there’s to know about lemons in dog’s nutrition and then explain everything you need to know about lemon water.

Lemons In Dog Nutrition

Although dogs mostly dislike lemon juice, there are still some of them that like the sour taste the lemon has. High in Vitamin C, lemon is widely known as a great immune booster and is used often as soon as we notice slight signs of cold or fever.

It’s almost the same for your dog. He will benefit from lemon’s healing and revitalizing properties, ONLY if given in very small amounts.

But, even we, humans, rarely eat lemons in their original form. We tend to incorporate this healthy citrus by drinking lemon water or adding lemon juice in our salads and teas. So if your dog avoids even sniffing lemons whenever you try feeding him with some, introducing lemon water little by little might solve the problem.

But, can you use lemon water in your dog’s nutrition? The answer is yes, and not only in nutrition, in fact, we will describe all the ways you can improve your puppies health with this magic citrus potion.

Can Dogs Drink Lemon Water?

lemon water

Yes. Dogs can drink lemon water, and if given correctly it can improve your dog’s health. Never pour too much lemon juice in your dog’s water, as the acidity found in these fruits might be too much for his stomach.

However, few dogs like the taste of lemon juice. So, you’ll have to get creative in order to introduce this new healthy habit.

Start by adding few drops in his water bowl, and slowly increase the dosage of lemon juice until you reach the desired ratio that will benefit your dog the most. Just be careful not to put too much of it, as your dog will end up not drinking it at all.

Apart from boosting the immune system, does lemon water bring other benefits to our four-pawed pals?

Yes, when your dog starts drinking lemon water, soon you’ll notice that his breath has become much fresher. Lemon juice is great in preventing bad breath. So, especially if you have a large dog with a big mouth, adding it to your dog’s nutrition might even improve your cuddling time!

Actually lemon water is used beyond nutrition. The acid found in lemons may benefit your dog in surprising ways.

Lemon Water As A Flea Reppelent

Lemon water is a great flea repellent too! Rather than buying commercial chemical repellents that contain suspicious (and maybe even toxic?) ingredients, make this natural alternative instead. It is a much cheaper and healthier way to protect your dog from these annoying insects. And besides, lemon will provide a refreshing smell.

Mix some lemon juice with water, spray it over your dog’s fur and you will see those fleas fly away! Only make sure you don’t spray it near your puppy’s face, as this citrus’ acid may be harmful to their eyes.

However, if this doesn’t help, you can consider using lemon oil instead. This oil is stronger and has a higher concentration of lemon extract which will surely help with repelling even the most stubborn of fleas.

Lemon Water As A Tear Stains Remover

Some dog owners claim that acid found in lemons help remove tear stains found in some dog breeds. We don’t suggest doing it as this could go wrong in so many ways. However if your vet approves and you promise to be extra careful with using it around your puppies eyes, dissolving few drops of lemon juice in lukewarm water and using the fluid to clean the tear stains should really help in removing them.

Lemon Water As A Coat Cleanser

When mixed with water, lemon juice can be very effective for cleaning your dog’s fur. It will disinfect all the problematic scratches or small wounds while making your dog’s coat shiny and clean.

This is a much healthier way to wash your dog, compared to chemical commercial shampoos. And besides, it is much cheaper.

Lemon Water In Training

Some dog owners use the strong lemon juice for discouraging unwanted behaviors in their dogs because of canine common aversion to the smell of lemon juice. For example, they spray it over some parts of furniture, or over the leash to stop them from biting it.


Your dog can drink lemon water, but only if you don’t pour too much lemon juice in it. Be aware that the high concentration of lemon juice may cause gastrointestinal issues in your dogs and result in diarrhea or even vomiting.

DO NOT add sugar in his lemon water, as sugar is harmful to canine health.

If you realize that your dog is avoiding it, and chooses not to drink water at all after you introduced a new lemon beverage to his nutrition, then insisting your dog drinks it is definitely a bad idea. Your pup has to stay hydrated.

If he enjoys it, you can continue to serve it occasionally to your dog as it will benefit him if given in moderate amounts.